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Acoustic Energy Loudspeaker 108 Subwoofer User Manual

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    Congratulations on choosing the Acoustic Energy 108 Sub, a powerful, compact , active
    subwoofer which is capable of outstanding Hi-Fi and Home Cinema performance.
    Please take a few moments to read this guide, the advice it contains will enable you to get
    the very best performance out of your Acoustic Energy subwoofer.
    Please take care when removing the 108 from it’s packaging as the drive unit at the bottom
    of the cabinet is not covered by a protective grille for performance reasons and can incur
    damage from improper handling. Rubber feet covers are attached for use on hard fooring,
    when using on carpeted fooring simply pull these of to expose spikes for improved
    ground coupling.
    Before applying power
    The 108 Sub has switchable power ratings to enable it to be used globally, one to operate
    from 220-240V AC line mains power and one from 110-120V AC line mains power. Please
    ensure the switch (bottom left corner of rear amp panel) is in the correct position that
    relates to your country’s mains power before use.
    NOTE: Our warranty does not cover damage caused by using the incorrect switch position
    relative to local mains supply.
    Power sources 
    The 108 should only be connected to a power supply of the type described
    on its rear panel. If you are not sure consult your dealer or a qualifed electrician.
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    4. Power switch
    Switches the power ON and OFF.*
    Remote Control
    *For added convenience the 108 Sub comes with a simple remote control that can be used
    to increase (+) or decrease (-) volume level and turn the subwoofer in or out of “Stand-by”
    mode when powered ON. The infrared sensor on the front of the 108 Sub must be kept clear
    of obstructions to line of sight of the remote control to function efectively.
    How to use the volume, crossover and phase controls
    The volume control, frequency knob and phase switch can be adjusted to match the
    condition of the listening room and/or the characteristics of the left and right front speakers.
    Due to the positioning of the subwoofer in the room and the associated room boundaries,
    the available bass response from the existing speakers and whether or not the fltered
    connection (nominally 100Hz) is used, the actual settings used on the subwoofer control
    panel will vary considerably.
    The Sub volume control and the crossover frequency knobs should be used together while
    setting the correct bass response required. For example, raising the volume level will also
    raise the efective system crossover point, while reducing the volume has the converse efect
    of lowering the frequency range of the subwoofer. This is caused by the way the various
    responses and outputs blend together in the listening environment.
    Initially set the crossover frequency fairly low, e.g. 50-60Hz, and use the volume control knob
    on the Sub to set the low bass level required. When the correct balance is almost achieved,
    the crossover level, volume level and phase setting may be adjusted together to fne tune the
    sound and achieve the cleanest, most extended and suitably powerful bass.
    NOTE: An excessive input level to the subwoofer may impair the sound quality or damage
    the unit. Do not increase the output of the amplifer to a high level while the low-frequency
    level is enhanced by the amplifer’s tone or loudness controls. If the subwoofer displays signs
    of distress (e.g. an obvious “clapping” noise from an over-exerted drive unit) turn it down.
    Acoustic Energy Ltd
    16 Bridge Road, Cirencester Gloucestershire GL7 1NJTel +44 (0)1285 654432
    Fax +44 (0)1285 654430
    Check that both your amplifer and subwoofer are switched of before connection.
    Failure to do so may result in speaker or amplifer damage. It is sometimes recommended
    that over-long low cost cables are used initially to facilitate experimentation with
    positioning, and only then purchase and install using the fnal cable choice.
    1. For use with amplifers with a “Subwoofer Out”  jack
    Connect from the dedicated subwoofer line output on the amplifer to the line input(s) on 
    the 108 Sub. (A single lead to either input or a “Y” connector to both inputs may be used).
    The stereo speakers are run direct for higher defnition.
    2. For use with amplifers with line level pre-amp jacks
    The pre-amp outputs of your amplifer can be connected to the line-level inputs on the 108
    Sub. The line level outputs on the 108 Sub are then connected back to the power amp
    (main) inputs on your amplifer. This provides the greatest power handling to your stereo
    3. For use with televisions with a variable audio output
    Some modern televisions are equipped with variable audio outputs. These can be
    connected directly to the line level inputs on the 108 Sub to enhance the bass response of
    the television’s built-in speaker.
    NOTE: If unsure about any wiring options please refer to the connected amplifer manual or
    ask your local dealer for further advice.
    1. Volume knob
    Adjusts the volume level output of the subwoofer, allowing you to balance the volume of
    the 108 Sub to blend in with your main stereo speakers. Turning the knob clockwise
    increases the volume level, turning the knob anti-clockwise decreases the  volume level.*
    2. Crossover frequency knob
    Adjusts the balance at the crossover point between the bass (low frequencies) from the 108
    Sub and the treble (high frequencies) continuing to the main stereo front speakers.
    3. Phase switch
    The normal setting for the phase is the 0° position. Switching to 180° will change the
    subwoofer phase and vary the tonal quality of the bass, which is also dependant on the
    location of the 108 Sub relative to your main stereo speakers.
    Power cord
    Power supply cords should be routed so as not to be walked on or caught under or against
    To ensure reliable operation and to prevent the subwoofer from overheating, ensure good
    ventilation. Do not cover the subwoofer and do not place it closer than 10cm from walls or
    soft furnishing. Do not use in a built-in installation unless proper ventilation is provided.
    Water and moisture
    The subwoofer should not be used near water, i.e. near a washbowl, basin, in a wet
    basement or near a swimming pool or jacuzzi area.
    The subwoofer may not function correctly at extremely low or freezing temperature. The
    subwoofer should also be sited away from heat sources such as radiators or other electrical
    equipment that produces heat, including other amplifers.
    Electric shock
    Care should be taken so that objects are not inserted into connectors or other apertures
    and that liquid does not spill into the enclosure. Never attempt to dismantle the subwoofer
    as serious electric shock may occur if the internal parts are touched.
    Unplug the subwoofer from the wall power outlet before cleaning. Use only a clean, dry 
    cloth. Do not use cleaners, liquids or solvent-based preparations to clean the cabinet.
    If an abnormal smell or smoke is detected, immediately turn the power of and unplug the
    subwoofer from the wall power outlet.
    The 108 Sub is virtually omni-directional, so it can be placed in almost any location in the
    room. For the best performance in the ideal room the subwoofer should be positioned in a
    corner of the room or near a back wall. In certain circumstances the addition of a second
    108 Sub located in another position in the room helps achieve a more uniform bass.
    The use of two subwoofers often provides a greater than expected increase in sound quality
    and bass dynamics, worth more than the additional cost would suggest. If two 108 Subs are
    used, they should ideally be positioned in the corners near the respective units of the stereo
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