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Acura Embedded Monitor AcuBrite 15 Specification

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    The AcuBrite 1600 Nit monitor is the most advanced monitor in 
    the mobile computing industry. It features state of the art LED 
    (Light Emitting Diode) backlighting technology that makes it 
    more versatile than any other type of monitor available. Firstly, 
    the AcuBrite trium phs over any other monitors in the industry in 
    terms of brightness. This means that first responders and 
    industrial users can easily read the AcuBrite in the sunlight filled 
    cab of any vehicle. The AcuBrite also runs flawlessly in extreme 
    heat and extreme cold, conditions that many LCDs falter in. 
    Finally, the AcuBrite LED monitor also has significantly less 
    power draw for those users concerned about power 
    The AcuBrite, like all of our products, is designed to be used in 
    rugged environments and  high stress situations which is why we 
    have included features like the instant dimming dial for night 
    time viewing, the external USB port, and the rugged aluminum 
    enclosure. The AcuBrite also comes in two convenient sizes, a 
    large 15” and a more compact 1 2” model. 
     1600 NITS LED S creen  
      Fully sunlight readable  
       Extream  -40C to 60C 
    operational Temp.  
       8-30V DC Power  
       Resistive touch screen  
       Rugged aluminum   body 
       Auto and Dial  Dimming  
       VESA mounting system  
       External USB Port  
       Standard  connectors 
    (Serial, USB, VGA)  
       Microphone & Dual 
    AcuBrite 15 
    15 “ High Bright LED Touch Screen Monitors 
     Fire Departments  
      EMS  
       Law Enforcement  
       Fleet Management  
       Industrial Vehicles  
    Toll Free: 1.866.502.9666 
    Website: www.acuraembedded.com  
    Email:  [email protected]  
    Acura Embedded Systems 
    Unit #1 -7711 128 Street  
    Surrey, B.C. V3W4E6 
    							55 mm 
    Technical Information   
    Maximum Resolution 1920 X [email protected] 
    Touch Screen Resistive Technology  
     Brightness 1600 Nits 
    Power Connections  DC +12V and DC 8~30V  
    Touch Controller USB and RS232 COM Port  
    Display 1 VGA   , 1 DVI  Port  
    USB USB 2.0  Extension  
    © All products and trademarks and/or registered trademarks belong to their respective companies 
    AcuBrite 15 
    & Power 
    380 mm 
    SERIAL  TOUCH      DVI           VGA       AUDIO   
    10 AMP 
    USB Touch 
    USB EXT 
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