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Acura Embedded AcuraVision Quick Manual

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    							AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                              ura Embedded Systems Inc                                                   AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                                 ura Embedded Systems Inc  
                  AcuraVision 1.53c 
                  Quick User Guide  
                                       (version 1.1) 
                    Embedded Systems Inc. 
                      Guide Index  Site Setting    --------
    ----------------------------- 1 
    Camera Setting    ---- ---------------------------- 3 
    IP Camera Setting     ---------------------------- 4 
    Network Setting    --- ---------------------------- 5 
    Detect Event Selection Setting    --------------6 
    Remote View Setting     --------------------------9 
    Events Information Chec king    ----------11 
    Audio Setting    ----- ---------------------------12 
    Q&A    -------- --------------------------- ----------13   
    							AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                              ura Embedded Systems Inc                                                   AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                                 ura Embedded Systems Inc  
    Allow remote access 
    Site Setting 
    When first time to open acuraVision 1.53c, following settings are 
     .Time setting 
     .Site name setting ( User can  choice own Site name ) 
     .Recording database setti ng (recording all events) 
     .Temp folder setting (record ing all events email send) 
    g database settin
    .Site name settin
     Allow remote access setting 
    Suggest to select it if plan  to remote control or view. 
     open pop- up 
    2.Click Preferance  Tem
    p folder settin
    Time settin
    4 split 
    							AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                              ura Embedded Systems Inc                                                   AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                                 ura Embedded Systems Inc  Camera Setting 
    After  Site S etting
     completed, need to set camera quantity and 
    camera feature. 
     Setting   Preference    Camera   C # (which 
    camera is?   e.g.  C5 in below figure. ) 
    Only connect selected came ras and disconnect others 
    unselected cameras.  
          Otherwise, acuraVision 1.53c will shows again and again   “Preference message box a bout enabling recoding…….”. 
       IP Camera Setting 
     Before IP camera setting, four important following steps have to 
    1.Check site computer network connection is correct and 
    2. acuraVision Netw
     ork setting ( 
    Please reference “Network Setting 
    “Chapter in next page in this Guid
    3. IP camera own hardware (reference relative IP camera user manual
    4. IP camera own software   (
    reference relative IP camera user manua
     the button opens the following pop-up menu: 
     Click here to setting IP Camera 
    Depend on CV capture card’s 
    video ports (4 ~ 16)
    Click “ Disconnect camera
    disconnect others unselected 
    g button
    When select IP cam
    eras, the qua ntity of IP cameras should be 
    less then total camera quantity, otherwise, split screens will be 
    occupied by all IP cameras. After IP camera’s channel selected, 
    following message box will come. 
    -3- -4-  
    							AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                              ura Embedded Systems Inc                                                   AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                                 ura Embedded Systems Inc   Network Setting 
    At first, find own computer’s IP address. 
                      Enter “windows operating system”   click :START   Run   Type : cmd  click: OK 
    Enter DOS sub-window  shows as following. 
    C:\Documents and Settings\User>_ 
    Type :  ipconfig  command to check IP address message. 
       E.g.   IP Address ………..: 
    Then copy IP address to Bind web Server IP address . 
           Select  TCP Port # or default is 80 
      Detect Event Selection Setting
    In acuraVision 1.53c, there are 8 detect functions. 
     Motion detection 
      Sensor detection 
      Manual trigger(press Enter) detection 
      Missing &left object detection 
      Virtual fence detection 
     Secure zone detection 
      Secure Change detection 
      Flow counting detection  
    The Steps of Detection Settings as follow
    At “Detect events by” sub-window, 
    click select boxes to select 
    different detection
     s. Then do Detection Respond Setting. 
      Detect events by 
    Detection Respond 
    Next page will show a d
    etection setting example. 
    							AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                              ura Embedded Systems Inc                                                   AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                                 ura Embedded Systems Inc  
    For instance, setting “Flow
     Counting” detection. 
    Select “Flow Counting “selection box   then click “Settings” 
    button   Flow Counting Screen will come as following. 
      At Flow Counting Setting Screen, completed two steps at least. 
    1. Setting one or more flow counting LINE and flow Direction 
    (RED and  BLUE arrow). 
    2. Setting flow counting tim
    If  set 24 hours flow counting, type 1440  minutes to 
    which shows at previous page figure. 
    if you enter 60 minutes to 
    , the counter will reset to zero 
    after every hour. 
