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Canon lens EFS 18135mm f3556 IS USM User Manual

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    can	use	the	image	 stabilizer	 in	AF	 or	MF	
    This	 function	 provides	 optimal	image	stabilization	
    depending	 on	shooting	 conditions	 (such	as	
    shooting	 still	subjects	 and	following	 shots).
    1	Set the STABILIZER switch to ON.
    ● If	you	 are	not	going	 to	use	 the	image	 stabilizer	
    function,	 set	the	 switch	 to	OFF.	
    2	When you press the shutter button halfway, 
    the Image Stabilizer will start operating. 
    ● Make	 sure	the	image 	in	 the	 viewfinder	 is	stable,	
    then	 press	 the	shutter	 button	the	rest	 of	the	 way	
    down	 to	take	 the	picture.
    ● The	 Image	 Stabilizer 	cannot	 compensate 	for	 a	
    blurred	 shot	caused	 by	a	subject	 that	moved.
    ● The	 Image	 Stabilizer 	may	 not	be	fully	 effective	
    if	 you	 shoot	 from	a	violently	 shaking	vehicle	or	
    other	 transportation.
    ● The	 Image	 Stabilizer 	consumes	 more	power	
    than	 normal	 shooting,	 resulting	in	fewer	 shots	
    and	 a	shorter	 movie	shooting	 time.
    ● When	 shooting	 a	still	 subject,	 it	compensates	 for	
    camera	 shake	in	all	 directions.
    ● It	compensates	 for	vertical	 camera	 shake	during	
    following	 shots	in	a	horizontal	 direction,	and	
    compensates	 for	horizontal	 camera	shake	during	
    following	 shots	in	a	vertical	 direction.
    ● When	 you	use	a	tripod,	 the	Image	 Stabilizer	
    should	 be	turned	 off	to	save	 battery	 power.
    ● Even	 with	a	monopod,	 the	Image	 Stabilizer	 will	
    be	 as	effective	 as	during	 hand-held	 shooting.	
    However,	 depending	 on	the	 shooting	 conditions,	
    there	 are	cases	 in	which	 the	Image	 Stabilizer	
    effect	 may	be	less	 effective.
    ● The	 image	 stabilizer	 function	also	operates	 when	the	
    lens	 is	used	 with	an	Extension	 Tube	EF12	 II	or	 EF25	 II.
    ● The	 Image	 Stabilizer 	will	 operate	 even	when	 you	
    press	 the	button	 assigned	 to	the	 AF	function	 with	
    the	 camera’s	 Custom	Functions.
    Image Stabilizer5 
    ● In	 semi-darkened	 areas	such	as	indoors	 or	
    outdoors	 at	night.
    ● In	 locations	 where	flash	photography	 is	
    prohibited,	 such	as	art	 museums	 and	theater	
    ● In	 situations	 where	your	footing	 is	uncertain.
    ● In	 situations	 where	fast	shutter	 settings	
    cannot	 be	used. ●
    ● When	 panning	 subjects	 in	motion.
    ■ Dynamic IS Function
    The	 EF-S18-135mm	 f/3.5-5.6	IS	USM	 is	
    equipped	 with	dynamic	 IS,	effective	 when	
    shooting	 while	walking	 since	it	expands	 the	IS	
    range. ●
    ● Achieves 	effective 	IS 	at 	the 	wide 	end.
    ● Automatically 	activates 	when 	the 	camera 	is 	set	
    to 	Movie 	Shooting.
    The image stabilizer for this lens is effective for hand-held shots in the following conditions.
    Image Stabilizer 
    EW-73D	 hood	cuts	out	unwanted	 light	and	protects	 the	front	 of	the	 lens	 from	 rain,	snow,	 and	
    Attachment	 position	mark
    position	 mark
    Red	 dot
    ● Attaching
    Align	 the	red	 attachment	 position	mark	on	the	
    hood	 with	the	red	 dot	on	the	 front	 of	the	 lens,	
    and	 then	 rotate	 the	hood	 in	the	 direction	 of	the	
    arrow	 until	it	is	 firmly	 attached	 with	the	red	 dot	
    and	 stop	 position	 mark	on	the	 hood	 aligned.
