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Canon lens EF 815mm f4L Fisheye USM User Manual

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    6. Hood
    To  attach the hood, align the hood’s attachment
    position mark with the red dot on the front of the
    lens, then turn the hood as shown by the arrow
    until the lens red dot is aligned with the hoods
    stop position mark. The EW-77 hood can keep unwanted light out of the lens, and also protects the front of the lens from
    r ain, snow, and dust.
    To   remove the hood, hold down the button on the
    side and turn the hood in the direction of the
    arrow until the position mark on the hood aligns
    with the red dot.
    This hood can be used even when the lens cap is
    attached to it.
    Vignetting will not occur while shooting in the
    following zoom ranges when using the lens hood.
    Please detach the lens hood when shooting
    outside of these ranges.
    •  Full Format: Only at the telephoto end
    •  APS-H: From the telephoto end to the “H”
    •  APS-C: From the telephoto end to the “C”
    marking (range when using the
    z oom limiter)
    •P art of the picture may be blocked if the hood is
    not attached properly.
    • When attaching or detaching the hood, grasp
    the base of the hood to turn it. To prevent
    deformation, do not grasp the rim of the hood to
    turn it.
    7. Lens Cap
    While the lens hood (included) is attached to the
    lens, Lens Cap 8-15 can be attached to the lens
    hood by pressing the buttons located on the
    upper and lower sides of the lens cap and
    aligning its recessed parts with the convex parts
    found in the lens hood. There is a gelatin filter holder at the rear of the
    lens. Cut the gelatin filter to fit within the white
    frames. Then insert the gelatin filter into the filter
    8. Filter (Sold separately)
    Recessed Section
    Focal Length/Aperture8 – 15 mm f/4
    Lens Construction11 groups, 14 elements
    Minimum Aperturef/22
    Angle of ViewDiagonal: 180° – 175° 30’ Vertical: 180° – 91° 46’ Horizontal: 180° – 142°
    Min. Focusing Distance0.15 m / 0.5 ft.
    Max. Magnification0.34x (center of image, telephoto end)
    Max. Diameter and Length78.5 ×83.0 mm / 3.1  ×3.3 inch
    W eight approx. 540 g / 19.0 oz.
    Hood EW-77
    Lens CapLens Cap 8-15
    Case LP1219
    •The lens length is measured from the mount surface to the front end of the lens.
    • The size and weight listed are for the lens only, except as indicated.
    • The EF1.4X II, III/EF2X II, III extender, the EF12 II/EF25 II extension tube, and 250D/500D close-up lenses
    cannot be used with this lens.
    • Aperture settings are specified on the camera.
    • All data listed is measured according to Canon standards.
    • Product specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.
    							CT1-8571-002© CANON INC. 20110812Ni
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