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Aka Signum MFT 7272M version 100c User Manual

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    							Discriminating Metal Detector 
    Signum MFT 
    Please read 
    this manual 
    Instruction Manual 
    							Селективный металлодетектор «Сигнум MFT» 7272М. Руководство по эксплуатации. 
    2 ООО «фирма «АКА», +7(495)621-0481, http://aka.2000.ru  [email protected] 
    							Селективный металлодетектор «Сигнум MFT» 7272М. Руководство по эксплуатации. 
    ООО «фирма «АКА», +7(495)621-0481, http://aka.2000.ru  [email protected] 3 
    Contents   GENERAL INFORMATION--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4  GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THE DEVICE---------------------------------------------------------------------------4  PACKAGE CONTENTS------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5  TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5  GETTING STARTED----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6  POWER SUPPLY-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6  CONTROLS AND CONNECTIONS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7  DISPLAY SCREEN--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9  SENSITIVITY CT, PB SENSITIVITY / CT VOLUME----------------------------------------------------------------9  GROUND BALANCE--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10  DISCRIMINATION SEARCH MODE AND SETUP-------------------------------------------------------------------14  SEARCH MODE “ ALL METAL “----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15  DYNAMIC AND STATIC MODES OF OPERATION------------------------------------------------------------------16   MODE “TURBO”-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17  MODE “ECONOMY”--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17  MODE S ALGORITHM------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17  MULTI-FREQUENCY-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------18  PARAMETER MENU--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------19  ADDITIONAL MENU (ADD. MENU)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------22  USER PROGRAMS----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------23  USING THE HODOGRAPH FOR IDENTIFICATION --------------------------------------------------------------25  SEARCHCOIL REPLACEMENT -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------26  SEARCH AND IDENTIFICATION METHODS -----------------------------------------------------------------------26  SEARCHING FOR LARGE/ FLAT NON FERROUS TARGETS WITH  A  HIIGH  VDI  ANGLE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------30  EXAMPLES OF SOME COMMON TARGET VDI’s-----------------------------------------------------------------32  WARR ANTY INFORMATION --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------33  QA/QC CERTIFICATE------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------34  
    							Селективный металлодетектор «Сигнум MFT» 7272М. Руководство по эксплуатации. 
    4 ООО «фирма «АКА», +7(495)621-0481, http://aka.2000.ru  [email protected] 
    Metal detector SIGNUM MFT 7272M is designed  to search for and identify metal 
    objects in the dielectric (dry sand, wood, etc.) and low conducting media (soil, brick walls, 
    Some applications of use are: 
    • Criminal; 
    • Engineering; 
    •           Housing and community services, construction and fire-fighters to search         
                 for underground utilities, pipelines, cables, manhole wells etc. 
    •           Archaeology and treasure search. 
         The device is designed to operate under the following conditions: 
    ­ Ambient temperature from -20 up to +50°c (-4 to 122 F); 
    ­ Relative humidity up to 98 per cent at temperature of 25°c (77 F); 
    ­ Atmospheric pressure from 630 to 800 mm Hg.  
                     The Signum MFT 7272M is an eddy current selective metal detector that works 
    on the principle of induction balance. The main distinguishing feature of this model is the 
    use of its original software and hardware. Our multi-frequency technology (MFT) allows 
    the use of any search coils manufactured by us, regardless of their operating frequency 
    (Hz). That is, the device itself will make adjustments and calibrate to the selected coil. 
    The device uses the original technology of signal processing sensor-technology 
    space and harmonic filtering (SFT), minimizing the hindering effect of ferrous soil 
    (salinity) and, thereby, increasing the reliability of the identification of deep and 
    small objects.                 Basic search mode – Dynamic search mode, i.e. detection of an object occurs with 
    constant motion of the search coil.                  To pinpoint the exact location of the detected object the device has a static mode of 
    operation (Pinpoint). The device has 2 methods for identifying the object detected: 
    -Audio programmable multi-mode, 
                    -Visual (Hodograph, VDI value, rating (level) signal-RS). 
                    The device has two independent search channels: RT and ST. 
