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Alpatronix Bluetooth Headphone HX110 User Manual

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    							  1                   User Manual for the HX110 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones  Guaranteed  100% Satisfaction To activate the 1-year warranty on your Bluetooth Headphones, visit http://www.alpatronix.com/ and click on the warranty link to register your product by filling out a simple and easy form.    Alpatronix warranty will fully cover your purchase against all defects in material and/or workmanship for an entire year.    Most return policies only allow returns for a period of 14 – 30 days from the date of purchase, so hurry and register your product to give yourself peace of mind knowing Alpatronix has got you covered for a whole year.  
    							  2 Thank  you  for  choosing  the  Alpatronix  HX110  Bluetooth  Stereo  Headphones.  The  HX110 has  been  designed  by  some  of  our  most  skilled  audio  engineers  for  comfort  and  precise sound.  Please  take  some  time  to  read  this  User’s  Manual  before  using  your  device  for  the first time. If there are any problems with your purchase (wrong color, size, fit, etc.), or if you believe  your  purchase  is  broken  or  defective,  please  contact  Alpatronix  Customer Service by  phone  or  email  ([email protected] or  888 - 407 - 7515).  Our  Customer  Service Staff  can  help  you  with  just  about  anything,  and  strive  to  make  your  experience  in  dealing with Alpatronix a positive and enjoyable one. Register your product You must register your product to activate your 1-year warranty.  It’s quick and easy. Most return policies only allow for a defective product to be returned within 14 - 30 days after the  date  of  purchase…  and  most  problems  that  happen  due  to  defects  in  material  and workmanship have a knack of happening after this return period has ended.    We have seen the  sad-puppy  look  on  customers’  faces  for  too  long  and  understand  how  upsetting  it  is  to spend your hard-earned dollars on something that stops working after a few weeks!    That’s why  Alpatronix’s Ironclad  Warranty  will  protect  you  for  a  whole  year  against  all  defects  in material  and/or  workmanship. So  register  your  product  at www.alpatronix.com/register to activate your warranty and rest easy that you are covered no matter what the return policy is where you purchased your product! If  you  have  a  defective  product  and  need  us  to  take  care  of  you, contact  us  by email  at [email protected] or by phone at (888) 407 - 7515 (option #2), and rest assured that our support team will make this a quick and easy process with as little pain as possible. Part A. Setup Step I. Fully charge your HX110 headphones Your HX110 is equipped with a high-quality Lithium rechargeable battery. For first-time use, please  charge  your  headset  for  at  least  4  hours.  Even  though  the  LED  indicators  may indicate that the battery has charged long before reaching 4 hours, please keep the device connected to charger for a full 4 hours to ensure your battery operates at its full capacity. All consecutive  charges  will  take  about  1-2  hours. It  is  also  recommended  not  to  charge  the device using a car charger for the first time. When the HX110 is connected to a charger, the LED light will indicate the charging status.   When  charging,  the  LED  will  glow  solid  red.  Once  the  HX110  is  charged,  the  LED  will  turn blue.  When  fully  charged,  your  HX110  is  capable  of  playing for  up  to  10  hours,  or  be  on standby for up to 200 hours!    
