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Acoustic Energy Loudspeaker Extreme 5 User Manual

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    O w n e r s   M a n u a l
     E XTREME8
     E XTREME5
    4 .   P o s i t i o n i n g
    2 .   H a n d l i n g
    Thank you for purchasing this Acoustic Energy product. As a valued customer 
    we would like to keep you up to date with all news and events including new 
    products, exhibitions and exclusive promotions. To enable us to communicate 
    these exciting developments please go to our website - www.acoustic-energy.
    co.uk - and complete the ownership registration form.
    Perhaps more than any other audio product, speakers are sensitive to 
    installation so please take a little time to read this manual and to follow, as far 
    as practical, the guidelines it contains. Careful installation will help ensure that 
    your Extreme Series speakers perform optimally. Should you have any questions 
    not covered here we are happy to try and answer them either by telephone or 
    email. Contact information can be found in Section 11.
    This manual covers the Extreme 5 and Extreme 8. Following the introduction, it 
    is divided into sections covering handling, installation, positioning, mounting, 
    connection, amplifiers, listening, specifications, warranty and contact 
    information. We recommend that you read at least the first six of these sections 
    carefully before installing and using your speakers.
    Extreme Series speakers are precision engineered 
    products that can be damaged by inappropriate 
    handling. If the speakers’ perforated grilles are 
    removed take care not to touch any of the drivers. 
    Damage to a driver will at best degrade performance 
    and at worst result in complete failure.
    The enclosure surfaces should also be handled 
    sympathetically. Any cleaning should only require a 
    soft cloth, slightly dampened if necessary. Be wary of 
    using any polishes or solvent based cleaning agents.
    The packaging should be retained for future use.
    Extreme Series speakers are intended to be mounted either vertically or 
    horizontally using the supplied mounting brackets. The brackets can be attached 
    to any suitably sound structure. 
    Wall fittings (Rawlplugs, etc..) and screws are not included but should be chosen 
    appropriately for the type and condition of the structure the brackets are to be 
    attached to. Extreme Series speakers are heavy and you must be sure that the 
    structure and fittings chosen are able to support their weight. If you have any 
    concerns over the suitability of the structure, or doubt in your ability to fix the 
    brackets securely, you should seek professional advice and help.
    Extreme Series speakers are “weather-proof ”,  “splash-proof ” and suitable for use in 
    outdoor, damp, dusty or humid applications. They can also be installed and used 
    in environments that are subject to long-term ambient temperatures between 5°C 
    and 35°C. They are not suitable for installation where they will be continually in 
    contact with water.
    Extreme Series enclosures and grilles can be painted to match interior design 
    schemes using domestic matt emulsion paint. Take grate care when painting grilles 
    that neither the driver units become contaminated with paint, nor that a significant 
    number of the grille perforations become blocked.
    Neutrik® Speakon® input sockets only are fitted to Extreme Series speakers. An 
    appropriate Speakon plug is included with each speaker.
    1 .   I n t r o d u c t i o n
    3 .   I n s t a l l a t i o n
    Neutrik® and the names of Neutrik® products referenced herein are either trademarks and/or service marks of Neutrik®. 
    4 .   P o s i t i o n i n g1 .   I n t r o d u c t i o n
    The location of speakers within a listening environment 
    is likely to have more influence over their subjective 
    performance than any other aspect of installation. It is 
    worth spending some time considering both the finer 
    points of speaker location, as well as the larger scale 
    issues of room and speaker layout.
    If you are already familiar with the acoustic 
    characteristics of the listening environment, and the 
    way speakers perform in it, you may already have a 
    good feel for where to position the speakers. However, 
    installing any new audio component provides a good 
    opportunity to review an existing set-up and perhaps 
    make improvements.
    Extreme Series speakers are not magnetically shielded 
    and should not be positioned in close proximity to 
    magnetically sensitive equipment and media.
    Stereo and Home Theatre Positioning
    If a pair of speakers is to be used  in a conventional stereo audio system or for the 
    front channels in a home theatre system they should be positioned approximately 
    as follows:
    • At least 1.0 metre from side walls.
    •  Between 2.5 and 3.5 metres apart.
    •  Clear of corners.
    •  Angled inward towards the listening position.
    •  At, or slightly above, listening head-height.
    If a speaker is to be used for the centre channel in a home theatre system it should 
    be positioned approximately as follows:
    • Directly above or below the display screen.
    If two or more speakers are to be used for the surround channels in a home theatre 
    system they should be positioned approximately as follows:
    • Generally in-line with or behind the listening position. 
    •  At least 0.5m above listening head height.
    Diagram One illustrates general home-theatre speaker positioning.
    Don’t worry if, thanks to the architecture or layout of your room, it is not practical 
    to follow each requirement exactly. The most important thing is to consider the 
    different options that are practical and identify the one that is likely to work best.
