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NEC Cordless Telephone User Manuals

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NEC Cordless Telephone User Manuals
                                                    Owner’s Manual
Dterm ®  Cordless DECT 
April 2001
Soft Key Glossary
Printed in U.S.A. (2562)
92600GLO02-1.qxd  3/12/01  4:45 PM  Page 1 
April 2001
Soft Key
Multibutton Telephone
Quick Reference Guide
Printed in the U.S.A. (2562)
92600sqg02.QXD  3/12/01  4:46 PM  Page 12 
                                                    Super Display Telephone
Quick Reference Guide
April 2001
Printed in U.S.A. (2562)
92600dqg05.QXD  3/12/01  4:49 PM  Page 12 
                                                    Volume Control
Use the three-position
volume control to set the
loudness of ringing.
ST4 Single Line Telephone
User Guide
Message Waiting Lamp 
Lights when you have messages
waiting (if your phone system
can send them). Also flashes
when your ST4 rings.
While on a call, press Flash for
outside line or PBX features.
(640 mS +/- 100 mS)Last Number Redial
Lift handset and press LND
to redial your last call.
When placing a call in DP
mode, you can dial * to
change to Tone Dialing. Dial Mode...
                                                    ANALOGUE TELEPHONE USER GUIDE