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Rhode & Schwarz Communications receiver User Manuals

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Rhode & Schwarz Communications receiver User Manuals
                                                    The R&S MR3000H belongs to a new fam-
ily of high-performance digital radios cov-
ering the HF and VHF/FM band in a single 
unit. Thanks to different high-speed data 
modes and protocols as well as different 
antijam modes for HF and VHF/FM, it per-
fectly integrates into tactical communica-
tion networks.The radio is software-configurable and 
reprogrammable including pre planned 
product improvement (P³I).
All members of the R&S M3TR family are 
based on one mechanical platform, with 
a common logistic...
                                                    Compact Receiver ESMC
Lightweight – compact – user-friendly: 
optimized radiomonitoring from 0.5 MHz to 3000 MHz
• Signal reception
– aural monitoring
– radiomonitoring
– recording
1 Hz frequency resolution Searching and scanning
– continuous manual tuning
– at any channel spacing
– 5 start/stop frequency ranges
– spectrum display with a
 speed of up to 13 GHz/s
– within 1000 memory locationsMeasurement of 
– frequency occupancy 
– level and frequency
– coverage
 RF and IF spectrum display
For all shortwave applications from 10 kHz to 30 MHz
◆Compact DSP-based receivers for the 
following applications:
– Radiomonitoring and radio 
– Radiocommunications
– Search operation, DF systems
– Frontend for HF intelligence tasks◆Digital signal processing (DSP) for 
convenient and versatile operation
◆Two models:
– Half-rack receiver R&S EK 895
– Search receiver R&S EK 896
◆Realtime remote control or 
master-slave mode◆Tried and tested system concept
                                                    HF Modem ¸GM 2200
Fast and reliable data transmission up to 9600 bit/s
Data sheet
Multistandard HF modem
Single-tone modem technology
Short preamble (Rohde & Schwarz 
Forward error correction (FEC)◆
◆Remote control (ASCII code)
CW suppression
Compact plug-in module
Built-in test (BIT)◆
◆Software available for:
Rohde & Schwarz  advanced 
STANAG 4285 
MIL-STD-188-110 A,  Section  5.3
MIL-STD-188-110 B,  App.  C/
STANAG 4539, Annex B, Section 4◆
                                                    Miniport Receiver EB 200
Portable monitoring from 10 kHz to 3 GHz
• Ergonomic design for on-body 
 Continuous frequency range 
10 kHz to 3 GHz
 Detection of unlicensed trans-
mitters  Location of close-range to 
medium-range targets with the 
aid of Handheld Directional 
Antenna HE200
 Digital IF section with 12 band-
widths (150 Hz to 150 kHz)
 Fast, accurate level indication 
across 110 dB dynamic rangeScanning modes
– Frequency scanning
– Memory scanning
 Frequency spectrum (option)
                                                    Monitoring Receiver R&S®ESMB
Military and civil monitoring from 9 kHz to 3 GHz
ITU-compliant measurements
The Monitoring Receiver R&S ESMB is 
ideally suited for military monitoring tasks 
and spectrum monitoring in line with ITU 
recommendations as well as for use in 
radio investigation services.  The range of applications includes:
Signal detection
◆ Signal search in frequency and 
memory scan mode
◆ Spectrum occupancy measurement
◆ RF and IF analysis
◆ Coverage measurements (option)
                                                    20News from Rohde & Schwarz Number 163 (1999/III)
VLF-HF Receiver EK 2000
With VLF-HF Receiver EK 2000 Rohde & Schwarz is adding an attractive receiver
featuring state-of-the-art technology to its XK 2000 family of shortwave radio
equipment. This receiver is able to handle all relevant types of modulation, includes
an HF modem as an option, and can also ser ve as a modulator for separate
transmitters. In next to no time the receiver can be changed into a transceiver or
Proven  technology...