                    The RT channel (real time) works in real time, i.e.   sound indication is given 
    simultaneously with the movement of the search coil over the object. Sound indication in 
    this channel is a single-tone signal, volume and frequency of which can change when an 
    object approaches the search coil. Also using the duration of the tone we can get an 
    estimate of size of the target detected.  
                  When the received signal from an object exceeds the specified RT threshold, the 
    channel generates the ST audio or short tone.  
                 Channel ST (short tone) is the audio identification channel for the type of  object 
    detected. When the received signal exceeds the threshold of the RT channel the detector 
    issues a short audio tone (ST), and the screen displays the hodograph (vector time curve) of 
    the detected object. 
                   The frequency of the short tone indicates the type of object detected (high tones – 
    non ferrous metal, low tone - ferrous metal). The number of tones can be specified by the 
    user (the default is 4 tones).                               
    							Селективный металлодетектор «Сигнум MFT» 7272М. Руководство по эксплуатации. 
    ООО «фирма «АКА», +7(495)621-0481, http://aka.2000.ru  [email protected] 5 
                    Each channel has an independent adjustment of its sensitivity. The 
    sensitivity of the RT and the sensitivity of ST. 
                   The RT channel has a higher sensitivity than the ST channel and its main 
    objective is to locate the object and alert the operator that there is something there. 
                    The Signum MFT 7272M is equipped with mode (Turbo). This is a high 
    coil current mode, which is used to improve response from good signals at depth. 
                   There are also 4 custom user programs. 
                   The detector is equipped with a manual or automatic ground balance 
    system with the ability to adjust auto track rate (APB). 
    • The electronic unit with a telescopic pole 1 ea. 
    • Search coil - eddy current transducer (ECT) 1 ea. 
    • Magazine for 6 batteries (type AA)* 1 ea. • Operators Manual 1 ea. • Headphones** 1 ea. • Carrying Bag** 1 ea.  
    *)  batteries sold separately 
    **) purchased separately or as an option.  
    The maximum detection range of metal objects  
    (air test with coil Ø260mm DD) via RT: • 25 mm dia. coin - 60 см (23.5 in); • Helmet  - 150 см (59 in); Display modes: 
    • Audio, 5 modes (RT, RT-M, RT-ST, RTL-ST, STP); • visual (LCD display with a resolution of 128x64 pixels). Search modes: 
    • All metals; • sectored discrimination with 2 ° step. 
    Control modes: 
    • Dynamic programmable; • Static with adjustable threshold. Power Supply: - 6 batteries (type AA (LR6)); Continuous operation time: - 16-18 hours in normal mode, 6-7 hours in Turbo mode   (Rechargeable batteries 2500 mAh)    - up to 40 hours in economy mode Overall dimensions, mm: 
    • Telescopic rod                     - 1200 (Max.); • Electronic unit - 120х70х115; • Search coils - Ø 260 mm, Ø 380 mm, 150x260 mm, 240x320 mm Weight of the device: - 1300 g (without battery) 
                 The device allows the ability to work in water depths of up to 15 meters, without 
    submerging the control box. 
    							Селективный металлодетектор «Сигнум MFT» 7272М. Руководство по эксплуатации. 
    6 ООО «фирма «АКА», +7(495)621-0481, http://aka.2000.ru  [email protected] 
    Assemble the metal detector. To do this: 
    ­ install the appliance in a metal bar; ­ tighten the Collet Chuck; ­ install the inner (plastic rod) sensor; ­ install the rod with the sensor in a metal bar to desired length, using the tabs and                               
            holes in the rod ­ tightly and evenly wrap the sensor cable around the rod. Freely hanging cables can   
            Cause falsing; ­ connect the sensor connector to the electronic unit. WARNING! Do not over tighten the attachments and fittings for the telescopic shaft.  This applies in particular to the plastic bolt for the search coil                  and shaft collets.  Thanks to a specially designed three-knee construction 
     shafts do not need to be disassembled for transportation, 
     simply push the knee shafts into each other all the way 
     and the device is ready to be carried compactly (fig. 1) 
    The  device  is  powered  using  6  AA 
    batteries  or  6  rechargeable  NIMH.  Rechargeable 
    batteries  and  charger are not  included  and  must 
    be  purchased  separately.      We  recommend that 
    you  use  NiMH  batteries  from  SANYO,  ANSMANN 
    2500  capacity-VARTA  or  2850  Ma/h.  The  use  of 
    standard  alkaline batteries  is  possible  but  not  cost 
    effective  as  the  rechargeable  batteries  pay  off 
    after 4-5 recharges. 
