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Adam Equipment CBD Bench Counting Scales CBDREVBAE2 User Manual

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    6.4  PLU  (Product Look Up) 
    Product  Look-Up  (PLU)  numbers  are  used  to  store  inf ormation  about  the 
    commonly  used  items.  The  Tare  Weight,  Description  o f  the  product  and  Unit 
    Weights  for  a  particular  item  are  recalled  by  enter ing  the  PLU  number  for 
    ease of operation.    
    The  scale  is  capable  of  storing  values  for  the  Tare   weight,  Description  and 
    Unit Weight for a maximum of up to 100 PLU numbers.    
    Tare  Weight  value  is  required  for  calculating  the  N et  Weight  where  a 
    container  is  used  during  weighing.  Descriptions  are   used  for  sending  data 
    over  RS-232  for  viewing  or  printing  and  Unit  Weight   is  used  for  parts 
    These  data  should  be  entered  against  a  particular  P LU  before  the 
    weighing  process  starts  so  that  the  desired  PLU’s  c an  be  recalled 
    during  the  weighing  process.  The  data  can  be  stored   and  recalled 
    manually or by sending data over RS-232 Interface.    
    Weight Unit weight Count 
    Press  [Tare/Zero] 
    if required. 
    “O.0000”       “     0“        “         0“ The scale is 
    Enter  or  determine  the  Tare  Weight  when  a  container   is  to  be  used  (see 
    section  6.2  of  this  User  Manual).  If  a  Tare  value  is  used,  the  scale  will  be  in 
    the NET mode. 
    Enter or determine the Unit Weight as described in  section 6.3.1 and 6.3.2 of 
    this User Manual. 
    The Tare and Unit Weight to be stored can be either  taken from a weighing in 
    process or by manual entry of data. 
    © Adam Equipment Company 2011  Page  
    Please find below an example for setting up “ PLU 27” with Description as “ M4 
    Nut ” and Unit weight of “ 0.015”. 
    Weight Unit weight Count 
    Press [PLU] 
    “PLU  ” “    - -“                    “         “ - 
    Press [2], [7] 
      “PLU  ”        “    27”               “         “  - 
    “PLU 27”     “x x x x x x”         “x  x x ”  The current  
    description will be 
    shown with the first 
    character flashing. 
    The flashing digit can 
    be changed as stated  
    in the 
    Note below.  
    Pressing the  [CE] 
    key when the first  
    character is 
    flashing will clear 
    all the descriptions.
    “PLU  27 ”       “       “                “         “   - 
    Continue to enter  
    characters until 
    description is 
    complete.   “PLU 27 ”    “M 4    Nut“      “Brass  “ 
    12 characters in total  
    spreading over both 
    the displays (UNIT 
    WEIGHT and 
    Press [Print]  to 
    save the PLU.  “STOrE”       “PLU      “         “  27      “ 
    The display will show  
    thePLU is saved then 
    return to normal 
    weighing mode. 
    Use the 
    [.] key to go back to the previous digit or the  [M+] key to advance to the next 
    A flashing character can be used for entering a spa ce by pressing the [0] key for slightly 
    longer duration.   
    Tare value will only be stored with PLU data if the  scale is in the NET mode. If the container 
    is  less  then  the  manual  zero  range  which  is  set  in  Technical  parameters  (default  is  2%  of 
    capacity) then the scale will be Zeroed and no tare  value will be stored. To avoid this, use a 
    larger container, reduce the zero range or use the  digital tare method. 
    © Adam Equipment Company 2011  Page  
    The  description  can  be  up  to  12  characters  long  and   can  be  a  mix  of 
    numbers, symbols or letters.   
    During the procedure to set the description the num eric keypad will work in a 
    similar  way  to  a  mobile  telephone.    Pressing  a  numb er  briefly  will  show  the 
    number and holding it down will scroll through all  the characters.  
    The numbers and characters are:   1 - / \                   
    2 A B C 
    3 D E F  
    4 G H I 
    5 J K L 
    6 M N O 
    7 P Q R S 
    8 T U V  
    9 W X Y Z 
    0  _  [  ]   Where _ is a Space (Not underscore)         
    The limitations of the 7 segment display sometimes  make it difficult to display 
    some letters.  The characters and the displayed sym bols are: 
    A B C  D E  F  G H  I  J  K L M N  O P Q R  S  T U   V W X  Y Z  -    /  \   (   ) 
    The  characters  will  be  stored  as  text  so  the  output   of  the  RS-232  interface 
    will look correct.  
    The numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 will be  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0  
    Note  that  this  method  is  only  used  where  alpha-nume ric  data  is  permitted. 
    This  is  used  for  the  Description  field  and  the  User   ID  number,  Scale  ID 
    number in the parameters section.   
