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Maxon User Manuals


• 16 Channel Models  
   SP-240 VHF 148-174 MHz 
   SP-250 UHF 440-470 MHz 
• PC Programmable software option 
  Customize the radio to your personal needs with  
  multiple scan modes, CTCSS / DCS signaling,  
  time-out-timer settings and more 
• Scan list and Priority Channel Edit 
  Keeps your important communications clear by  
  removing unwanted channels from the scan  sequence.  
• Priority Channel 
  Assign a priority channel to ensure the receipt of  
  important messages 
  simple connection; just plug and play; and you’re 
on your way to sharing photos, movies, music clips 
or presentations amongst friends and colleagues.
 Display images straight from your;
o  Laptop/PC
o Camera
o Mobile phone (etc iPhone, iMate..)
o iPod
o Other portable devices
 Light-weight and portable; easily fits into your 
briefcase, hangbag or pocket.
Providing the flexibility and portability you need to 
professionally project your presentations, spreadsheets 
or videos with...