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Acura Embedded Router AcuConnectLTEV2 VPN Quick Guide

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    AcuConnect -LTE-V2 VPN 
    Router  Quick Guide 
    Acura Embedded Systems Inc.  
     1 Overview
    AcuConnect -  LTE  router  provides a  high -speed,  almost never dis -connecting  data-
    transmission communication network, It can  meet the needs of Electronic Power 
    System Automation, Industry Monitoring, Transportation Management, Weather, 
    Environment Protection, Pipe Network Monitoring, Finance and Bond industries.  
    2 Specification 
    CPU RAM:256Mbit  FLASH:64Mbit   WIFI Transmitting power: 17dbm Distance:Cover a radius of 
    100 meters in open area test   
    Allow 32 users to access in theory  Power Input Input DC 7-36V, standard DC12V  Low-voltage, over current, over 
    voltage, anti -reverse protection  EMC Electrostatic discharge 
    immunity:EN6100-4-2,level  2  
    RFEMS: EN6100- 4-3, level 2   
    Surge:EN6100-4-3, level 2   
    PFMF:EN6100-4-6, level 2  
    Shockwave immunity:EN6100-
    4 -8,  Horizontal / vertical 
    direction 400A/m( >level 2) Environment  Storage Temp:-40~70C   
    Work Temp:- 30~60C  
    							3.2  Internet  Settings   
    3.2.1  WAN  
    •   SIM PIN: enter PIN code if necessary.  
    •   MSP Name: LTE  
    •   Dialing Number:  Input the Dialing Number you get from ISP. Eg.  Bell  (*99 #) 
    •   APN(Access Point Name): This SIM Card APN name is from local 
    ISP. Eg.net.bell.ca  
    •   User Name: input it if ISP offers  
    •   Password:  input it if ISP offers  
    •   Authenticate Type:  PAP/CHAP/Auto.Eg. AUTO  
    3 .2. 2 LAN   
    Setting the LAN parameters, include IP address, submask, DHCP, etc.   
    LAN2  must be  set disa ble . 
    3. 3 Wireless settings 
    3. 3.1  Basic   
    •  The network mode supports 802.11 b/g/n (draft).  
    •   Support multi- SSID up to 8.  
    3.3.2  Security  
     The SSID select from multi -SSID setting.  
    •   Security mode include : disable, open, share, wep auto, W PA, wpa- psk, wpa2, 
    wpa2- psk, wpa- psk/wpa2- psk, wpa/wpa2, 802.1X.  
    •   Access policy:  Set MAC list for access or block.  
    3.3.3 W DS 
         The router supports Bridge and Repeater mode, but default is disable.   
    WDS may provide two modes of wireless access point -to -access point  (AP -to -AP) 
    •   Wireless bridging : in which WDS APs communicate only with each other and 
    dont  al low wireless clients or stations (STA) to access them  
    •   Wireless repeating : in which APs communicate with each other and with 
    wireless  STAs  
    •   Encryption:  WEP, TKIP and AES.  
    3.4 Administration 
    3. 4.1 Management  
    							•  Select Language  
    •   Administrator Settings. The default both  Account and Password are 
     admin . 
    •   Web Port, default Port is 80, Support 1~65535.  
    •   NTP Settings  
    DDNS: support Dyndns.org/freedns.afraid.org/www.zoneedit.com/www.no-ip.com
    3.4.2 Reboot settings  
     This func tion will detect the status of LTE  by ping and complete the 
    corresponding actions according to the ping result.  •
      Reboot When Network Error:  Choose the box to start the net detection 
    •   Check Method (PING):  fill the server domain name or IP, and then click t he 
    Check button to detect if the fill -in is right.  
    •   Check interval time (second):  the interval time between the first detection and 
    the second detection is 60- 86400 seconds. 
    •   Check Count:  when ping detection arrives to default time, but still cannot 
    access,  then the router will reboot.  
    •   Reboot Count before Sleep:  when continuous reboot times arrive to default 
    value, the router will enter sleeping mode. This setting is to prevent the router to 
    reboot continuously when cannot ping access caused by service IP’s error.  
    •   Sleep Time (minute):  here to set sleeping time. W hen arrives, the router will 
    start Ping check again.  
    Reboot when timeout  
    Timer (minute): input any number from 60  to1440 minutes , the router will reboot 
    when arrives  to  default value.   
    Note:  Suggested  min mum  reboot timeout 60 minutes.  
    3.5 C onnection  and Support  
    AUX Cell A ntenna 
    Reset B utton 
    WI FI (LED)  
    VPN  (LED)  
    LAN  (LED)  
    LTE  (LED)  
    POWER  (LED)  
    SIM Card Slot 1  
    SIM Card Slot 2   
    Technical Support  
    Phone: 604.502.9666  
    Email: [email protected]  
           website: www.acuraembedded.com  
    MAIN Cell A
    UART port  
    LAN Port  
    DC IN 8~30 V  
    WiFi Antenna  
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