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Acura Embedded AcuTouch 10 Manual

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            A cuTouch  ™  
      Rugged  Touch  Screen   
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    Version  1.0   
    Warran ty 
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    							Acu Touch ™  Manual                                                                                                                                                                                                           User’s  Manual 
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    Hardware Installation............….................................................1  
    The Display Timing.........……....................................................4  
    The Display Outline Dimensions….................................... ........5 
    The Display Controls.............................. .......….........................6 
    The Screen Adjustment........................ .....….........................…8  
      Installing TouchKit …............................ ........…..................... ...10 
    							Acu Touch ™  Manual                                                                                                                                                                                                           User’s  Manual 
    Welcome to enjoy the fantastic sightseeing world.  This new 
    technology will bring you the whole new feeling about the 
    “ monitor ”.  We show here some of the major advantages of the 
    Acu Touch ™ touch screen LCD monitor.   
    Hardware Installation  
    This  section  will guide you through  the correct installation 
    procedures of the  monitor.  
    After you unpack your LCD Monitor, please make sure that the 
    following items are included in the car ton and in good condition. 
    If you find that any of these items are damaged or missing, 
    please contact your dealer immediately.  
    •  Acu Touch ™ touch screen LCD monitor  
    Page 1  
    •  Cable  (VGA, USB, Serial ) 
    •   Power cable  
      Page 2 
    Pin 1& pin 3 --- Power 
    Pin 2   ---  Ground 
    Pi n 4    ---  Ignition   
    							Acu Touch ™  Manual                                                                                                                                                                                                           User’s  Manual 
      1. Turn power off for  both Computer and Display before 
    making any connection.  
      2. Connect the power cable (12v  AC/DC adapter  or 8v  – 
    30v DC).  
     3. The LCD monitor comes with a 15- pin video cable; you 
    may use this cable for both   IBM PC’s & c ompatibles and 
     4. Tighten the screws of the Display cable until the 
    connectors are fastened securely.   
    5. Switch on power to the monitor , then to the computer 
    system .  Red  LED should be on when only the monitor is 
    powered on and green LED sho uld be on when both 
    monitor and computer are powered on.  
    The following picture provides the connection outline  
    Page 3  
    The Display Timing   
    Mode Resolution 
    VGA 640x480 @60Hz 
    SVGA 800x600 @56Hz 
    800x600 @60Hz  
    XGA 1024x768 @60Hz 
    Page 4 
    The Display Outline Dimensions  
    12V DC input VGA  USB or Serial Touch 
    8-30V DC 
    							Acu Touch ™  Manual                                                                                                                                                                                                           User’s  Manual 
                          Acu Touch™ 1 0(Weight:   pounds ) 
    Page 5 
    The Display Controls    
    Control Button
    1.  Down Key :  Increase item number or value of the 
    selected item . 
      4.  Power LED:  Power ON-Green( or Red)  / Power OFF-
      5.  POWER SWITCH:  Pushing the power sw itch will turn 
    the monitor on. Pushing it again to turn the monitor off.   
    Screen Adjustment Operation Procedure  
    1. Entering the screen adjustment  
    The setting switches are normally at stand- by. Push the Menu 
    Key  once to display the main menu of the screen  adjustment. 
    The adjustable items will be displayed in the main menu.  
    2. Entering the settings  
    Use the  Down Key < and  Up Key > buttons to select the 
    desired setting icon and push the SELECT button to enter sub-
    Page 6  
    3. Change the settings  
    39mm Thick 
    1 2 3 4 5  
    							Acu Touch ™  Manual                                                                                                                                                                                                           User’s  Manual 
    After the sub- menu appears, use the Down Key < and  Up Key 
    >  buttons to change the setting values.  
    4. Save 
    After finishing the adjustment, push the SELECT button to 
    memorize the setting.  
    5. Return & Exit the main menu  
    Exit the screen adjustment; push the “MENU”  button. When no 
    operation is done around 30 sec (default OSD timeout), it goes 
    back to the stand- by mode and no more switching is accepted 
    except MENU to restart the setting.  
