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Adam Equipment CB Compact Balances CBREVB1 User Manual

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    							   Adam Equipment Company 2014 
    Adam Equipment 
    CB Balance  
    (P.N. 700660246 – Revision B1, Apr 2014) 
    							   Adam Equipment Company 2014 
    1.0 INTRODUCTION ...................................... .......................... 1 
    2.0 KEY OPERATIONS .................................... ........................ 1 
    3.0 CALIBRATION .................................................................... 2 
    4.0 MODEL SPECIFICATIONS .............................. .................. 2  
    							 1 Adam Equipment Company 2014 
      Each  CB  balance  comes  with  2  x  AA  batteries  include d.  There  is  a  choice  of  three 
    capacities,  each  with  three  weighing  units  includin g  grams,  pounds  and  ounces, 
    selectable  by  a  Units  key  (grams  only  if  the  Mode  k ey  is  not  enabled).  The  bright 
    backlit  display  enables  operation  in  any  degree  of  light,  and  the  304  grade  stainless 
    steel top pan offers protection against most materi als and liquids. With easy calibration 
    through the keypad the CB ensures correct and accur ate weighing at all times. 
      Always  position  the  balance  on  a  steady  and  level  s urface  before  use.  Use  the 
    levelling feet and bubble indicator to adjust the b alance to level. 
    The display “EEEE” indicates that the balance has b een overloaded or damaged. 
    The  display  “Lo”  or  flashing  battery  indicator  symb ol  indicates  that  the  batteries  must 
    be changed. 
    Remove the cover on the underside of the balance to  fit new batteries. 
       Power on/off key. 
        Weighing mode selection key (if enabled) – g, o z or lbs. 
     Zero key is used to zero the balance or remove the  weight of an empty 
    							 2 Adam Equipment Company 2014 
    To calibrate the balance follow the instructions be low. 
    I. Turn on the scale and zero it. 
    II.  Press  and  hold 【MODE 】and 【→0←】 keys  together  for  about  5  seconds 
    until the display shows internal codes value. 
    III.  Press 【MODE 】key  once,  the  display  will  show  CALL →[xxxx],  (where  xxxx  is 
    the full capacity weight value). 
    IV.  Load  calibration  weight  as  per  the  displayed  value,   and  the  scale  will  be 
    automatically  calibrated.  After  calibration,  the  sc ale  will  return  to  normal 
    weighing mode. Calibration is now complete. 
    Model  CB 501  CB 1001  CB 3000 
    Capacity  500g  1000g  3000g 
    Readability  0.1g  0.1g  1g 
    Units of Measure grams (default), lbs and  oz if the mode key  is  
    Temperature 0 - 40 degrees C 
    Power Supply  2 x AA batteries or 6v DC 200ma Adapto
    Calibration Mass  500g  1000g  3000g 
    Display  5 x 12mm/0.47 inches high digits 
    Pan Size  130mm/5.1 inches diameter 
    (w x d x h) 160 mm x 210mm x 65mm  
    6.3 in x 8.1 in x 2.6 in 
    Net Weight  385 g / 0.85 lbs  
    							 3 Adam Equipment Company 2014 
    Adam  Equipment  offers  Limited  Warranty  (parts  and  l abour)  for  the  components  failed  due  to  defects 
    in materials or workmanship.  Warranty starts from the date of delivery. 
    During the warranty period, should any repairs be n ecessary, the purchaser must inform  its supplier or 
    Adam  Equipment  Company.  The  company  or  its  authoris ed  Technician  reserves  the  right  to  repair  or 
    replace  the  components  at  any  of  its  workshops  depending  on  the  severity  of  the  problems.  However, 
    any  freight  involved  in  sending  the  faulty  units  or  parts  to  the  service  centre  should  be  borne  by  the  
    The  warranty  will  cease  to  operate  if  the  equipment   is  not  returned  in  the  original  packaging  and  with 
    correct  documentation  for  a  claim  to  be  processed.  All  claims  are  at  the  sole  discretion  of  Adam 
    This  warranty  does  not  cover  equipment  where  defect s  or  poor  performance  is  due  to  misuse, 
    accidental  damage,  exposure  to  radioactive  or  corrosive  materials,  negligence,  faulty  installation, 
    unauthorized  modifications  or  attempted  repair  or  f ailure  to  observe  the  requirements  and 
    recommendations  as  given  in  this  User  Manual.  Additionally  rechargeable  batteries  (where  supplied) 
    are not covered under warranty. 