    Utility Speaker Positioning
    If Extreme Series speakers are to be used as multiple “utility” speakers in an 
    environment where the intention is to provide background music and/or public 
    address announcements they should be equally 
    distributed throughout the space and mounted 
    above head height. Mono audio is usually preferable 
    in utility applications but if only stereo is available 
    multiple speakers should be connected alternately to 
    the left and right channels.
    In choosing locations for the speakers consider the 
    “coverage” required with respect to the likely listener 
    positions. Try and ensure that coverage is even and 
    that as listeners move around the environment their 
    distance to the nearest speaker remains relatively 
    D i a g r a m   O n e
    Left FrontRight Front
    Viewing/listening positionLeft SurroundRight Surround
    Alternative or Extra Left Surround
    Alternative or Extra Right Surround 
    5 .   M o u n t i n g   B r a c k e t s6 .   C o n n e c t i n g
    With speaker mounting locations selected, the Mounting Brackets can be attached 
    to the mounting surface or structure. Diagram Two illustrates the bracket, speaker 
    and associated components.
    Use the bracket itself as a template to mark the mounting hole positions employing 
    a spirit-level to ensure the bracket is level. The mounting holes are provided with 
    key-hole slots to simplify attachment. At least two screws must be used to attach 
    each bracket. 
    Fittings (Rawlplugs, etc.) and screws are not included with the bracket but should 
    be chosen appropriately for the type and condition the of structure the brackets 
    are to be attached to. Extreme Series speakers are heavy and you must be sure 
    that the structure and fittings chosen are able to support their weight. If you have 
    any concerns over the suitability of the structure, or doubt in your ability to fix the 
    brackets securely, you should seek professional advice and help.
    Upper Attachment Knob
    Lower Attachment Knob
    Mounting Bracket
    Once a bracket is securely fixed, attach the speaker by 
    offering it up to the bracket and inserting the threaded 
    section of each Attachment Knob in turn through the 
    bracket and into the threaded holes in the  speaker. 
    Tighten the Attachment Knobs while holding the 
    speaker at  the desired mounting angle. 
    The speaker cable can either be threaded through the 
    elongated hole in the centre of the Mounting Bracket 
    (before the bracket is attached) or left unattached to 
    the bracket. If the cable is to be threaded through the 
    Mounting Bracket make sure that there is enough 
    cable left free to enable easy attachment of the 
    Speakon plug and also that the cable is not trapped 
    behind the bracket when the mounting screws are 
    Connecting the Speakon plugs and speakers is 
    described in the following section.D i a g r a m   T w o 
    Page 5
    5 .   M o u n t i n g   B r a c k e t s6 .   C o n n e c t i n g
    To connect the speakers simply push the Speakon plug into the socket and twist 
    the plug clock-wise to lock. Twist counter-clockwise and pull to disconnect.
    Connection Polarity.
    It is important to ensure that each speaker is connected with the same polarity. 
    Positive speaker terminals should always be connected back to amplifier positive 
    terminals, and negative speaker terminals connected back to amplifier negative 
    terminals. Performance will be degraded if connections are made with incorrect 
    Cable Choice.
    Choice of cable type will be influenced by the application intended for your 
    Extreme Series speakers and the characteristics of other components in your 
    system. Your dealer or distributor will be able to advise. There are however some 
    simple guidelines to consider:
    •    The external cable diameters compatible with Speakon plugs are as follows:
    NL2FC (2-pole): 4mm - 10mm, NL4FC (4-pole) 5mm - 11mm (white Clamp 
    Ring), NL4FC (4 pole) 9.5mm - 15mm (black Clamp Ring).
    •    Cable runs to each speaker should be kept as short as possible. 
    •    Short cable runs are especially important if the cable is of relatively small 
    •    If the cable is advertised as “directional” care should be taken to ensure that 
    its orientation is as recommended.
    Extreme Series speakers are fitted with Neutrik 
    Speakon connection sockets. An appropriate Speakon 
    plug is included in each pack. Speakon sockets and 
    plugs provide a reliable, secure, and potentially 
    weather-proof connection.
    Either 2-pole (Part No. NL2FC) or 4-pole (Part No. 
    NL4FC) plugs may be used. The supplied plug is a 2-
    pole type. 4-pole Speakon plugs can additionally be 
    fitted with a weather-proof rubber sleeve (Part No. 
    Speakon plugs and accessories are widely available 
    from audio and electronic component distributors and 
    Diagram Three illustrates the assembly and connection 
    of a 2-pole Speakon plug. Remember to thread 
    the cable through the Rear Housing and Clamp 
    Ring before connecting it to the terminals. Strip 
    approximately 6mm of bare wire and connect to the 
    screw terminals within the Speakon. If using  -pole 
    Speakon plugs use the terminals labelled +1 and -1. 
    Take care not to connect the negative and positive 
    terminals together and “short-circuit” the amplifier. 
    Make connections with the amplifier switched off. Once 
    the cable is connected to the terminals, the plug can be 
    reassembled. The Clamp Ring secures the cable as the 
    Rear Housing is tightened.
