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3Com Router WL-602 User Manual

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    Part No. 10016790 Rev. AA
    Published July 2008
    Wireless 11n Cable/DSL Firewall Router
    User Guide
    							3Com Corporation
    350 Campus Drive,
    Marlborough, MA
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    End of Life Statement
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    Regulated Materials Statement
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    Environmental Statement about the Documentation
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    Naming Convention 7
    Conventions 8
    Feedback About This User Guide 9
    Related Documentation 9
    Wireless 11n Cable/DSL Firewall Router 11
    Router Advantages 13
    Package Contents 13
    Minimum System and Component Requirements 14
    Physical Features 14
    Introduction 19
    Safety Information 19
    Positioning the Router 19
    Using the Rubber Feet 20
    Wall Mounting 20
    Mounting Instructions for Cement Walls 20
    Mounting Instructions for Wood Walls 21
    Powering Up the Router 21
    Connecting the Router 21
    Obtaining an IP Address Automatically 23
    Windows 2000 23
    Windows Vista 25 
    							Windows XP 26
    Macintosh 26
    Disabling PPPoE and PPTP Client Software 27
    Disabling Web Proxy 27
    Accessing the Router using the 3Com Detect Application 29
    Running the 3Com Detect Application 29
    Accessing the Setup Wizard 31
    Wizard - 
    Change Password 34
    Wizard - 
    Time and Time Zone 35
    Wizard - 
    Connection Type 36
    Setup Wizard - LAN Settings 42
    Wizard - Wireless Setting 43
    Wizard - Configuration Summary 49
    Navigating Through the Router Configuration screens 51
    Main Menu 51
    Welcome Screen 51
    Status 51
    LAN Settings 52
    LAN Settings 52
    DHCP Clients List 53
    Wireless Settings 55
    Configuration 56
    Encryption 57
    WPS 62
    Connection Control 64
    Client List 65
    WMM 65
    WDS 68
    Advanced 71 
    							Internet Settings 73
    WAN 73
    DNS 79
    Clone MAC address 80
    Firewall 81
    SPI 81
    Special Applications 85
    Virtual Servers 86
    DMZ 87
    PC Privileges 88
    Schedule Rule 90
    URL Filter 91
    Advanced 92
    Security 92
    VLAN 95
    Static Routes 97
    RIP 99
    DDNS 101
    SNMP 102
    Syslog 103
    Proxy ARP 104
    QoS Settings 105
    Tr a f f i c  m a p p i n g 1 0 6
    VPN 108
    System Tools 115
    Restart Router 115
    Configuration 115
    Upgrade 116
    Time Zone 117
    Ping 118
    Traceroute 119
    DNS Lookup 120
    Diagnostic 120
    Status and Logs 121
    Status 121
    Routing Table 122
    Logs 122
    Traffic Statistics 123 
    							Support/Feedback 124
    Support 124
    Feedback 124
    Basic Connection Checks 125
    Browsing to the Router Configuration Screens 126
    Connecting to the Internet 127
    Forgotten Password and Reset to Factory Defaults 127
    Wireless Networking 128
    Recovering from Corrupted Software 130
    Power Adapter 130
    Frequently Asked Questions 132
    The Internet Protocol Suite 133
    Managing the Router over the Network 133
    IP Addresses and Subnet Masks 133
    How does a Device Obtain an IP Address and Subnet Mask? 135
    DHCP Addressing 135
    Static Addressing 135
    Auto-IP Addressing 135
    3Com Wireless 11n Cable/DSL Firewall Router 137
    Standards 139 
    Register Your Product to Gain Service Benefits 148
    Solve Problems Online 148
    Purchase Extended Warranty and Professional Services 148
    Access Software Downloads 149
    Contact Us 149
    Telephone Technical Support and Repair 149
    This guide describes how to install and configure the 3Com Wireless 11n 
    Cable/DSL Firewall Router (3CRWER300-73).
    This guide is intended for use by those responsible for installing and 
    setting up network equipment; consequently, it assumes a basic working 
    knowledge of LANs (Local Area Networks) and Internet Routers.
    If a release note is shipped with the 3Com Wireless 11n Cable/DSL 
    Firewall Router and contains information that differs from the 
    information in this guide, follow the information in the release note.
    Most user guides and release notes are available in Adobe Acrobat 
    Reader Portable Document Format (PDF) on the 3Com World Wide Web 
    Naming ConventionThroughout this guide, the 3Com Wireless 11n Cable/DSL Firewall Router 
    is referred to as the “Router”.
    Category 3, Category 5, and Category 6 Twisted Pair Cables are referred 
    to as Twisted Pair Cables throughout this guide. 
    							8ABOUT THIS GUIDE
    ConventionsTa b l e 1 and Ta b l e 2 list conventions that are used throughout this guide.
    Ta b l e 1    Notice Icons
    IconNotice TypeDescription
    Information noteInformation that describes important features or 
    CautionInformation that alerts you to potential loss of data or 
    potential damage to an application, system, or device.
    WarningInformation that alerts you to potential personal 
    Ta b l e 2    Text Conventions
    The words “enter” 
    and “type”When you see the word “enter” in this guide, you must type 
    something, and then press Return or Enter. Do not press 
    Return or Enter when an instruction simply says “type.”
    Keyboard key namesIf you must press two or more keys simultaneously, the key 
    names are linked with a plus sign (+). Example:
    Press Ctrl+Alt+Del 
    Words in italicsItalics are used to:
    ■Emphasize a point.
    ■Denote a new term at the place where it is defined in the 
    ■Identify menu names, menu commands, and software 
    button names. Examples:
    From the Help menu, select Contents.
    Click OK. 
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