    							  3 Step II. Learn your headphone’s buttons and functions          S1. Multifunction button: Answer,  hang  up,  reject,  or  redial  calls.  Power  ON/OFF, Pair with streaming devices. S2. Skip  Back: Skip to  previous  song  (music  streaming)  or  mute  the  microphone  (phone calls) S3. Skip  Forward:  Play to  next  song  (music  streaming)  or  switch  to  phone  talk  (deactivate headset) S4. Volume Up S5.Volume Down S6: Play/Pause LED Indicator  
    							  4 Step III. Pair your headphones to your device(s) The  HX110  is  a  wireless headphone and  needs  to  be  paired  to  your  computer  or  mobile device  before  using (see  compatibility  list  for  a  list  of  supported  devices). Even  better,  the HX110  is  equipped  with  Bluetooth  4.0,  allowing  it  to  be connected  to  two  devices  at  the same time! To pair the headphones with the first device, 1. Make  sure  the  HX110  is  turned  OFF.  If  your  headphone is ON  (LED  light  blinking), turn it off by pressing and holding the Multifunction Button (S1) for 5 seconds. 2. Place the HX110 in pairing mode by pressing and holding the Multifunction button for 8 seconds. After 5 seconds, the headphone will turn on and the LED will flash blue. It is  important  to  continue  to  hold  down  the  button  until  the  LED  flashes  blue  and  red rapidly. At this time, the headphone is in pairing mode. 3. On your computer or mobile device, make sure that Bluetooth is turned ON, and that your device is discoverable. 4. On your computer or mobile device, search for available Bluetooth devices. Find and select HX110. Most  devices  don’t  require  a  password  for  pairing,  but  if  prompted, enter “0000”. 5. Your  device  should  be  paired to  the  HX110  without  any  problems.  If  pairing  is unsuccessful,  repeat  steps  1 - 4.  If  you  are  still  unsuccessful,  contact  Alpatronix Customer Service for help. Note: The HX110 is programmed to turn off after 3 minutes of being disconnected from a mobile  device.  This  is  a  power-saving  measure  designed  to  keep  your  headphone battery from draining in the event that you forget to shut it off before leaving. To  pair  the  HX110  to  your  second  device,  repeat  steps  1 - 4  with  your  second  device.   Once finished, go back to the Bluetooth settings on your first device and manually connect the HX110 from the list of trusted devices. For  NFC  enabled  devices,  the  HX110  includes  NFC  function  allowing  easy  and  speedy pairing. Make sure the NFC function on your mobile device is on, and touch the headset with your  mobile  for  5-8  seconds.  The  LED  indicator  will  flash  Red  and  Blue  rapidly  to  indicate entering into pairing mode, and the headphone will pair with your device after a few seconds. After pairing, the headphone will not need to be paired again. It will search and pair with your device after turning on. To clear the Bluetooth pairing history of your HX110, place the headset into pairing mode at which point the LED will flash blue and red alternately. At this point, press the power button twice.  The  headphone  will  emit  two  beeps  to  indicate  that  the  pairing  history  has  been successfully emptied. Compatibility: The  Alpatronix  HX110  is  compatible  with  ALL  Apple  desktops,  laptops, iPads, iPhones, and iPods (if Bluetooth enabled). It is also compatible with all major Android tablets  and  smartphones  including  Samsung  Galaxy,  HTC,  and  most  other  manufacturers. The HX110  operates  on  the  industry’s  highest  standards  and  works  with  any  device  that recognizes HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP.  
    							  5 Compatibility  with  Windows  desktops,  laptops,  tablets,  and  smartphones  may  vary  and depend  on  the  specific  driver  installed  on  your  device.  Windows  products  do  not  use  a universal Bluetooth driver, and Alpatronix cannot guarantee compatibility of every driver with the  HX110.  You  can  search  and  install  Bluetooth  drivers  that  support  the  standards  listed above manually. Alpatronix does not offer a specific driver for the HX110. Please  note  that  Bluetooth  technology  operates  on  a  Master/Slave  system.  The  streaming source is the Master, and the HX110 is the Slave. Your device is responsible for how audio is  played  through  the  headphones.  While  the  HX110  has  the  latest  Bluetooth  and  audio technology built in, your device must also be equipped with the same technology in order to enjoy the full capability of the HX110. Step IV. Turn the headphone ON/OFF To turn the headphones ON, press and hold the Multifunction button (S1) for 5 seconds. The LED  will flash blue,  followed  by  a  long  tone. When  the  headphones  are  turned  on,  it  will automatically search for the paired device and connect to it if available. If the paired device is  not  available,  the  headphones  will  enter  standby  mode  indicated  by  a  flashing  red  LED. After 3 minutes, the headphones will automatically shut off. To  turn  the  headphones  OFF,  press  and  hold  the Multifunction Button  (S1)  again  for  5 seconds. The LED will flash red three times, followed by a long tone. If  your  paired  device  goes  outside  the  Bluetooth  range  of  the  HX110,  it  will  automatically enter standby mode, and after 3 minutes it will shut off. LED Indicator Guide:    Color Flashing Pattern Indicates Blue Flashing Slowly HX110 is turned on and paired. Alternate Red and Blue Flashing Slowly HX110  is  turned  on  and  searching  for  the  most recent paired device. Alternate Red and Blue Flashing Rapidly HX110  is  in  pairing  mode,  ready  for  the Bluetooth device to be paired. Red Flashing Slowly Battery power is less than 10% (30 minutes). Blue Solid HX110 is charging. Red Solid HX110 is fully charged.  No indicator Power off  
