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AGFA Digital Camcorder User Manuals

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AGFA Digital Camcorder User Manuals
User manual 
                                                    Microflex 100
User manual  
                                                    Microflex 102
User manual  
User’s Manual  APDV-1005  
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                                                    APDV-1012 Manual    
1. Key features of your camcorder  Full HD digital video camcorder – 1920x1080 up to 30fps HDTV HDMI high definition interface output  3.0” fine grade LTPS color LCD display Slot for SD Memory card, support up to 32GB SD card capacity Driver free for W indows 7 / Vista / XP and MAC 10.4.9 or above  
2. Functional parts 
  Item Part Function 1 Lens Optical lens for Video & Picture taking. 2 Strap Hook For fixing hand strap. 3 SD card slot For inserting SD Card. 4 Battery  A 3.7V...
User’s Manual 
HD-DV Camcorder