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Studio Experience Projector User Manuals
                                                    Its revolutionary.  Our new Cinema 12SF Home Theater
projector combines good looks with a set of features
at the leading edge of technology.  The included
Enhanced Connectivity Module gives you an amazing
selection of video and computer inputs to handle even
the most advanced home theater setups.  From wide
screen movies to action-packed video games to the
big game on HDTV or the latest information on the
Internet - the Cinema 12SF provides the ultimate in
home theater entertainment.  The image is...
                                                    Now theres an affordable projector for home theater
thats perfect for showing wide screen movies and HDTV.
Our new Cinema 13HD high definition digital projector
gives you an amazing 16:9 image aspect ratio and
1366 x 768 Wide XGA resolution. The power lens shift
feature allows you to mount the projector anywhere and
still achieve perfect image alignment. The wireless
remote has power zoom, power focus and easy menus
to let you run the show from anywhere in the room. Your
audience will enjoy the bright...
Installation Input Panel
The Cinema 17SF can be ceiling mounted so that your
view of the screen is unobstructed.  Manual zoom and
focus allow for easy adjustments and an image that fills
the screen.  Control your projected image with the full
function remote.  Matte white case will blend into your
The variety of inputs on the projectors right side give
you a wide selection of image sources such as a DVD
player, HDTV set-top box and video games.
Presenting the Cinema 17SF-
                                                    Lighten up
It doesn’t get any brighter than this!
Studio Experience proudly presents the Cinema 20HD,
the brightest 16:9 projector to hit the market.  This LCD
projector features 2200 ANSI lumens, 900:1 contrast
ratio and Micro Lens Array technology to virtually
eliminate the screen door effect.  The Cinema 20HD
also features a unique Color Management System which
allows you to fine tune the projected image’s color and
tone to suit the most discriminating eye.  Power lens
shift, vertical and horizontal...
                                                    D2+ DLP
Front Projector
Users Manual
HD2+ DLP Front Projector  















                                                    Matinee 1HD





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                                                    USERS GUIDE
                                                    © All rights reserved.This manual may not be copied in any media or form without the written consent of the manufacturer. 
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T he S tu dio  E xp erie n ce  
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r e vo lu tio nary  n ew  t e ch n olo gy 
w it h  s ta te  o f t h e a rt f e atu re s 
f o r t h e u lt im ate  h om e t h eate r 
p ro je cto r.  F a ro ud ja  D CD i™  
v id eo  p ro ce ssin g a n d 3 :2  p ull 
d ow n w ill m ake  y o ur im ag es 
c le ar a n d  d is to rtio n f r e e. T he 
M usta n g H D2 D LP ™  c h ip  w it h  
6 -s e g m en t c o lo r w heel c re ate s 
l if e -lik e...
                                                    1000 ANSI Lumens 
3500:1 Contrast Ratio 
DLP ™ HD2+ DMD Chip 
5 5
5 5
Technical Specifications 
Brightness: 1000 ANSI lumens 
Lamp:  250 watt 
Color Wheel: 6-segment, 5X 
Aspect Ratio:  16:9, 4:3 compatible  
Contrast Ratio: 3500:1 
Resolution: 1280 x 720 true WXGA 
Projection Lens: manual zoom and focus,  
1.25:1 zoom ratio.  F=2.36-2.5. f=24-30.1 
Projection method: Front/Rear Desktop, 
Front/Rear Ceiling 
Throw Ratio: 1.33~1.67:1