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Baumatic Br508 Instruction Manual

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    BR508 Built under 
    BR508 Built under 
    NOTE:  This User Instruction Manual contains important 
    information, including safety & installation points, which will 
    enable you to get the most out of your appliance.  Please keep it 
    in a safe place so that it is easily available for future reference. for 
    you or any person not familiar with the operation of the appliance. 
    DD 08/12/11 
    Environmental note        4 
    Important safety information      5 – 6 
    Specifications of your freezer      7 – 8 
    Dimensions          7 
    Description of the appliance       8 
    Using your Baumatic freezer      9 -11 
    Before switching on        9 
    During first use         9 
    Switching on the appliance and setting the thermostat    10 
    Control Panel         11 
     freezer compartment      11-14 
    Freezing fresh food        12 
    Tips on freezing         12-13 
    Making ice cubes         13 
    Freezing with fast freeze       13-14 
    Saving energy when using your freezer       14-15 
    Cleaning and maintenance       15-17 
    Defrosting the 
     freezer compartment    16-17 
    Installation         17-25 
    Electrical connection        17-18 
    Positioning          18 
    Reversing the door of your appliance          18-20 
    Aperture dimensions        21 
    Adjusting the plinth/kickboard      21-22 
    Fitting the furniture door to the appliance     22-26 
    Troubleshooting        26-27 
    Baumatic consumables       28 
    Technical data         29 
    Contact details         30 
    Environmental note 
    Note:  Before discarding an old appliance, switch off and 
    disconnect it from the power supply.  Cut off and render any plug 
    useless.  Cut the cable off directly behind the appliance to prevent 
    misuse.  This should be undertaken by a competent person. Disable 
    the door lock to make sure that children cannot get stuck inside 
    the appliance.  
    Important safety information 
    Your safety is of the utmost importance to Baumatic. 
    Please make sure that you read this instruction booklet 
    before attempting to install or use the appliance. If 
    you are unsure of any of the information contained in 
    this booklet, please contact the Baumatic Advice Line. 
    IMPORTANT: Any installation work must be 
    carried out by a qualified electrician or 
    competent person. 
    Use of the appliance 
    o Your appliance is only designed to be used in the 
    home. It is suitable for freezing and storing frozen 
    food. If it is used for any other purpose or it is not 
    used correctly, then Baumatic Ltd. will accept no 
    liability for any damage that might be caused.   
    o Altering the specification of the appliance must not be attempted 
    for reasons of safety. 
    Before using your appliance 
    o Check the appliance for any signs of transport damage. If you 
    notice any damage, then you should not connect your appliance 
    to your mains supply and should contact your supplier. 
    o Your appliance contains R600a refrigerant, which is a natural gas 
    that does not contain CFCs that can damage the environment. 
    However it is a flammable substance, therefore care should be 
    ƒ During the transportation and installation of the 
    appliance, make sure that the refrigeration pipework 
    does not get damaged. 
    ƒ If it does become damaged then sources of ignition 
    and open flames should be avoided. Also the room 
    that the appliance is situated in should be thoroughly 
    o Do not place any objects on top of the appliance, 
    as this may damage the table top. 
    6 Child safety 
    o Packaging material should be kept away from 
    o Children should not be allowed to touch the 
    controls or play with the appliance. 
    General safety 
    o Do not pull on the power supply cable to remove the plug from 
    your mains supply socket. 
    o Do not pull out or insert the plug with wet hands. 
    o Do not attempt to use your appliance outdoors or 
    any place where it is likely to come into contact 
    with the elements. 
    o Before cleaning the appliance or performing 
    maintenance work, ensure that the appliance has been 
    disconnected from your mains supply. 
    o Never allow the back coils of the appliance to come into contact 
    with the wall surface. 
    o Always ensure that the location where you are installing your 
    appliance is free of stored items such as papers and other 
    flammable materials. 
    o Never block the ventilation openings of the appliance, either on 
    the inside or its exterior.  
    o It is vital to keep your appliance well ventilated, 
    so that there is proper air flow between the 
    bottom of the unit and the plinth/kick plate 
    which it is sitting on. 
    o Do not place electrical devices inside of the appliance, such as 
    mixers and electric ice cream makers. 