    Flow Counting Line 
    & Direction setting  After c
    lick “notificatio n” at Detection Respond, follows figure 
    will come. 
             Notification’s Alarm Selection, Email Setting 
    Email: sending any detections of Motion,Missing&Left,Virtual  
             fence,Secure zone and Scene Change to setting email address. 
    Alarm : have five sound ‘s alarm option which are Dog Bark, Bell  
                 Ring, Whistle,Las er and Custom. Before this Alarm  
                  setting,Must completed Audio Setting.)      
    ** Fax and Phone need modem hardware to installation.** 
    Setting flow counting time (min.)  !!  Time Counter 
    Respond sub-
    							AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                              ura Embedded Systems Inc                                                   AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                                 ura Embedded Systems Inc  Remote View Setting
    Remote View offers an easy way to remote control by web     
    explorer users. Following  steps will complete Setting. 
      1.  Check  Network Setting correctly. 
              If Network Setting  is not work, Remote View  will be 
              no work. Please reference Network Setting. 
          2. After get the Acura Vision Site IP address, for instance, 
    , fill IP address to  Bind Web Server IP  
              Address line.   
    3. (Option) Change  TCP port  #.for instance 80 or 90  
        which is also from below Network setting Page. 
    After above three steps, 
    Remote View will be realized in web 
    Explorer as follow.  
    **When first time use  
         Remote View  function, 
         Explorer  will request 
         Run two ActiveX control. 
         Please let them running. 
    p://Web Server IP Address: TCP 
    Remote View Connect button 
    -9- -
    							AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                              ura Embedded Systems Inc                                                   AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                                 ura Embedded Systems Inc  Event Information Checking 
    In general, when Click 
     button,all detect 
    event messages will be found. 
      Type If you want to view only the logs of one type of  
    event such as Motion event, se lect it from the Type list. 
     Log list The Log list shows details about each event,   such as the start and end times of the event, camera 
    number (indicated by C1 – C4) or sensor number  
    (indicated by S1 - S16) that  detected the event, type of   
    event, etc. 
      Camera If you want to view  only the logged events of one 
         camera, select the came ra number from the Camera list. 
         Clear All Click this button to  delete all event logs from the 
          list.These events are  not deleted from the record  
      View Click this button to launch the Event Viewer    program and play back a selected event. Not all events  
    contain video recordings. 
    Click any of the other tabs in the Event Log dialog bo
    x to 
    view only logged events of a particular type of event. 
    Audio Setting 
    Setting   Preference   Audio 
    Event Lo
    select Audio
     #1, following figure show setting.  
    Must empty this checkbox.Otherwise, audio 
    is not work !! 
      1. First check  audio hardware connection. 
    2.  Empty “disconnect audio” checkb
    ox of selected audio 
    -11- -
    							AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                              ura Embedded Systems Inc                                                   AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                                 ura Embedded Systems Inc  Q & A 
    Q: Why sometime occurs 
    fogs screen and how to 
    change to clear screen ?   
    A:  Most of time, It happened afte r setting a particular detection. 
    You have to click (turn  off) “Mask” selection. 
    Q: how to use  Flame, People Counter, Face detection, 
    Loitering detection, Car Pl ate and Smoke detection ? 
      all these detections are not offered by Acura vision 1.53c 
    because  Some of them need specify hardware.    Q: What is Operation Logs
      Site Server records login/lo gout sessions, preferences   
        modification date  and time, as well as date and time logs  
        of connections from remote  sites. To view these operation 
    logs, first click 
    on the Site Server program screen.   
    Then, in the pop-up menu, click Operation Log to open the  
    Logs dialog box. 
      Log list The Log list shows the date and time, user 
    account name, and the action performed. 
       Delete Click this button to delete all recorded logs. Only 
    users with administrator privileges have rights to delete 
    operation logs. 
       Save As Click this button  to save operation logs as a 
    text file. 
        Keep as Select this option and specify how many days 
    of operation logs to maintain.  This enables Site Server to 
    purge old logs after the specif ied number of days and free 
    up disk space. 
