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Adam Equipment Eclipse Analytical Balances Eclipse Set Up Guide 5274 28Sep2015

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    							Part # , Rev 1.0, Sep 2015
    Set-Up Guide
    							Precision - 1mg (0.001g)
    Precision - 10mg (0.01g) 
    							Analytical - 0.1mg (0.0001g)
    							Set Up
    Analytical Remove any transit packaging and protection pieces
    For Eclipse assistance, scan QR code or visit 
    Precision Remove any transit packaging and protection pieces
    Precision - Top Loader Remove any transit packaging and protection pieces
    							Locating the balances
    Avoid VibrationsStatic Free Area
    Avoid Extreme TemperaturesAvoid Water Contact     
    Turning on your balance (warm up)
    12 Hour 
    Warm Up
    The balance must be plugged into the mains power and turned on for a minimum of 12 hours , 
    prior to any calibration and use. The balance should then be calibrated before use.
    External Calibration
    Put on weight matching desired calibration weight
    Remove the calibration weight
    Weight removal is automatically detected Weight is automatically deteced 
    and calibration begins100g
    Calibration completeg
    For operating and set up videos as well as a complete user’s manual - go to our Eclipse support page: 
    Changing weighing units
    g, kg*, mg*, ct, GN, N, oz, ozt, dwt, lb*, dr, mm, tl T, tI H, tl S, tl, ti, T, Cus Unit 
    *kg, lb available for Precision only, mg available for Analytical only.  
    							Taring the balances
    Adam Equipment offers Limited Warranty (Parts and Labour) for any 
    components that fail due to defects in materials or workmanship.  
    Warranty starts from the date of delivery.
    During the warranty period, should any repairs be necessary, the purchaser 
    must inform its supplier or Adam Equipment. The company or its authorised 
    technician reserves the right to repair or replace the components at the 
    purchaser’s site or any of its workshops depending on the severity of the 
    problems at no additional cost. However, any freight involved in sending the 
    faulty units or parts to the service centre will be borne by the purchaser.
    The warranty will cease to operate if the equipment is not returned in 
    the original packaging and with correct documentation for a claim to be 
    processed. All claims are at the sole discretion of Adam Equipment.
    This warranty does not cover equipment where defects or poor performance 
    is due to misuse, accidental damage, exposure to radioactive or corrosive 
    materials, negligence, faulty installation, unauthorised modifications 
    or attempted repair or failure to observe the requirements and 
    recommendations as given in this User Manual.
    This product may include a rechargeable battery that is designed to be 
    removed and replaced by the user. Adam Equipment warrants that it will 
    provide a replacement battery if the battery manifests a defect in materials 
    or workmanship during the initial period of use of the product in which the 
    battery is installed.
    As with all batteries, the maximum capacity of any battery included in 
    the product will decrease with time or use, and battery cycle life will vary 
    depending on product model, configuration, features, use, and power 
    management settings. A decrease in maximum battery capacity or battery 
    cycle life is not a defect in materials or workmanship, and is not covered by 
    this Limited Warranty.
    Repair carried out under the warranty does not extend the warranty period. 
    Components removed during the warranty repairs become the company 
    The statutory rights of the purchaser are not affected by this warranty. In the 
    event of dispute then the terms of this warranty are governed by UK law. For 
    complete details on Warranty Information, see the terms and conditions of 
    sale available on our web-site. 
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