    You should not attempt to repair the appliance 
    yourself, as this could cause injury or a more serious 
    malfunction. If you require a service call then please 
    contact the Customer Care Department. 
    Specifications of your freezer 
    Dimensions of appliance 
    Height:   818 - 868 mm 
    Width: 596 mm 
    Depth: 550 mm 
     Dimensions of aperture* 
    Height:  820 – 870 mm 
    Width: 600 mm 
    Depth:   560 mm (min)
    o Freezer star rating **** 
    o Manual defrost 
    o Adjustable thermostat 
    o LED controls 
    o Temperature rise warning indicator 
    o Fast freeze switch 
    o Fast freeze indicator light 
    o 3 wire baskets 
    o Reversible door 
    o Door on door fittings 
    o Adjustable feet 
    Cubic capacities 
    o Gross capacity:     108 litres 
    o Net capacity:              91 litres 
    8 Energy efficiency class 
    Energy class:  A 
    * Please refer to the installation instructions for more specific 
    information on the size of aperture that you will require. 
    IMPORTANT: When you install your appliance it is important to bear 
    in mind its climatic rating. 
    In order to find out the climatic rating of your appliance, you should 
    check the rating plate. The rating plate is located on the front left edge 
    of the inside of the fridge. You will need to open the door of your 
    appliance to be able to find it. 
    The rating plate will indicate the ambient temperature range that your 
    appliance will function correctly within. 
    Description of the appliance 
    Using your Baumatic freezer 
    Before switching on 
    o Make sure that it has been installed by a suitably qualified 
    person, as per the information contained in Baumatic’s 
    installation instructions. 
    o After delivery, wait for eight hours before connecting the 
    appliance to your mains supply. This will allow any refrigerant 
    gasses that may have been disturbed during the transportation 
    process to settle. 
    o The outside of the appliance and the removable accessories 
    contained within it, should be cleaned with a solution of liquid 
    detergent and water. 
    o The interior of the appliance should be cleaned 
    with a solution of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in 
    lukewarm water. The interior and accessories 
    should be thoroughly dried, after the cleaning 
    process has been completed. 
    o There can be an odour when you first switch on the appliance. It 
    will lessen as the appliance starts to cool. 
    During first use 
    o You should set the thermostat dial to its maximum setting for 24 
    hours after switching on the appliance for the first time.  
    o When you first switch on the appliance, the compressor will run 
    continuously for approximately 24 hours or until the freezer 
    reaches a cool enough temperature. 
    o During this period of time, you should try not to open the door 
    frequently or place a large amount of food within the appliance. 
    o You should then adjust the thermostat dial down to its normal 
    operating position. 
    o If the unit is switched off or unplugged, you must allow at least 5 
    minutes before restarting the appliance on the thermostat or 
    connecting it to your mains supply. 
    10 Switching on the appliance and setting the thermostat 
    You switch on your appliance by connecting it to your mains supply 
    and setting the thermostat. The thermostat control knob is located at 
    the top of the appliance. 
    o The thermostat automatically regulates the temperature inside 
    the freezer, depending on what number you have turned the 
    thermostat control knob to:- 
    o Position  means that the appliance will not cool. However 
    the light will still function. 
    o Position  will give you a higher temperature inside the 
    o Position  will give you a lower temperature inside the 
    o Ideally the thermostat should be set to a position between  
    to . 
    o The freezer can cool down to -18 degrees centigrade and lower. 
    o IMPORTANT: The ambient temperature of the room, 
    the temperature of food and the amount of food that 
    has been placed in the appliance and how often the door 
    is opened, will all affect the temperature being 
    maintained by the appliance. 
    o On the maximum setting (position ), your freezer will work 
    harder to maintain a lower temperature and will increase the 
    energy usage. There is no need to run your appliance on this 
    setting for prolonged periods. Unless you are freezing fresh food, 
    you should have the thermostat set to position  or . 
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