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AOC 931swl Product Sheet

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    19 AOC 931Swl 720p Widescreen LCD Monitor (Black) 
    This 19- inc h 16 :9 widesc ree n  mo nito r  fea tures a  vie wab le  ima ge size o f 
    18.5-inc h a nd a 1366  x 768 reso lutio n. Fast ac tio n  vid eos are c rysta l c lear 
    not b lurry tha nks  to the  fast 5  ms  respo nse  time. P lus,  its 200 cd /m2 
    brightne ss a nd 10,000 :1 d yna mic co ntrast  ratio  mea n s  ima ges are d isp la yed 
    with  fine de ta ils.   
    Ge ne ral  Fe ature s:   
    Pia no  Black  glossy  fin ish   
    19-inc h scree n  size   
    18.5-inc h  vie wab le  ima ge  size   
    TFT  Active Ma trix  LCD  
    16:9 asp ect ra tio   
    1366 x 768 @ 60Hz re so lutio n   
    200 cd/m2 brightness   
    10,000:1 d yna mic co ntrast ra tio   
    5 ms  respo nse  time  
    > 16 millio n co lo r support   
    Kensingto n  sec urity slot   
    Wall  mo untab le  (75  mm  x 75  mm)   
    Conne ctors:   
    One (1) 15-p in VGA po rt  
    One (1) Power port     
    Po we r Spe cificatio ns:   
    100 - 240V, 50/60Hz, 1.5A    
    Dime nsio ns:   
    With sta nd : 14  x 18  x 8.5- inc hes (H  x W  x  D, appro xima te)  
    Witho ut sta nd : 11  x 18  x 2- inc he s (H  x  W  x D, app r o ximate)  
    Re gulatory  Approvals:   
    Package  Inc lude s:  
    19-inc h AOC 931Swl W idesc ree n  LCD Mo nitor   
    Quick Guide   
    User Guide a nd Mo nito r Driver o n C D   
    VGA ca b le  
    Power cord   
    Additional Info rmatio n:  
    Model: 931Swl   
    P/N:  TFT185 W80PS2    
    Pro duct Re quire me nts:   
    Ava ilab le power o utlet  
    Ava ilab le VGA co nnecto r   
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