    fig 1 
     When  using  batteries, with  a  capacity  of  2500  Ma/h,  continuous  operation  is 
    approximately 16 hours in the main mode and 6-7 hours in Turbo mode. 
      Several recommendations on the use of nickel-metal hydride batteries: 
                     -Avoid fully discharging the batteries with each cycle use as this shortens their 
    lifespan. Slight memory effect is eliminated by one complete discharge approximately 
    once a month. 
    -After extended periods, of storing the device, it is usually good practice to  
    fully discharge and charge the batteries a total of 4-5 times. -Remember that due to the self-discharge nature of the batter capacity falls (by About 5% per day, so it is advisable to charge batteries before each use. -DO NOT use rechargeable batteries that have different capacities in the same set. 
     WARNING!   When connecting the battery magazine to the device connector insure the battery is properly connected (polarity is indicated on the battery cartridge) and 
    insure the voltage source is correct. In the case of incorrect polarity or improper voltage the 
    device can be damaged 
    							Селективный металлодетектор «Сигнум MFT» 7272М. Руководство по эксплуатации. 
    ООО «фирма «АКА», +7(495)621-0481, http://aka.2000.ru  [email protected] 7 
    Appearance of the device is shown in Figure 2. 
       Sensor (coil) 
           Electronic unit 
    Telescopic shaft 
    Socket for headphones   
    Battery compartment  Fig. 2   
    On the rear panel of the device are the coil connector, on/off switch and the 
    serial number of the device (fig. 3). 
    Located on the front panel are the LCD graphic display (with a resolution of 128 x 64 dots) 
    and 11 touchpad controls (fig. 4). 
    							Селективный металлодетектор «Сигнум MFT» 7272М. Руководство по эксплуатации. 
    8 ООО «фирма «АКА», +7(495)621-0481, http://aka.2000.ru  [email protected] 
                          Fig. 4 
    Sets the sensitivity of the ST (short tone) channel 
     Sets the sensitivity of the threshold RT channel (Real Time) 
    Sets the volume of the audio 
    Select the Discrimination edit mode  
    Switch between all metals/discrimination 
    Navigate through the menu and change the settings, also turns the Turbo mode 
    Move through the menu and change the settings, as well as turn on/off the S 
     Switches between User Programs  
     Access the Ground Balance modes   Confirms the selected settings. Selects a menu item. In search mode switches between Static and dynamic (Pinpoint) modes. In ground balance mode switches between Auto and Manual GB.  
     Button to enter the Main Menu 
    							ООО «фирма «АКА», +7(495)621-0481, http://aka.2000.ru  [email protected] 9 
    Селективный металлодетектор «Сигнум MFT» 7272М. Руководство по эксплуатации.  
    DISPLAY SCREEN   In  search  mode  the  display  device  displays  the  Hodograph  information of 
    detected objects and information about the current operation modes (Fig. 5).   
     VDI Number Signal level 
    Battery charge level  
    T-Turbo mode is enabled (see page 14) 
      Number of the current user program 1-4 (see page 14) 
    A-enabled auto adjustment ground balance 
     (see page 17) С – Static Mode enabled (pinpoint) (see page 13) S – S-Algorithm enabled (see page. 14) М – Metal Trash mode is enabled (see page 16) 
    Fig. 5   VDI-number “Visual Discrimination Indication”. This  is the index  of  electrical 
    conductivity  of  the  object or the  angle  between  the  vertical  axis  and  the  predominant 
    direction  of  the  hodograph (time  curve).  In  this  case,  hodographs  which  are  on  the  left 
    side  of  the  screen  have  a  negative  VDI,  and  the  right - have  a  positive  VDI  number. The 
    amplitude of the signal, from detected objects, is displayed in standard numerical units 
    This section introduces the three main parameters that youll use most often. For 
    each of these settings there is an individual button on the control panel. 