    D i a g r a m   T h r e e
    Plug Body
    Clamp Ring
    Rear Housing
    Connect Positive
    Connect Negative 
    Page Page 
    7 .   A m p l i f i e r s1 0 .   W a r r a n t y
    It is wise before listening to your speakers to make one 
    final check of the cables and connections. If all appears 
    well begin listening at a relatively low level to confirm 
    that the system is operating as expected. Only increase 
    the volume if you are happy with the sound at low 
    levels. If you are unhappy, turn the system off and re-
    check all the cables and connections.
    Extreme Series speakers may take a little time to “run-
    in”, and similarly the system will also perhaps take 
    some time to reach normal operating temperatures. It 
    is unwise therefore to make rapid judgements about 
    the performance of the speakers. Your ears too will take 
    some time to adjust to the new sound, so revisiting the 
    system set-up, speaker positioning especially, is best 
    left for a few days.
    9 .   S p e c i f i c a t i o n s
    Extreme Series speakers offer relatively high sensitivity and do not require 
    generously rated power amplifiers for adequate volume levels to be achieved in 
    typical listening environments. They also offer a relatively easy load to the amplifier 
    and do not make unusually heavy demands on its power delivery. 
    No overload protection systems are fitted to Extreme Series speakers so it is 
    possible to cause damage through over-driving. Such damage can occur whatever 
    the power rating of the amplifier and is not covered by any warranty. If ever the 
    sound at high volumes becomes distorted your speakers are at risk of damage. In 
    such circumstances the volume must be reduced.
    Model: Extreme 5  Extreme 8
    Type:   2-way, closed-box loaded.  2-way, closed-box loaded.
    LF/MF Driver:   110mm pressed alloy cone.  160mm pressed alloy cone.
    HF Driver:  25mm Dome.  25mm Dome.
    Filter Network:   3rd order at 3.0kHz.  3rd order 3.0kHz
    Cabinet:  Reinforced Structural Polymer.  Reinforced Structural Polymer.
    Frequency Response:  70Hz to 18kHz ±3dB   55Hz to 18kHz ±3dB
    Frequency Range:  60Hz to 20kHz @ -6dB   45Hz to 20kHz @ -6dB
    Power Handling:  125W peak programme 150W peak programme
    Amplifier Compatibility:   25 - 125 Watts into 8 Ohms   25 - 150 Watts into 8 Ohms
    Nominal Impedance:    8 Ohms  8 Ohms
    Sensitivity:  89dB for 1 Watt at 1 metre  90dB for 1 Watt at 1 metre
    Ambient Temperature Range:  5°C to 35°C  5°C to 35°C
    Enclosure Sealing Specification: IP54  IP54
    Dimensions (H x W x D):  260 x 160 x 180mm   390 x 260 x 260mm
    Weight (including bracket): 3.0kg (single, unpacked)  7.0kg (single, unpacked)
    Finish:  Black or white  Black or white
    Acoustic Energy reserves the right to modify product specifications.
    8 .   L i s t e n i n g 
    7 .   A m p l i f i e r s1 0 .   W a r r a n t y
    1 1 .   C o n t a c t
    Your Acoustic Energy speakers are guaranteed 
    against original defects in materials, manufacture and 
    workmanship for one year from the date of purchase.
    Under this warranty Acoustic Energy agrees to repair 
    any defect or, at the company’s discretion, replace 
    the faulty component(s) without charge for parts or 
    labour. This warranty does not imply any acceptance 
    by Acoustic Energy or its agents for consequential loss 
    or damage and specifically excludes fair wear and tear, 
    accident, misuse or unauthorised modification.
    This warranty is applicable in the United Kingdom only 
    and does not  in any way limit the customer’s legal 
    rights. If you have reason to claim under the warranty 
    please contact your dealer in the first instance 
    Claims and enquiries under the warranty for Acoustic 
    Energy products purchased outside the UK should be 
    addressed to the local importers or distributors.
    Please retain all original packaging materials for 
    possible future use. We suggest that you complete 
    details of purchase now and keep this information in a 
    safe place for future reference.
    Acoustic Energy Limited 
    1 Bridge Road
    Gloucestershire GL 1NJ
    Tel:    + (0)185  5 (Sales)
      + (0)185  5890 (Technical)
    Fax:    + (0)185  50
    Email:  [email protected]
    Web:   www.acoustic-energy.co.uk
    Purchase Date:
    Serial Numbers:
    Products  that  display  the  crossed-out  wheeled  bin  logo 
    cannot  be  disposed  of  as  domestic  waste  but  must 
    be  taken  to  a  facility  capable  of  re-cycling  them  and 
    appropriately  handling  any  waste  by-products.  Contact 
    your local authority for details of the nearest such facility. 
    Acoustic Energy Limited, 1 Bridge Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL 1NJ. 
    Tel: + (0)185  5 (Sales), + (0)185  5890 (Technical). Fax: + (0)185  50
    Email: [email protected] 
    Web: www.acoustic-energy.co.uk
    Manual Part No. MA801
     E XTREME8
     E XTREME5
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