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Liesegang User Manuals
                                                    Liesegang ddv 1111
Bediener-Handbuch - User Manual - Mode demploi
Guía del operador
Istruzioni per luso - Gebruiksaanwijzing 
                                                    Liesegang ddv 1800
¥ For the projection of data (PC, Mac) and
video/DVD with high-fidelity surround sound
¥ Digital Light Processingª by Texas Instruments for digital image processing, natural colours with 
seamless transitions, high image uniformity and
perfect colour convergence
¥ True XGA (1024 x 768) resolution; intelligent elec- tronic scaling of other resolutions
¥ 1800 ANSI lumens brightness for brilliant  projection under daylight conditions
¥ Height adjustment of the projected image by  0-12¡...
                                                    ddv 2000
High contrast projection
ddv 2000
ddv 2000 – Compact, high-brightness & rich in contrast
The Liesegang ddv 2000belongs to the class of professional office projectors and projects clear
and bright images with a brightness of 2000 ANSI lumens even under daylight conditions. 
With its low weight the ddv 2000is ideal suited for mobile use and room-to-room presentations.
Besides to its extensive interface equipment the ddv 2000is also convincing with an outstanding
video quality, contrast colour...
ddv 2100 - Always to hand       
Liesegang presents its new portable business projector, the ddv 2100. 
Due to its low weight, the XGA projector is ideal for mobile use or for room-to-room  
presentations. It is suitable for daylight projection with a brightness of 2,100 ANSI   
lumens. In addition to its high quality, the ddv 2100 is convincing with its excellent 
video playback and constant colour presentation. 
 • XGA resolution
 2,100 ANSI lumens
 Contrast ratio 2,000:1
 Weight 2.2 kg...
                                                    ddv 2300
The portable professional projector
ddv 2300
ddv 2300 Ð make successful presentations with the latest DLPª technology
Compact, full of contrast and uncompromisingly bright: in the ddv 2300you will 
find the ideal partner for making successful presentations. The mobile professional 
projector reproduces data and videos in brilliant quality. Even in unfavourable light 
conditions Ð powered by 2300 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 1500 : 1. 
                                                    ddv 2500 – Office projector for highest demands
Convincing in brightness, contrast and functionality: With the Liesegang ddv 2500you get 
the ideal projector for your successful presentation. With XGA resolution, DLP™ technology, 
2500 ANSI lumens image brightness and a contrast ratio of 1500:1 you will be the focus. 
The ddv 2500is suitable for medium-sized to large conference- and meeting rooms and even under
daylight conditions you can be sure of clear and bright images. Besides extensive equipment...
ddv 2500 
User Manual 
the quietly powerful projector
The Liesegang ddv•3200proves surprisingly quiet, yet impressively powerful.
With a luminous intensity of 3,500 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 2,000:1, this
TMprojector is ideal specifically for installations in medium to larger
conference rooms. Equipped with an excellent de-interlacing function, the
Liesegang ddv3200also projects flawless video images with quick sequences
in public display environments. The XGA projector is fitted with an RS-232...
                                                    www.depthq.com Contact your dealer today.
The  new  DepthQ®  HD  3D  projector 
( p a t e n t - p e n d i n g )  i s  a  p r o d u c t  o f 
Lightspeed Design Inc. , co-developed 
with  InFocus Corporation.
Lightspeed  Design  has  been  a  leader  in 
stereo  3D  for  over  a  decade,  developing 
new  hardware  and  software  technologies 
and  presenting  3D  to  millions  through 
museum theaters, corporate events, and a  world exposition.
Lightspeed  has  proven  expertise  in  3D 
                                                    dv 410 – Bright and compact.
Power and functionality in a compact shell: when it comes to sharp and detailed presentations,
the dv 410, equipped with a brightness of 2500 ANSI lumens and brilliant XGA resolution, be-
comes your first option. With a large variety of ports for two computers, multiple video-ins and
one separate Monitor-Out, the multimedia projector dv 410is outstanding equipped. Suited for
medium- to large-sized conference rooms. The latest generation of LCD-panels stands for highest-...
Please read this users manual thoroughly to ensure correct usage through understanding.
Bitte lessen Sie diese Bedienungsanleitung zugunsten der korrekten Bedienung
Nous vous recommandons de lire attentivement ce manuel pour bien assimiler le
fonctionnement de lappareil.
Vi preghiamo voler leggere attentamente il manuale dsitruzioni in modo...
                                                    dv 420 – Powerful solution for professional presentations
With its 3200 ANSI lumens image brightness and XGA resolution, the dv 420is the ideal 
projector for professional office presentations. With a full range of signal inputs such as multiple
RGB-Ins, Video-Ins and Monitor-Out, the dv 420offers flexible options. The dv 420is also
equipped with an Ethernet-Interface which enables to control all projector functions external.
The 12 Watt audio system with four spreakers also provides an outstanding...
                                                    dv 445 – Convincing projection.
The dv 445projects data and video in small and medium-sized conference rooms with the con-
vincing brightness of 1500 ANSI lumens. Its extensive amount of ports and presentation tools
provides highest flexibility. It lightweight makes it persuasive for mobile users.
dv 445
Convincing projection
dv 445
•XGA resolution
•2 RGB-Inputs, 
separate Monitor-Output
•Ideal for mobile use
•Easy lamp change 
                                                    dv 465 – Present like a pro.
Liesegang’s dv 465is made for medium-sized conference rooms and even for use at daylight,
considering its powerful 2000 ANSI lumens. The ample number of ports and presentation tools
makes the dv 465a very versatile partner. The XGA resolution is responsible for its very detailed
and crystal-clear projections.
dv 465
Present like a pro
dv 465
•XGA resolution
•Bright 2000 ANSI lumens
•2 RGB-Inputs, 
separate Monitor-Output
•Ideal for mobile use
•Easy lamp change 
Users Manual - Operating GuidePlease read this users manual thoroughly to ensure correct usage unders\
Manuel dutilisation - Guide dutilisationNous vous recommandons de lire attentivement ce manuel pour bien assimil\
er le 
fonctionnement de lappareil.
BenutzerhandbuchUm zu gewährleisten, daß Sie die Bedienung des Geräts verstande\
n haben, lesen Sie dieses 
Handbuch bitte sorgfältig. 
Manual de usuario - Guía de funcionamientoLea atentamente...
projection technology
dv -470the practical projector
Liesegang presents its XGA projectordv470as an economical, yet robust option. With
an impressive luminous intensity of 2000 ANSI lumens, its contrast ratio of 500:1 is
equally formidable. To ensure ease of servicing and to facilitate lamp changes with
ceiling installation, the appropriate opening is located on the top side of the projector.
This XGA projector with integrated key lock function is ideal for use in schools and
smaller to...