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Foster Firearms accessories User Manuals

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Foster Firearms accessories User Manuals
                                                    50 BMG CASE TRIMMER INSTRUCTIONS
The Case Trimmer is assembled at the factory in order to fit snugly in the packaging. Unscrew the alu-
minum Case Trimmer crank handle from the cutter shaft, turn it around, and then rethread the crank onto
the cutter shaft. Next, remove the slotted screw from the Case Trimmer base, which holds the rim-holding
device to the gold aluminum base. Turn the rim-holding device so that the opening is facing the cutter
shaft. Refasten the .50 BMG...
                                                    FORSTER CLASSIC CASE TRIMMER INSTRUCTIONS
Fasten your Forster Case Trimmer securely to a bench or board to allow the free use of both hands. (If the Case
Trimmer is mounted on a board, it can be held in a vise so that the Case Trimmer can easily be set up or put away).
Select the proper Pilot and Collet for the case you will trim. This information is available on our Web site.
Insert the Pilot into the Cutter Shaft (-CTC400). Press the Pilot firmly against the cutter...