    - -
    							AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                              ura Embedded Systems Inc                                                   AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                                 ura Embedded Systems Inc    
    The following instruction is designed to assist the technician or customer in the basic steps of installing 
    Acura products and makes the assumption that commo nsense and previous experience will aid in the 
    installation. Safety and caution must always take precedence in the installation of any electrical or 
    mechanical system. The correct tools,  parts, fasteners, safety equipment as well as any instructions, 
    diagrams and schematics mu st be gathered, reviewed or made availa ble prior to beginning the process of 
    The installer is required to prepare in advance the work  area and see that the electrical or mechanical needs 
    of the project are in place before starting and that any other possible interference are addressed.  A review 
    of the Installation Check List is critical since this li st needs to be checked off and a copy sent back to the 
    supplier so it can be attached to the Customer file. Al l projects require the filling out of appropriate forms 
    or else warranty may be limited. 
    The list and/or these Installation Instructions are not de signed to be exhaustive or restrictive they are part 
    of a process of total quality management and will he lp the installer to be in control of the project.  
    Please refer to caution and installation guides provided with each piece of equipment, component or 
    In order to receive the best performance out of a new Acura computer system all components should be 
    installed in a way that allows for ease of operation by customer’s trained personnel or trainer under regular 
    operating conditions. 
    Please take a moment to check off the following boxes  so the undersigned can verify that the installation is 
    complete and operational. If something is not working as  initially configured and tested please inform the 
    installer immediately so that the problem can be fixe d as promptly as possible. Follow up with a Corrective 
    Action Report (CAR) where appropriate. 
    Below are some points or conditions to watch ou t for: (Please initial them off as you proceed)  
    All parts, components and accessories are received and prepared for installation 
    Areas to receive equipment are clear and free from obstruction 
    The mounting system selected is  appropriate for the apparatus. 
    Before attaching brackets make sure there are no hidden fluid or wiring obstructions  
    Use appropriate fasteners and backing as required. 
    Ensure  Power Sources  are identified and adequate to operate system without over taxing 
    available battery reserve. An Amp hour survey should be completed and additional battery 
    capacity addressed. Power is direct from battery to a distribution fused block. 
    Before attaching any wiring be sure that power leads are correctly fused and correctly identified 
    (+  or –) as well as correct voltage and wire size (12 ga power supply minimum)  Caution: 
    Incorrect connection of wires will affect the elec tronics and will void warranty – (Burnt wiring 
    and blown circuitry is evidence of improper installation) 
    Fasteners will require lock washers,  washers, isolation or proper grounding  
    Computer is adequately hidden and out of the way ye t readily accessible with good ventilation. 
    Touch screen is mounted securely to the apparatus. 
    Touch screen is in a location where desired user/s can comfortably operate the unit 
    Unit is fully functional while the engine or radio of the apparatus is running and free of RF 
    Connections, components or accessories are  not impeding the duties of personnel 
    Factory operating system (locked) and  all factory applications are functional 
    All service personnel and trainers understand the components and wiring for all applicable 
    systems as well as In-line fuses are accessible and their locations are known 
    Administrative controls for systems are  in the hands of trained service personnel 
     Note: Check twice install once. For Assistance call your sales and servic e representative first for guidance.
    _________     ___________________________  ________________ 
      Print Name       Signature of Chief or Representative                Date of signature
    _________ __________________________ ________________ 
      Print Name                 Signature of Authorized Installer         Date of signature 
    							AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                              ura Embedded Systems Inc                                                   AcuraVision 1.53c User Guide                                                                 ura Embedded Systems Inc  
    With the uniqu
    e set of products, Acura Embedded Systems remains committed to its goal 
    of providing trouble-free and customer-friendly  service. A special customer service unit 
    has been set up specifically to cater to our esteemed customers needs. 
    Unit #1, 7711-128th Street, Surrey, BC V3W 4E6, CANADA
    Ph: (604) 502-9666   Fax: (604) 502-9668  
    North American Technical support contact your  Salesperson  
    Acura Embedded Systems Inc. Technical Support:  AU/NZ: 3 5284 0222        UK: 8453 455 734 Cal USA/CANADA:  1-866-528-2214 
    : ____________________________________ 
    Location: _________________________________ 
    Serial Number: ____________________________ 
    VIN Number: ______________________________ 
    Unit Number: ____________ 
    Date Installed: _____________________________ 
    Who Installed: _____________________________ 
    Contact Number: ___________________________ 
    Toll Free   1-866-502-9666  
    [email protected]
    Mailing address:  
                                 Toll Free   1-866-502-9666  
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