     SENSITIVITY    ST  [1  ..  14]. Increasing  this  setting  allows  you  to  increase  the  depth 
    of targets youre  searching  for,  but  it  reduces  the  accuracy  of  identification  and  increases 
    the risk of false positives. The recommended value is 9-10. 
     Warning! Setting of the ST sensitivity above 11, and especially 14 can lead to 
    a significant increase in the amount of false positives from the soil in high 
    salinity or when bumping the search coil. 
     SENSITIVITY RT [0 .. 9]. Adjusts the sensitivity of the threshold or RT channel 
    you hear constantly during the search. The value of this parameter is set as a compromise             
    between sensitivity and comfort. Increasing this value increases sensitivity in the threshold 
    channel. However this can reduce the comfort in searching. Recommended settings are 6-7.                    VOLUME  [1 .. 9]. T h i s   s e t t i n g   ad j u s t s the overall volume of the audio response 
    from detected objects. Select the value based upon individual comfort preference. The 
    current values of these parameters are displayed on the screen above the relative buttons (Fig. 
    							10 ООО «фирма «АКА», +7(495)621-0481, http://aka.2000.ru  [email protected] 
    Селективный металлодетектор «Сигнум MFT» 7272М. Руководство по эксплуатации.  
      To  change  any  of  these 
    settings  press  the  appropriate 
    button.  The  value  of  the  selected 
    option  is  highlighted  on  the  screen 
    with  a  rectangle  around  the 
    appropriate value.  
           Press the button 
    Fig. 6 
     Or             to set the required 
      value. In order to exit the 
    parameters simply click the button again. When neither the RT, ST or Volume 
     values are displayed on screen - the buttons                and                will now act as  
    on / off modes for the Turbo and S-algorithm, (see below) 
    GROUND BALANCE  Balancing  the  device  to  the  ground  is  the  single  most  important  part  of  the 
    device  settings  for  accurate  search  results.  Improper  ground  balancing  can  result  in 
    decreased responses to targets and may result in  instability as well as an increase in false 
    ground signals. 
                  To  explain  the  basic  physics  behind  the  ground  balance  procedure. Every  object 
    has  its  own shape, conductivity  and  magnetic  component,  which  together  are  called  the 
    VDI  (Visual  Digital  Index).  Remember  that  the  VDI  is  the  angular response  that is 
    numerically  equal  to  the  angle  of  deflection  of  the  signal  vector time  curve (hodograph 
    display)  on  the  vertical  axis. The  soil,  or  ground, depending  on  the  degree  of 
    mineralization  (presence  of  iron  oxides)  imposes  its  signal  on  the  target  signal thus 
    changing  the VDI  upscale. This  is  especially  true on  small or deep  targets,  as  well  as  large 
    highly conductive targets (copper, silver, aluminum). This can actually push these high VDI 
    targets  up  and  over  into the  high negative  VDI  range  known  as  “VDI  wrap  around”. To 
    minimize  this  effect, it  is  crucial  to  perform  a  proper  and  accurate ground  balance 
    The basic objectives of balancing: 1. Make the soil invisible to the instrument, i.e. exclude false signals 
           from the ground where there is no target. 2. Install the correct (standardized) reference system number for the VDI. 
           When receiving a signal from both the ground and a detected object the            
           detector must subtract mathematically the signal from the ground in 
           order to display a correct VDI indication of the detected target                   Keep in mind that when performing “air tests” inside after the detector has been 
    previously balanced in soil may result in incorrect VDI readings. This is due to the 
    correction factor for the VDI previously set in the last ground balance. This may result in 
    the loss or “invisibility” of large aluminum, silver and copper targets. If the ground setting 
    is too positive the VDI will be offset positive and vice versa if the ground balance is 
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