    Repairs  carried  out  under  the  warranty  does  not  extend  the  warranty  period.  Components  removed 
    during the warranty repairs become the company prop erty. 
    The  statutory  right  of  the  purchaser  is  not  affected  by  this  warranty.  The  terms  of  this  warranty  is 
    governed  by  the  UK  law.  For  complete  details  on  War ranty  Information,  see  the  terms  and  conditions 
    of sale available on our web-site.  
       Adam Equipment Company 2014 
    Manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity   
    Adam Equipment Co. 
    Maidstone Road, Kingston  Milton Keynes, MK10 0BD  United Kingdom  
    This product has been manufactured in accordance wi th the harmonised European standards, 
    following the provisions of the below stated direct ives: 
    2004/108/EC, Electro Magnetic Compatibility  
    Directive   Standard EN61326-1:2013, Electrical 
    Equipment for Measurement, Control and 
    Laboratory Use – EMC requirements – Part 1:  
    general requirements.   
    2006/95/EC, Low Voltage Directive 
    Standard EN61010-1:2010, Safety  
    requirements for measurement, control and 
    laboratory use equipment – Part 1: General 
    2011/65/EC, RoHS, on the Restriction of the  
    use of certain hazardous substances in 
    electrical and electronic equipment  
    This  equipment  has  been  tested  and  found  to  comply 
    with  the  limits  for  a  Class  A  digital  device, 
    pursuant  to  Part  15  of  the  FCC  Rules.    These  limits   are  designed  to  provide  reasonable  protection 
    against  harmful  interference  when  the  equipment  is  operated  in  a  commercial  environment.    The 
    equipment  generates,  uses,  and  can  radiate  radio  fr equency  energy  and,  if  not  installed  and  used  in 
    accordance  with  the  instruction  manual,  may  cause  h
    armful  interference  to  radio  communications.  
    Operation of this equipment in a residential area i s likely to cause harmful interference in  which cas e 
    the user will be required to correct the interferen ce at his own expense. 
    Shielded  interconnect  cables  must  be  employed  with  this  equipment  to  insure  compliance  with  the 
    pertinent RF emission limits governing this device.  
    Changes or modifications not expressly approved by  Adam Equipment could void the users authority 
    to operate the equipment.
    The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE ) 2002/95/EC 
    This  symbol  indicates  that  the  equipment  carrying  this  mark  is  classed  as  Electrical  or  Electronic  Equipment 
    (EEE) by European Directive 2002/95/EEC and must NO T be thrown into general waste but should be collected 
    separately and properly recycled under local regula tions. Adam Equipment Co. Ltd. is dedicated to mini mizing 
    the  impact  our  products  have  on  the  environment  and   to  complying  with  the  WEEE  Directive  and  any 
    amending  legislation.  We  are  a  member  of  a  register ed  recycling  scheme  and  contribute  to  the  costs  of 
    collecting and recycling all our products. At the e nd of the life of this product, please arrange for collection or 
    disposal at a recognised centre so it can be recycl ed using techniques that reduce waste and do not in troduce 
    or  release  hazardous  substances  harmful  to  our  heal th  or  the  environment.  Contact  us  via  our  website  if  you 
    need any assistance or advice on correct disposal.    
       Adam Equipment Company 2014 
    ADAM  EQUIPMENT  is  an  ISO  9001:2008  certified  global  company  with  more  than  40  years 
    experience in the production and sale of electronic  weighing equipment.  
    Adam products are predominantly designed for the La boratory, Educational, Health and Fitness, 
    retail and Industrial Segments. The product range c an be described as follows: 
      -Analytical and Precision Balances  
    -Compact and Portable Balances  
    -High Capacity Balances  
    -Moisture analysers / balances 
    -Mechanical Scales   
    -Counting Scales  
    -Digital Weighing/Check-weighing Scales 
    -High performance Platform Scales  
    -Crane scales  
    - Health and Fitness Scales  
    -Retail Scales for Price computing 
    For a complete listing of all Adam products visit o ur website at www.adamequipment.com 
    © Copyright by Adam Equipment Co. Ltd.  All rights  reserved.  No part of this publication may be reprinted or 
    translated in any form or by any means without the  prior permission of Adam Equipment. 
    Adam Equipment reserves the right to make changes t o the technology, features, specifications and design of 
    the equipment without notice.  
    All  information  contained  within  this  publication  i s  to  the  best  of  our  knowledge  timely,  complete  and  
    accurate  when  issued.    However,  we  are  not  responsi ble  for  misinterpretations  which  may  result  from  the 
    reading of this material.  
    The latest version of this publication can be found  on our Website. 
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