    © Adam Equipment Company 2011  Page  
    ·  To  recall  the  PLU  values  the  user  should  first  sel ect  either  local  or 
    remote  scale  as  the  tare  value  stored  will  be  speci fic  to  the  scale 
      ·   Then  press  the  [PLU]  key,  enter  the  PLU  number  (00  – 99) then press 
    the  [PLU]  key again to recall the data. 
    ·  The  display  will  show  the  results  of  the  recall  fo r  1  second  then  return 
    to weighing with the data in place.   
              For example: 
    ·  If  the  [PLU]  key  is  held  down  after  the  numeric  entry,  it  will  show  the 
    description as long as the key is pressed.  
    ·  In  this  example  the  display  “PLU  27  ”    “M  4      Nut“    “Brass          “     shows  the 
    description for 1 second, if no data is stored then  it will show  
    “ nO    ”   “  PLU  “   “ SAVE    “. 
    ·  If  the  tare  value  is  outside  the  range  permitted  f or  the  selected  scale 
    (For  example,  if  the  local  scale  is  selected  wherea s  the  tare  value 
    applies to the remote scale, this would exceed the  capacity of the local 
    scale) the “ Weight” display would show zero tare weight.   
    ·  If  the  tare  value  stored  does  not  match  the  increm ent  of  the  selected 
    scale  (For  example,  storing  -1.446  for  a  scale  with   d=0.05)  then  round 
    the  tare  weight  depending  on  the  scale  resolution  ( For  example,  in  this 
    case, -1.45 would be used as the tare value). 
    “PLU  ”         “    - -“
      “         “ 
    Press  [2], [7]  
    “PLU  ”     “    27”     “         “ 
    Press [PLU] 
    “PLU 27 ”   “M 4   Nut“   “Brass     “ 
    After 1 second, it will return to  
    normal weighing with the Tare 
    and Unit Weight previously 
    entered.   “     x x x x“
     “ x x x x  ”        “         x x“  
    © Adam Equipment Company 2011  Page  
    ·   If  a  PLU  number  is  recalled  that  does  not  have  any   information  stored 
    against  it,  the  scale  will  continue  to  work  with  Ta re  and  Unit  weight 
    NOTE: PLU’s can be stored and recalled using RS-232  Interface (see 
    section 9.1 and 9.2 of this user Manual).
    © Adam Equipment Company 2011  Page  
    7.0  PARAMETERS 
    The  following  parameters  set  up  the  scale  as  requir ed  by  the  user.      For  the 
    Technical  parameters  and  configuring  the  remote  pla tform  refer  to  Section 
    Enter  the  User  Parameters  section  by  pressing  the  [Pst]  key  during  the  self-
    test  when  the  power  is  turned  on  or  press  and  hold  the [Pst]   key  for  3 
    seconds  during  normal  operation.      This  will  allow  the  user  to  set  the  way  he 
    wants the scale to work by choosing specific values  from some options.   
    ·  Press  the  [U.Wt./Units]   key  to  scroll  through  the  main  parameters.  To 
    enter any parameter, press the  [Print] key. 
    ·  Press  [U.Wt./Units]   to  scroll  through  the  sub-parameters.  To  see  the 
    earlier  setting,  press  the  [Print]  key.  To  change  and  scroll  through  the 
    other  available  settings,  press  [U.Wt./Units].  To  choose  the  desired 
    setting  and  thereby  go  back  to  the  sub-parameter,  p ress  the [Print] 
    ·  To return to the parameter, press the  [Tare/Zero] key. 
    “bEEP“   oFF”  Beeper is set to off
    “bEEP”   on  In ”          Beeper is set to on  
    between limits   
    “bEEP”   “on  oUt” ”    Beeper is set to on  
    outside limits (>0) 
    “LitE”   “oFF”             
                    Backlight is set to off
    “LitE”    on”       Set to on
    at all times  
    F1 oFF 
    EL  “LitE”    AUt        Set to work automatically  
    when a weight is placed 
    on the scale or a key is 
    © Adam Equipment Company 2011  Page  
    “UnI t”  ” KG/ Lb”       
    kg/ lb both are enabled
    ”UnI t”   “KiLo”  kg only is enabled            
     Un I t   
    ”UnI t”    “Lb”  lb only is enabled
    Print  Au  oFF 
     Prints only when 
    the Auto- 
    Accumulation is 
    set to off. 
    Au on
      Prints only when 
    the Auto-
    Accumulation is 
    set to on.
    P Cont  Sets  the  RS-232  interface  
    to  print  continuously  and 
    the  accumulation  function 
    is disabled. 
    P Mo dE 
    SEr r E  Sets  the  RS-232  to  print  
    continuously  the  weight 
    P bAU d  b     600 
    b   1200  
    b   2400 
    b   4800 
    b   9600 
    b 19200  Sets the required baud   
    rate (speed for the RS-
    232 communications).  