    							  6 Part B. Basic Use Instructions Features The HX110 has some awesome built-in features designed to provide you with comfort and perfect sound delivery: • Steel telescopic speakers allow size adjustments for almost any head size. • Comfortable  leather  ear  pillows  provide  the  ultimate  comfort  and  noise  isolation  for prolonged wear. • Hand-selected  40mm  neodymium  original  diaphragm  provides  a  full-range,  high quality, clear, and balanced sound with deep lows and crystal clear highs. • A2DP protocol provides perfectly balanced sound. • Audio Video Remote Control Protocol (AVRCP) allows for control of calls and music directly from your headset. Please note that your streaming device or software must also be AVRCP enabled. • Bluetooth chipsets offered by CSR are the highest industry standard. Operation After the HX110 is paired with your mobile device, you can use the headset to answer calls, enjoy music, or talk with friends and loved ones using programs such as Skype, FaceTime, or any other audio/video chat software. 1. Music  streaming:  The  HX110  is  a  lean,  mean,  amazing  music  playing  machine! Packed with awesome technology to provide balanced and high definition sound, as well as ergonomic design to provide ultimate comfort and noise isolation, it is the best way to enjoy your music wirelessly. The HX110 also folds to a small size, so that you can take it around with you!  Music streaming is the default mode of the HX110. When there is an incoming call or you  attempt  to  place  a  call,  the  HX110  will  pause  the  music  and  switch  over  to  call mode automatically.  While playing music, to skip forward, press the S3 button. Press the S2 button to go to the beginning of the current song, and press S2 again to go to the previous song.  To play/pause music, press the S6 button.  The  HX110  is  equipped  with  CSR  AptX  technology  to  play  very  high  quality  audio. Please note that your streaming device will also have to be AptX in order to be able to enjoy AptX’s quality audio. Also your music will need to be recorded with high quality, otherwise having AptX alone will not make a difference in playback quality.   
    							  7 2. Calls:  When  placing  an  outgoing  call,  the  HX110  will  automatically  stream  the  call through  the  headphone  and  activate  the  microphone for  two-way  talk. When receiving a call, simply press the Multifunction Button (S1) to answer the call. When finished,  press  S1  again  to  hang  up.  To  dial  the  last  number on  your  phone, double-click S1.  Note:  Some  mobile  devices’  Bluetooth  protocol  may  require  to  hold  down  the  S1 button for 3 seconds in order to answer/hang up a call.  You can adjust the call volume by pressing the Volume Up and Volume Down button. Once at max volume, the headphones emit a beeping sound.  You  can  mute  the  call  (turn  off  the  mic)  by  pressing  the  S2  (skip  back)  button.  The headphone will emit a beeping sound to indicate the call is now put on mute. Pressing the S2 again will unmute the call.  You can directly switch the audio between the headphone and your mobile device by pressing the S3 button. When talking using your headphone, press the S3 button and the  audio  will  switch  over  to  your  phone,  and  vice  versa  (some  mobile  devices  may not support this feature).  3. Skype/FaceTime/Etc.: The HX110 can be used to video chat/conference with family, friends, and business partners. Operation of the headset while using Skype is similar to any other phone call. You can press S1 to answer an incoming call or to hang up the current call, and adjust the volume using the volume +/- buttons. Once a Skype call is finished, the headphone will resume normal music playback mode.  Note: Skype has independent Audio/Video settings. If you experience any issues when using Skype, go to Skype Settings ! Audio/Video, and select the appropriate speaker and microphone settings. Part C. Maintenance and Support Frequently Asked Questions 1. The  HX110  emits  2  beeps  intermittently  and  the  LED  flashes  in  red  color:  This indicates  a low  battery  power.  Charge  your  HX110  for  1-2  hours,  until  the  LED  light turns solid blue. 2. I charged my HX110 for a few minutes but it still doesn’t power on: When the battery is depleted, the HX110 needs at least 40 minutes of charge time in order to power up. Please  note  that  it  is  not  recommended  to  partially  charge  any  battery  operated device.  For  maximum  battery  life,  always  ensure  to  fully  charge  your  battery  and avoid disconnecting in the middle of a charging cycle. Due to the long playback time for this device, normally it is best to put the device on the charger at night, so that by morning it is good to go for another day of fun!  
