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Bang & Olufsen Beovision 7 40 Television User Guide

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    BeoVision 7 
    The Guide and the Reference Book 
    This Guide contains information about the daily use of your Bang & Olufsen  product. The Reference book contains information about connecting and operating external equipment.
    We expect your Bang & Olufsen retailer to deliver, install and set up your products.  However, the information required to install and set them up is included in the 
    Reference book. This is useful if you move your products or expand your system at 
    a later date. 
    The Reference book also contains an index which refers to this Guide and the  Reference book. It can help you find the specific subject you want to know more 
    An explanation of symbols in the Guide and  Reference book 
    Buttons on the Beo4 remote  control 
    Display on the Beo4 remote  control 
    T V LIST
    F O R M AT 
    Introducing your Bang & Olufsen television, 4 
    Find out how to use the Beo4 remote control and bring up the menus on the 
    Watch TV, 
    Find out how to operate the daily functions of your television. 
    See two sources at the same time, 
    Find out how to use the dual-screen function of your television. 
    Surround sound and Home cinema, 10  How to use your television as a Home cinema. 
    Use the DVD player, 12
    How to operate the daily functions of the DVD player and call up on-screen menus. 
    The digital tuner, 18  How to operate the digital tuner. 
    The digital tuner – Programme Guide, 19  Find information on current and coming programmes. 
    The pincode system, 20  How to utilise the pincode system. 
    Maintenance, 22 
    How to clean your television and change batteries in the Beo4 remote control. 
    Contents 3 
    Introducing your BeoVision and Beo4 
    The Beo4 remote control gives you access to all functions. When a function is in use, you are informed via displays on Beo4 or on the screen. 
    Switch on the television 
    Switch on a source registered as DT V 
    Switch on a source registered as V MEM  Switch on a source registered as DVD Switch on a source registered as CD
    Select channels, track numbers and DVD chapters.  Enter data in on-screen menus 
    Enter information in on-screen menus. Cue back  and forth during playback of a DVD  
    Accept and store instructions or settings. Press  and hold to call up a channel list. Start disc  playback 
    Step up or down through channels or menu items.  Step between chapters or tracks on a disc  
    Reveal additional functions in the Beo4 display,  such as FORMAT For information about how to operate connected 
    equipment, refer to the Guide enclosed with it. 
    For information on how to add extra functions to 
    those shown in the Beo4 display, refer to the  chapter ‘Customise Beo4’ on page 70 in the 
    Reference book. 
    The Beo4 display shows the source you have  selected, or extra functions available when you press the LIST button 
    Bring up the main menu 
    Press to activate or deactivate Closed Captioning 
    The coloured buttons give you access to different  functions, depending on the source you have selected. 
    Adjust sound volume: press in the middle to mute  the sound 
    Stop playback of a disc. Go back to the previous  on-screen menu
    Exit all on-screen menus 
    Switch the television to standby 
    7 89
    4 56
    1 23
    T V
    F O R M AT
    TEX T
    T V
    DT V
    –  9
    Information about the selected source is shown in the display. On-screen menus allow 
    you to adjust settings. 
    How to use on-screen menus … Press to switch on the television 
    Press to bring up the T V SETUP menu 
    Press to move between the  different menu options 
    Press to reveal different settings 
    Press to bring up a menu or  store a setting you have made 
    Press to step back through  previous menus 
    Press to exit all menus 
    Displayed information and menus 
    T V
      select GO 
    Menu name 
    Menu options 
    Information field 
    Watch TV 
    Choose a T V channel by its number and switch to another channel or 
    source. Bring up a list of T V channels  on the screen, adjust the sound 
    volume or change the sound type or  language. 
    ‘Watch T V’ concerns analogue T V. For  digital T V refer to page 18 in this 
    guide and to page 54 in the 
    Reference book.  Select a TV channel 
    When you switch the television on, the last 
    channel viewed appears on the screen. 
    Press to switch on the television 
    Press a channel number to go  directly to that channel 
    Press to change channels one by  one 
    Press to switch the television to  standby 
    Pressing 0 swaps between the  current T V channel and previous 
    T V channel. 
    Bring up a channel list 
    All your T V channels appear on a list, which  you can bring up on the screen. The list contains channel numbers and names. 
    Press to switch on the television 
    Press and hold to bring up a  channel list on the screen 
     or  to step between 
    ‘pages’ in the channel list
    To select a channel, enter the channel number, or … 
     … press until the desired  channel is highlighted 
    Press to switch on the chosen  channel, or … 
     … press to leave the menu 
    T V  0 
    –  9
    T V GO
    0 –  9
    The channel list for T V is now called up. It provides you with an overview of all your available T V channels. 
    Adjust or mute the sound 
    You can adjust or mute the sound at any time. 
    Press either end of the button to 
    adjust the volume up or down 
    Press in the middle of the button 
    to mute the sound 
    Press either end of the button to bring the sound back 
    Prolonged listening at high  volume levels can cause hearing damage! 