    Default rate is 4800.  
    F2 Prt 
    PAritY  8   n  1  7    E  1  
    7   o   1  8 data bits, no parity 
    7 data bits, even parity  
    7 data bits, odd parity 
    F3 U  id  “USE id”   
    “    Abc234”     
    “      “    Shows the current user ID (if any).  
    Enter a new User ID as described in the Description
    under the PLU section. The ID can be alpha-
    numeric but is limited to 6 characters. 
    F4  S id  “SC id”   
    “    Abc678”     
    “      “  Shows the current scale ID (if any).  
    Enter a new Scale ID as described in the 
    Description under the PLU section. The ID can be 
    alpha-numeric but is limited to 6 characters. 
    Allows access to the Technical parameters using a  
    password. Not normally accessed by user.  See 
    Section 12.
    © Adam Equipment Company 2011  Page  
    The  Real  Time  Clock  (RTC)  is  used only for the RS-2
    32 output. See Section 
    9.   The Date and Time can be set as required.  The  scale will keep the clock 
    running even when the power is off.    
    Setting up the clock  
    ·  Press  the  [CE]  key  when  the  display  is  counting  down  after  power  is  
    turned on.  The initial displays show the current d ate and time.   
    “ rtC        “  “ 11,14,06 ”  “16,41,35 ” 
    ·  Press the  [Tare] key to accept the values shown without change or 
    press the  [U.Wt./Units]  key to change the time.  The displays  display 
    will show the current time, “  timE “  “   H-m-S  ”  “16,41,35 ” 
    ·   Continue  without  changing  the  time  or  Enter  the  ne w  time  using  the 
    numeric keys using a 24 hour clock format, 3:41PM i s “154100 ”.   
    ·   Press  the  [Print]  key  to  accept  the  time.    The  display  will  show  the  
    current  date  format.      Press  the  [U.  Wt./Units]  key  to  change  the  date 
    format. Available formats are: 
    “ Y-m-d ”   year, month, day 
    “ m-d-Y ”   month, day, year 
    “ d-m-Y ”   day, month, year 
    The Unit Weight display will show the current forma t, “Y-m-d ” for 
    ·   Press the  [Tare] key to accept the chosen format, the Count display  will 
    show the current settings. Enter the date in this f ormat.  
    ·   Press  the  [CE]  key  to  clear  the  current  setting  then  enter  the  ne w 
    ·   Press the  [Tare] key to accept the date. 
    An  error  code  will  be  shown  if  the  time  ( Err  1)  or  the  date  ( Err  2)  is  not  the 
    permissible values.   For example, 34
    th day of a month is an invalid entry. 
    Pressing  the  [Zero]  key  will  escape  for  the  date  and  time  settings  wit h  the 
    current values unchanged.  It is possible to change  only the time by setting a 
    new time, then pressing the  [Zero] key when the date settings are shown.  
    © Adam Equipment Company 2011  Page  
    ·   The  scales  can  be  operated  from  the  battery.  The  b attery  life  is 
    approximately  70  hours  if  only  the  basic  unit  is  us ed  and  the 
    backlight  is  not  used.    If  the  backlight  and  a  seco nd  platform  is 
    used the battery life will be reduced. 
    ·  When the battery needs charging the arrow above th e low battery 
    symbol under the “ Weight” display will turn on. The battery should 
    be  charged  as  soon  as  the  arrow  above  the  symbol  is   on.  The 
    scale  will  still  operate  for  about  10  hours  after  w hich  it  will 
    automatically switch off to protect the battery. 
    ·  To charge the battery simply plug into the mains p ower. The scale 
    need not to be turned on. 
    ·  The battery should be charged for 12 hours for ful l capacity. 
    ·  Just under the “ Count” display is an LED to indicate the status of 
    battery charging.  When the scale is plugged into t he main power 
    the  internal  battery  will  be  charged.    If  the  LED  i s  green  the 
    battery  has  a  full  charge.    If  it  is  red,  the  batte ry  is  nearly 
    discharged and yellow indicates the battery is near ly charged. 
    © Adam Equipment Company 2011  Page  
    9.0  RS-232 OUTPUT 
    RS-232 Connector style:  
    USB Connector style:  
    Software drivers for allowing a PC to operate with  the USB interface is available for the 
    Adam Equipment web site.  
    The RS-232 and USB  interfaces are the same for inp ut and output.   
    RS-232 output of weighing, data default settings  
    ASCII code 
    4800 Baud (600-9600 selectable) 
    8 data bits (8 data bits no parity, 7 data bits eve n and odd parity selectable)
    9 pin D-subminiature socket 
    Pin 2   Input  
    Pin 3   Output 
    Pin 5   Signal Ground 
    Type B USB connector  
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