    							  8 3. No LEDs come on when connecting to a charger: If the battery is completely depleted prior  to  charging,  it  may  take  a  few minutes  for  the  LED  light  to  turn  on.  If  the  LED does  not  turn  on  after  10-15  minutes,  contact  Alpatronix  Customer  Service  for assistance. 4. No sound is coming from my headphone: a. Make sure the headphone is fully charged and turned on. b. Make sure the headphone is paired and connected to your streaming device. If your  HX110  has  been  paired  to  other  devices, the  other  devices  may  be overriding the streaming device you are currently using. You can always clear the Bluetooth pairing history of the HX110, and pair it again with your device. See instructions under “Step III. Pair your headphones to your device(s)”. c. Make  sure  the  headphone  volume  AND  your  streaming  device  volumes are both  turned  up.  The  HX110  controls  the  volume  separately  from  your  device volume. It is recommended to increase your device volume to maximum, and then adjust directly through the HX110, or vice versa. d. Make sure the HX110 is within the operating range of your streaming device. While  the  normal  Bluetooth  range  is  30ft  (10m),  the  range  may  significantly decrease if there are obstructions between the device and the HX110. e. Some mobile devices only support one connected device at a time. Make sure your device is not connected to any other Bluetooth device. 5. My headphone is fully charged and turned on, but cannot play music: Most Bluetooth issues are resolved if you re-pair the HX110 and your streaming device. This should not  happen  frequently.  Once  paired,  the  HX110  should  easily  search  and  pair automatically  with  your  device  when  turned  on.  If  you  experience  increased  issues with your purchase, contact Alpatronix Customer Service for assistance. 6. My  mobile  device  cannot  find  the  HX110:  Make  sure  the  HX110  is  in  pairing  mode. See “Step III.  Pair  your  headphones  to  your  device(s)” for instructions on how to put the HX110 in pairing mode. Note:  Sometimes  when  a  device  is  connected  to  too  many  Bluetooth  devices,  it cannot  search  and  find  additional  devices  effectively.  If  you  have  too  many  devices on  your  trusted  device  list,  or  if  your  mobile  device  is actively  connected  to  many other Bluetooth devices, try disabling the connection, or forgetting the trusted devices before searching for the HX110. 7. Do  I  need  to  pair  the  HX110  with  my  streaming  device  every  time  I  use  it?  No.  The HX110  only  needs  to  be  paired  for  the  first  time.  After  first  time  pairing,  simply  turn the headphone on, and it will automatically search for the last 2 trusted devices and pair with them if they are within range. 8. There  is  some  noise  coming  from  the  headphone  when  placing  a  phone/Skype  call: The sound quality of your calls may be affected by several factors: a. Weak mobile signal b. Distance between the HX110 and your mobile device c. Internet speed (if using Skype, Facetime, etc.)   