    Change sound type or language 
    While you are watching T V, you can switch  between the types of sound that are 
    Press repeatedly to display 
    SOUND* on Beo4 
    Press to bring up the current sound type on the display 
    Press GO repeatedly to switch to 
    another sound type or language  in a multi-language programme 
    Press to leave the SOUND 
    You can store your favourite  sound type when scanning in 
    your T V channels. For further  information, refer to the chapter 
    ‘Edit T V channels’ on page 40 in  the Reference book. 
    *Before you can bring up SOUND  in the Beo4 display, you must 
    add it to the list of functions. 
    Refer to the chapter ‘Customise  Beo4’ on page 70 in the 
    Reference book. 
    S O U N D
      1  CNN
      2  MOVIE NW
      3  DISCO VER
      4  CWNBC
      5  BBCWORL
      6  SUPER  CH
      7  CRIME   TV
      8  CINEMA
    more  select GO 
    You can turn the television using your Beo4 remote control.* 
    Press repeatedly to display 
    STAND on Beo4 
    Press to turn the television to the left or the right, or … 
     … press the number buttons to  choose a pre-defined position; 
    1 represents the far left position,  9 represents the far right position  
    If your television is equipped 
    with a stand with motorised tilt 
    function, press to tilt the tele- vision up or down 
    *Note: You cannot use the  motorised stand before you have completed the calibration of the  built-in stand. Please refer to the 
    chapter ‘First time setup of your 
    television’ on page 26 in the 
    Reference book.  For further information about how to preset 
    positions for T V viewing, refer to the chapter ‘Set 
    positions for the television to turn to’ on page 46 
    in the Reference book. 
    >> Watch T V 
    Turn the television 
    S TA N D
    1 –
    See two sources at the same time 
    Your Beo4 remote control gives you access to a dual-screen function for 
    viewing two video sources at the  same time. For example, you can 
    view video playback and a T V  programme at the same time, 
    provided that the selected sources 
    are available in your television. 
    While watching a programme or  recording, you can divide the screen between the current programme or 
    recording (picture A in the second 
    illustration) and a new programme or  recording (picture B). You can also 
    swap the two pictures at any time. 
    Volume adjustment with Beo4 always  affects picture A, while other Beo4 operations, such as selecting 
    channels, affect picture B. Choosing 
    a new source cancels dual-screen 
    To view a source registered in the CONNECTIONS  menu as V.AUX, such as a set-top box, press LIST 
    repeatedly until P-V.AUX* is shown in the Beo4 display instead. 
    You can view two HDMI sources at the same time,  but only if one of the sources is connected to 
    either the HDMI A or HDMI B socket, and the 
    other source is connected to either the HDMI C or 
    HDMI D socket. For further information about the 
    HDMI sockets, refer to the chapter ‘Connection  panels’ on page 20 in the Reference book.  While watching, for example, T V … 
    >  Press LIST repeatedly to display P-AND-P on  Beo4. 
    >  Press, for example, V MEM to select the source  to view on the right side of the screen (B). 
    >  Press 
    0 to swap the left picture and right 
    To leave the dual-screen function …  >  Press a source ,for example T V , to leave the 
    function and return to normal viewing of the  chosen source. 
    When the television is in dual mode the number 0  is used for changing the picture, therefore it cannot be used for, for example, selecting 
    *NOTE! In order to display P-V.AUX on Beo4, you  must add it to the Beo4 list of functions. For 
    further information, refer to the chapter 
    ‘Customise Beo4’ on page 70 in the Reference  book.  
    Surround sound and Home cinema 
    You can extend your television into a surround sound system by adding Bang & Olufsen loudspeakers and up 
    to two BeoLab 2 subwoofers. 
    When you switch on one of the  sources, speakers in a surround 
    sound system can be cut in or out,  depending on what kind of sound 
    suits the source you are using. 
    If you connect a projector, you can 
    turn your television into a Home  cinema. When you switch to the 
    Home cinema setup, the television 
    switches the picture from its own 
    screen to the projector screen and  activates the appropriate speakers. 
    For further information about how to connect speakers to the television, 
    refer to the chapter ‘Set up the 
    television’ on page 16 in the  Reference book. 
    You can select the speaker combination that  suits the source you are using, provided that 
    the various speaker modes are available in 
    your television. 
    Press repeatedly to display 
    SPEAKER on Beo4 
    Press if you want to return to the chosen default sound setting, or … 
     … press the number of the  speaker combination you want. 
    The selected speakers cut in  automatically 
    Press to remove SPEAKER from 
    the Beo4 display and to return to 
    the source you were using  Speaker combinations 
    SPEAKER 1 … Sound in the centre speaker only. 
    SPEAKER 2 … Stereo sound in the front speakers.  Subwoofers are active.
    SPEAKER 3 … The centre speaker, front speakers  and subwoofers are active. 
    SPEAKER 4 … The front speakers, surround  speakers, and subwoofers are active. 
    SPEAKER 5 … Surround sound from all speakers  and subwoofers. For programmes encoded in 
    Surround Sound. 
    If you have added only two front speakers to the 
    television, you will only be able to choose 
    SPEAKER 1–3. 
    Select speakers for movie sound 
    S P E A K E R
    –  5 
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