    Page 7  
    The Screen Adjustment    
    Main Menu
    You can adjust the brightness, contrast, display colors, the 
    horizontal and vertical position of the display and OSD menu, 
    etc. through the main menu display.   The Down Key <  and Up 
    Key > are used to scroll through items within the menu. The 
    selected item is highlighted as the scrolling move along. The 
    SELECT key is used to activate the highlighted item. During 
    this state, MENU key is used to close the OSD menu from the 
    Page 8 
    Menu key function:   
    							Acu Touch ™  Manual                                                                                                                                                                                                           User’s  Manual 
    Contrast & 
    Setup the contrast and brightness. 
    Signal source Not available in this model 
    Speaker Not available in this model 
    Color To adjust image colors. 
    Picture Setup the image position and size 
    within the panel.  
    OSD OSD functions 
    Exit Exit setting 
    Installing Touch Screen Controller software 
    TouchKit is software which contains drivers of the touch panel 
    Follow these steps to install TouchKit. 
    1.  Insert the CD to CD -ROM.  
    2.   Choose the appropriate OS (for example, if you are using 
    windows 2000 or XP, choose Win2000 / XP ) 
                                              Page 9  3.
      Follow the on- screen instructions to complete the 
    installation . 
    Configuration Utility  
    There are seven  property pages in TouchKit utility, and they are 
    General, Setting, Tools, Edge coefficient, Display, Hardware, and 
    About.  Each property page contains different functions for users to 
    do the adjustments.  Therefore users can easily manage all the 
    TouchKit controllers through  TouchKit utility. 
    •   property page contains devices add/remove.  
    •  There are  five  functional groups in    property 
    page,  they are Beep option, Linearization  style, Double 
    click  time, Double  click  area, Mouse  Mode. 
    •   property page contains 4Points  Calibration, Clear 
    and Calibration,  Linearization,  and Draw Test.  
    •   property page contains the functions of 
    Edge Compensation for Top, Bottom, Left, Right, X Axis 
    and Y Axis.   
    •   There are three functions in   property page, and 
    they are  Display map,  Multiple Monitors,  Map to main 
    display if system has only one display monitor.  
    •   property page information  of model,  Firmware 
    Version, Location, and Hardware settings.  
    •   contains the information about TouchKit 
                                          Page 10  
    							Acu Touch ™  Manual                                                                                                                                                                                                           User’s  Manual 
    Troubleshooting Tips  
    In the event that you experience trouble with your Display, 
    check the following items before contacting the dealer from 
    whom the Display was purchased. The most common problems 
    usually involve an incorrect connection from the Video Card to 
    the Display. We recommend that you also consult your Video 
    Card User’s manual during the Troubleshooting Procedure. Do 
    not exceed the maximum refresh rate recommended for the 
    Problem Troubleshooting Tip 
    No image on display 
    screen  •
      Check that power cord of C omputer has been  
    connected securely into wall outlet or  
    grounded extension cable or strip.  
    •   Check that power switch of the Display has 
    been pressed and LED on the front of Display 
    is lit.  
    •   Check that Video(Signal) cable from the 
    Display has been securely and correctly 
    connec ted. 
    •   Check that Video Card is firmly seated in card 
    slot of Computer motherboard.  
    •  Check that the video input from the Video 
    Card falls within the timing range 
    Abnormal  image  •  Check that the video input from the Video Card falls 
    within the timing range.  
    •   Ch eck that Video(Signal)Cable from the Display 
    has been securely and correctly connected to the 
    video connector at the rear side of the Computer.  
    Colors of image on 
    screen are abnormal 
    •  Check that Video(Signal)Cable from the displays 
    has been securely and correctly connected to the 
    15- pin Video Connector at the rear side of the 
    Disturbances on 
    screen  •  OSD adjustment is incorrect. Please consult 
    section for OSD screen adjustment 
    Page 11 
                      Toll Free    1.866.502.9666
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