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Accusplit Timer AX850 User Manual

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    							AX850 PACE CLOCK
    Operating Instructions
    Installing the Battery 
    1. Remove the battery door in back by pushing tab   
      down and pulling toward you. The adjustment knob   
      (with stem) will be attached to the door when opened.
    2.   First, insert LR6 (AA) battery with + (Positive) end into  
      left end, then be sure copper switch plate (end tip of  
      wire) is between – (Negative) end of battery and  
      – (Negative) side of battery holder and press battery  
      into position.
    3.  Reinstall door being careful to reinsert the adjustment   
      knob stem into motor slot. (The stem can be separated   
      from knob head, inserted into motor slot, replace door   
      with stem protruding thru door hole and attach knob  
      head to stem).
    Operating the Clock
    To star t or stop the clock, press the red but ton on top right of the unit. 
    Setting & Resetting the Clock
    To set clock, turn the adjustment knob in the back door until the clock 
    face shows desired time. The adjustment knob controls the black min -
    ute hand only. The red second hand is controlled by the Star t /Stop but -
    ton. Use the Star t /Stop but ton to move it into desired star ting position.   
    Normally, users set the clock back to zero before use. Alternatively,  
    you can set the clock to a specific time  
    to provide a timing interval. 
    (For example, to time a 20 minute  
    interval, set the minute hand  
    at 4 0 and star t the clock.  
    When the clock (minute  
    hand) reaches 6 0, your  
    20 minute interval is up.)
    Start/stop button
    Minute hand
    Direction of
    Motor slot
    + –
    800-935-1996  •  925-290-1900  •  FAX 925-290-1930 
    www.ACCUSPLIT.com/CorpSupport.aspx  •  [email protected]
    Adjustment knob
    for setting/resetting 
    To open 
    battery door 
    push down here
    switch   plate
    AA cell
    The AX850 is a large-format pace clock suitable for in-
    door and outdoor use. It is a “count up” timer with one 
    second resolution to 60 minutes. The clock continues 
    to count after passing 60 minutes each time. 
    For Windy Conditions
    The AX850 has a base extension that will help keep the unit upright 
    in windy conditions. The extension is built into the base of the unit. 
    To use the extension, tilt unit upwards so that the face is pointing 
    towards the ground. Loosen wing nut on base extension and slide it 
    out towards back of unit.  
    Note: Put a heavy object on top of the extension for even more 
    • Analog, clock-style display with 15" face
    •  Count up from zero to 60 and repeat
    •  Rugged ABS plastic case designed for outdoor use
    •  Safe for use in damp & wet environments 
      (Do not submerge)
    •  Push button on/off
    Repair Procedure:
    The following repair kits available for self repair.
    AX850KITBASE: Base Replacement Kit  (Base And Screw)  
    AX850KITCH: Clock-Hand Replacement Kit  
      (Handset, Seiko Clock Movement And Switch)  
    AX850KITFACE: Face Replacement Kit (Clear Lens And 4 Screws) 
    800-935-1996  •  925-290-1900  •  FAX 925-290-1930 
    www.ACCUSPLIT.com/CorpSupport.aspx  •  [email protected]
    5 YR. PROOF-OF-PURCHASE LIMITED WARRANTY After 90 days, service available for a small feeuntil at least 5 years after date of purchase.
    See details at www.ACCUSPLIT.com/CorpSupport.aspx
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