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3Com Telephone Nbx 100 Instructions Manual

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Part Number: 900-0095-01
Published: July 2002
 Telephone Guide
■NBX 1102 Business Telephone
■NBX 2102 Business Telephone
■NBX 2102-IR Business Telephone
■NBX 2101 Basic Telephone
Attendant Consoles
■NBX 1105 Attendant Console
■NBX Complement Attendant Software 

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Copyright © 2002, 3Com Corporation. All rights reserved. No part of this documentation may be reproduced 
in any form or by any means or used to make any derivative work (such as translation, transformation, or 
adaptation) without written permission from 3Com Corporation.
3Com Corporation reserves the right to revise this documentation and to make changes in content from time 
to time without obligation on the part of 3Com Corporation to provide notification of such revision or change.
3Com Corporation...

Page 3

How to Use This Guide 7
Conventions 8
Documentation 9
Comments on the Documentation 9
Setting Up Your Password and Voice Mail for the First Time 11
NBX NetSet Utility 13
Starting the NBX NetSet Utility 13
Navigation and Shortcut Icons in the NBX NetSet Utility 14
Quick Reference Sheets 14
Business Telephone Buttons and Controls 16
Programmable Access Buttons on the Business Telephone 19
Default Settings 19
Status Lights for System...

Page 4

Changing Your Password 26
Security Tips 27
Changing Your Name Announcement and Personal Greeting 27
Listening to NBX Messages 28
From Your Computer 29
From Your NBX Telephone 29
From Any Internal NBX Telephone 29
From a Remote Location 29
Information About Your Messages 30
Replying to a Message 31
Forwarding a Message 31
Creating and Sending a Message 33
Creating Personal Voice Mail Group Lists 34
Modifying or Deleting Groups 35
Marking a Message as Private or Urgent 36
Forwarding Incoming Calls to Your...

Page 5

Direct Mail Transfer 46
Establishing a Conference Call 46
More About Conference Calls 47
Disconnecting the Last Person That You Called 48
Setting the Volume 48
Guidelines About Features on NBX Telephones 50
Ringer Tones 50
Speed Dials 51
Personal Speed Dials 51
System-wide Speed Dials 52
Special Case: One-Touch Speed Dials 53
Printing Speed Dial Lists 54
Printing Labels for NBX Telephones 54
Off-Site Notification 55
Do Not Disturb 58
Preventing Unauthorized Use of Your...

Page 6

Hunt Groups and Calling Groups 68
Hunt Groups 68
Calling Groups 71
Group Membership 71
Call Park 72
Paging 73
Dialing a Call to a Remote Office 74
Using Unique Extensions 74
Using Site Codes 74
Bridged Extensions 75
Delayed Ringing 76
Pulse Dialing 76
Using a Feature Code 77
Using a Mapped Button 77
Using a Personal Speed Dial 77
Additional Applications 77
NBX 1105 Attendant Console 80
Attendant Console Labels 82
Complement Attendant Software 83
Managing Calls 84

Page 7

This guide is intended for anyone using NBX® Telephones, the NBX 1105 
Attendant Console, or the NBX Complement Attendant Software. It 
includes information about using the NBX Voice Mail system and the 
NBX NetSet
™ administration utility for personal telephone settings.
If the information in the release notes (readme.pdf) on the Resource Pack 
CD differs from the information in this guide, follow the instructions in 
the release notes.
Analog telephones connected to the NBX system...

Page 8

ConventionsTa b l e 2 defines some commonly used words and phrases in this guide.
Ta b l e 3
 lists conventions that are used throughout this guide.
Ta b l e 2    Common Terms
Auto AttendantThe set of voice prompts that answers incoming calls and 
describes actions that a caller can take to access 
individual services. 
AdministratorThe person who is responsible for maintaining your 
3Com Networked Telephony Solution.
ReceptionistThe person who answers the majority of...

Page 9

DocumentationThe documentation set for 3Com NBX Networked Telephony Solutions is 
designed to help NBX telephone users, installers, and administrators 
maximize the full potential of the system. 
The NBX Resource Pack CD contains many guides to the NBX products 
and their related 3Com applications.
To order a set of paper copies of the NBX Administrator’s Guide, NBX 
Installation Guide, and NBX Telephone Guide, as well as the NBX 
Resource Pack CD, contact your authorized 3Com NBX...

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