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Acura Embedded PowerBrick 40 Specification

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        In  firefighting,  the  outcome  of  endeavors  to  save  life  and 
    property  is  critically  dependent  on  call  response  time  and 
    preparedness.  Therefore, the  personnel enroute  need 
    immediate  access  to  essential  information  about  the  location  of 
    the  incident,  the  best  route  to  get  there,  and  any  necessary 
    preplan  information.  When  the  fire  apparatus  is  started  up, 
    Acura  Embedded  Systems’  PowerBrick  is  instantly  ready  to  start 
    delivering critical information. 
        The PowerBrick is a rugged mobile computer made specifically 
    for  applications  in  fire  suppression  and  prevention. It  is  built  to 
    withstand  heat,  vibration,  and  humidity  by  using  a  system  that 
    employs  a  rugged  aluminum  heat  sink  shell  and  vibration 
    dampening  suspension  externally  and  on  the  hard  drive. The 
    PowerBrick  is  also  built  to  be  completely  upgradeable  which 
    reduces  your  long  term  costs  as  you  don’t  have  to  purchase  an 
    entirely  new  system  every  time  your  processor  is  out  of  date. 
    The  size  of  the  PowerBrick  lets  us  install  it  in  your  vehicle  in  a 
    location that is safe from theft or tampering. 
     Dual MDC/MDT 
     WIFI or Modem 
     Maps 
     GPS 
     Security 
     Traffic Flow 
     Recognition & 
    Alarm Capable 
     License Plate 
     C3 
     AVL Option 
    High Pe rformance  Rugge d Mobile Computer 
     Fire Departments 
     EMS 
     Law Enforcement 
     Fleet Management 
     Industrial Vehicles 
    Toll Free: 1.866.502.9666 
    Website: www.acuraembedded.com 
    Email: [email protected] 
    Acura Embedded Systems 
    Unit #1-7711 128 Street 
    Surrey, B.C. V3W4E6 
    Processor           Intel®  Core™ 2 Duo P8600 
    processor(2.4 GHz) 
    Storage Media 320GB, Dual  Hard Disks(up to  
    2.0 TB available), Removable  
    Video 1xHDMI ,1xVGA Output(up to 
    Audio Intel High Definition Audio 
    Memory 4GB DDR3 (up to 8GB 
    Ethernet Dual Gigabit LAN 
    Wireless 802.11 A/G/N Dual Antenna 
    W x L x H 
    7.60”  x 5”  x 4.13” 
     (19.3cm x 12.7cm x 10.49cm) 
    OS Options 
    Windows XP (Professional 
    Embedded, Lite), Win7, Red 
    Hat Linux, Embedded Linux 
    Front Panel 
    Power Button  
    Back Panel 
    Push Button With 
    Serial Port 4x RS232 Ports 
    Ethernet 2x RJ45 
    USB 4x USB 2.0 Ports 
    VGA 1x 15 pin VGA Port 
    Audio Ports Line In/Line Out/Mic 
    Other Ports 
    18/24-bit Dual-Channel  
    LVDS HDMI Port  
    Main Power Connector  
    With Ignition Control  
    Main Power Switch 
    Dual Wi-Fi Antennas 
    Operating Temp 
     Standard 
     Extreme 
    Power Source 
    32˚F(0˚C) ~ 158˚F(70˚C)  
    -40˚F(-40˚C) ~ 158˚F(70˚C ) 
    8 ~ 24 Volt DC Input 
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