    							  9 Extend the life of your HX110 The HX110 is built to last. There are steps you can take to ensure your device operates to the maximum length of time possible: 1. The HX110 is NOT waterproof. Avoid any contact with moisture. Do not submerge in water,  and  avoid  any  water/moisture/sweat  splash. Moisture  damage  is NOT supported by manufacturer’s warranty, and can expose you to risk of electric shock, device overheating, or explosion. 2. Do not store in a wet/damp environment. Keep the HX110 in a dry environment. 3. For  long-term  storage,  keep  the  HX110  in  its  original  box  to  avoid  damage  from weather,  dust,  etc.  Charge  the  battery  at  least  every  6  months  to  ensure  maximum battery life. 4. If  the  headset  has  not  been  used  for  a  long  time  (more  than  2  months),  charge  the battery first before operation. 5. Please  don’t  attempt  to  replace  the  built-in  battery  of  your  device.  This  will  cause permanent damage and void the manufacturer’s warranty. 6. The  HX110  is  designed  to  operate  in  temperatures  of  40° - 95°F  (5° - 35° Celsius). Please  avoid  exposure  to  freezing  or  hot  temperatures.  Do  not  place  in  fire  or puncture the casing. 7. Avoid  bending  or  twisting  the  HX110.  This  may  cause  permanent  deformation.  Only fold the headset from the designated joints. 8. Avoid  drops  from  significant  heights  or  on  hard  surfaces.  If  there  are  any  visible damages to the body of the headset, discontinue use and contact Alpatronix for help. Please  note  that  damage  to  internal  circuitry  of  the  device  or  the  battery  may  cause risk of electric shock or battery explosion. 9. Listening  to  music  at  maximum  volume for  prolonged  periods  of  time can  be damaging to your ear, and expose you to increased risk of tinnitus, hearing damage, or hearing loss. Please listen at a reasonable volume. 10. Please only use the included USB cable, or other high quality branded cables in the market. Also  only  use  high  quality  branded  wall  and  car  chargers. Avoid  using generic, low quality cables and chargers as they may damage your HX110 and your streaming device. 11. Avoid  contact  with  dust  and  dirt.  This  is  a  general  rule  of  thumb  for  any  electronic device, unless it is declared to be dustproof. 12. Clean the HX110 only with a clean, soft, and dry fabric. Only use industry approved screen cleaners if necessary. Avoid using any water for cleaning the device, even in the form of a wet cloth. 13. Do not dispose the headset in trash. Batteries and plastic material can be harmful to the  environment  and  can  be  recycled  to  avoid  environmental  impact.  Please  only dispose  of  this  device  at  your  nearest  Hazardous  Waste  collection  facility.  Contact your local hazardous waste authority for more information.    
    							  10            Alpatronix Customer Service If there is any problem with this device’s performance, please contact Alpatronix Customer Service  prior  to  returning  the  product.  While  defects  and  shipping  damages  are  rare,  they sometimes  do  happen  and  we  will make  every  effort  to  replace  your  product  as  fast  as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience in advance. All  Alpatronix  products  come  with  a  1-year  manufacturer’s  warranty  to  protect  you  beyond normal return periods against any defects in material or workmanship. Alpatronix  Customer  Service  Department  may  be  reached  by  email at [email protected] or  by  phone  at  (888)  407 - 7515  (option  2#).  Customer  service hours are 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday.   Alpatronix is a registered trademark of Saritek Technical Solutions, Inc. P.O. Box 17070 Anaheim, CA 92817 United States of America     Bluetooth name and logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG. All other brands are registered trademarks of their respective owners. Feature Specification: Bluetooth edition Bluetooth V4.0 + NFC + AptX Frequency coverage 2.402GHZ ~ 2.480GHZ ISM Band Transmit Range 30ft (10m) Frequency Response 20Hz - 20KHz Status Indication LED indicator Compatible Products and Protocols Devices: Most Bluetooth products: All Apple desktops, laptops, iPads, iPhones, and iPods (Bluetooth enabled). All Android smartphones. Most other Bluetooth smartphones, tablets, and computers. Protocols: HFP, A2DP, AVRCP Battery Rechargeable Lithium ion battery, 3.7V, 300mA Charging USB interface Charge Time 1-2 hours Playback time About 10 hours Standby time (paired with mobile standby) More than 200 hours  
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