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Acoustic Energy Loudspeaker Aego Sound3ar User Manual

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    							Owners Manual
    To reduce the chance of electric shock, do not expose this system to rain or moisture
    To reduce the risk of shock, do not remove the rear panel of this system - there are no
    user-serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualifed service personnel.
                          The lightning fash with arrowhead symbol in an equilateral triangle is intended
                          to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage” within the
                          system enclosure that may be of sufcient magnitude to constitute a risk of
                          electrical shock.
                          The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle as marked on the system is
                          intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and
                          maintenance instructions in this owners guide.  Your Acoustic Energy Aego³ system is guaranteed against defects in materials, manufacture
    and workmanship for two years from the date of purchase. Please retain all original
    packaging materials for possible future use.
    Under this warranty Acoustic Energy agrees to repair any defect or, at the company’s
    discretion, replace the faulty component(s) without charge for parts and labour. This
    warranty does not imply any acceptance by Acoustic Energy or its agents for consequential
    loss or damage and specifcally excludes fair wear and tear, accident, misuse or
    unauthorised modifcation.
    This warranty is applicable in the United Kingdom only and does not in any way limit the
    customer’s legal rights. Claims and enquiries under the warranty for AE products
    purchased outside the UK should be addressed to the local importers or distributors.
    If you have any reason to claim under the warranty please contact your dealer or
    point of purchase in the frst instance.
    Acoustic Energy Ltd.
    16 Bridge Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 1NJ England. Tel: +44 (0) 1285 654432
    Fax: +44 (0) 1285 654430
    Support: +44 (0) 1285 656890
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Designed by Acoustic Energy Ltd (UK), manufactured in Malaysia.
    Controls:    Full remote control operation
    Power Ratings:  110-240V @ 50/60Hz; 65VA
    Dimensions (HWD):  Subwoofer - 350x195x307mm
        Satellites - 105x75x85mm
        Soundbar - 70x500x70mm
    Weight:   9kg
    Finish:    Black textured subwoofer
        Aluminium, black rubber and
        black grille Satellites or Soundbar.
    Inputs:    1 x Stereo Mini-jack
        1 x Optical (digital)
        1 x Bluetooth (wireless)
    Outputs:    2 x RCA Phono (speaker level)
    Accessories:  2 x 3m Speaker cables (RCA)
        1 x 2m Stereo Mini-jack to
        Mini-jack (3.5mm) lead
        1 x 2m Optical digital lead
        1 x Remote Control
        1 x 1.8m Two-pin power cord
        with regional mains plug.
    Aego³ Owners Manual - Front Side.pdf   1   29/01/2016   13:58:28 
    Thank you for choosing the Acoustic Energy Aego³ music system, please take a moment to
    read through this quick set-up guide to ensure correct operation and to get the best 
    performance from your system.
    Whether you’ve chosen the Sub/Sat or Sub/Soundbar variation of the system, the basic
    operation remains the same and performance will be very similar between the two models.
    When selecting the Bluetooth® “    ” input (indicated by a blue LED on the Subwoofer display panel) for
    the frst time, the system will go into “pairing” mode and be visible to Bluetooth®-enabled devices for
    connection as “AEGO3”. Once paired with the Aego³ the Bluetooth® source device will play audio
    wirelessly through the system and operate overall volume level if the function is available.
    Whenever the Bluetooth input is selected in future it will attempt to pair with previously connected
    devices and become visible to new devices if no previous connections are available. Pairing mode can
    also be manually selected by pressing the “Pair” button; when the system is in pairing mode the blue
    LED on the Subwoofer display panel will fash, when connection is made the blue LED will remain lit
    and an audible “beep” will be heard. The  most recently connected device always takes preference
    when attempting to play audio.*
    *For instructions on source device’s Bluetooth® operation please refer to that device’s manual or manufacturer.
    All operation of the Aego³ system is performed via the supplied remote control, there are
    no physical controls on the system itself. A brief description of controls is outlined below.
    All physical connections on the Aego³ system are made via the downward-fring panel at
    the rear of the subwoofer. This placement ensures tidy cabling and allows for placement
    close to walls if necessary.
    Left and right speaker outputs:
    for connection to individual RCA terminals on Aego Satellite speakers or L/R inputs on
    Soundbar via supplied RCA -> RCA cable.
    Optical digital input: for connection to a digital source; ie - TV, Blu-ray player, Satellite box etc.
    TIP: If using multiple sources connected to a TV use the TV Optical out direct into the Aego³ system rather than individual connection between diferent sources and
    the Aego³. Use PCM Audio output setting on source.
    Stereo Mini-jack input: for use with supplied
    3.5mm Mini-jack -> 3.5mm Mini-jack leadwhen connecting to audio or headphone
    output on sources such as PC, mobile phone, portable music player, tablet etc.
    Power input: for use with supplied powercable plugged into mains AC outlet.
    Power On/Of: Once the Aego system
    is correctly wired up as described in the “CONNECTION” section use this button to switch the system on or place in
    “Standby” mode. When in  “Standby” mode a red LED will be lit on the Subwoofer display panel.
    For complete shut-down unplug the
    system from the mains power supply.
    Volume Up: use to increase volume, as
    indicated by 1-4 white LED’s on Subwoofer display panel, when maximum volume is reached the system will produce an audible “beep”.*
    Volume Down: use to decrease volume, as
    indicated by 1-4 white LED’s on Subwoofer display panel.
    Aux Input: use to select the Aux line-input(Mini-jack) as sound source. This will be indicated by an orange LED on the Subwoofer display panel.
    Dig Input: use to select the Digital input(Optical) as sound source. This will be indicated by a white LED on the Subwoofer display panel.
    Bass level -: use to decrease bass output
    from subwoofer between levels 1-4 as described above.
    Bass level +: use to increase bass outputfrom subwoofer between levels 1-4, as
    indicated by 1-4 white LED’s on Subwoofer display panel. 1 being minimum and 4
    maximum. For most normal use in mid- sized rooms, levels 2-3 should provide the best overall balance. Adjust for personal preference.
    Mute: use to mute system volume,
    press again to return volume to last selected level.
    *Note: If audible distortion is heardTURN VOLUME DOWN
    If the Aego³ is overdriven for sustained periods protection circuitry will put the system into standby mode.  
    Aego³ Owners Manual - Back Side.pdf   1   29/01/2016   14:51:50 
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