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QNAP Systems User Manuals
Software User Manual  
(Version: 4.3.x) 
This manual is applicable to the following Turbo NAS models:  
1-Bay TS-131, TS-131P 
2-Bay TS-231, TS-231+, TS-231P, HS-251, HS-251+, TS-251, TS-251+, TS-251A, 
TS-251C, TS-253 Pro, TS-253A, TS-269L, TS-269 Pro 
4-Bay IS-400 Pro, TS-431, TS-431U, TS-431+, TS-431P, TS-431X, TS-431XU, 
TS-431XU-RP, TS-451, TS-451+, TS-451S, TS-451U, TS-451A, TBS-453A, 
IS-453S, TS-453S Pro (SS-453 Pro), TS-453 Pro, TS-453A, TS-453U, TS-453U-RP,...