    ● Removing
    Keep	 your	finger	 pressed	 down	on	the	 button	
    located	 on	the	 side	 of	the	 hood,	 and	then	 rotate	
    the	 hood	 in	the	 direction	 of	the	 arrow	 until	the	
    attachment	 position	mark	on	the	 hood	 is	aligned	
    with	 the	red	 dot	on	the	 front	 of	the	 lens	 to	detach	
    it.	 The	 hood	 can	be	reverse-mounted 	on	 the	 lens	
    for	 storage.
    ● If	the	 hood	 is	not	 attached	 properly,	vignetting	 (darkening	 of	the	 perimeter	 of	the	 picture)	 may	occur.	
    ● Grasp	 and	rotate	 the	base	 of	the	 hood	 when	 attaching	 and	detaching	 it.	There	 are	cases	 in	which	 it	may	
    become	 deformed	 if	the	 hood	 is	rotated	 with	it	grasped	 near	to	the	 rim.
    Hood (sold separately)6 
    can	attach	 extension	 tube	EF12	 II	or	 EF25	
    II	 for	 magnified	 shots.	The	shooting	 distance	
    and	 magnification	 are	shown	 below.
    Focusing	 Distance	Range	(mm)Magnification	 (×)Close	distance Long	distance Close	distance Long	distance
    EF12	 II18mmIncompatible135mm300
    1568 0.430.09
    EF25	II18mmIncompatible135mm258
    8220.61 0.21
    MF	mode	 is	recommended	 for	accurate	 focusing.
    You	can	attach	 filters	to	the	 filter	 mounting	
    thread	 on	the	 front	 of	the	 lens.
    ● Only	 one	filter	 may	be	attached.	
    ● If	you	 need	 a	polarizing	 filter,	use	the	Canon	
    Circular	 Polarizing	 Filter	PL-C	 B	(67	 mm).
    ● Detach	 the	hood	 when	 adjusting	 the	polarizing	
    (sold separately)7
    Extension Tubes 
    (sold separately)8
    (sold separately)9
    The	 POWER	 ZOOM	ADAPTER	 PZ-E1	can	
    be	 attached	 to	this	 lens	 in	order	 to	perform	
    motorized	 zooming.	Refer	to	the	 PZ-E1	
    instruction	 manual	for	 details	 on	use.
    When	 using	the	power	 zoom,	the	usable	 focal	
    length	 of	the	 lens	 is	limited.	 The	focal	 length	 range	
    within	 which	the	power	 zoom	can	operate 	is	 listed	
    below	 (there	are	times	 when,	 depending	 on	usage	
    conditions,	 the	power	 zoom	will	stop	 operating	 if	the	
    usable	 focal	length	 listed	is	exceeded).
    When	 using	the	PZ-E1 19	mm	 -	132	 mm 
    Focal Length/Aperture18-135mm	f/3.5-5.6
    Lens Construction 12	groups,	 16	elements
    Minimum Aperture f/22-36*
    Angle of View Diagonal:	74°20′	-	11°30′,	 Vertical:	 45°30′	-	6	 °20′,	 Horizontal:	 64°30′	-	9°30′
    Min. Focusing Distance 0.39	m/1.28	 ft.
    Max. Magnification 0.28x	(at	135	 mm)
    Field of View Approx.	248	x	372	 -	53	 x	80	 mm/9.76	 x	14.65	 -	2.09	 x	3.15	 inch	(at	0.39	 m/1.28	 ft.)
    Filter Diameter 67	mm
    Max. Diameter and Length 77.4	x	96.0	 mm/3.05	 x	3.78	 inch
    Weight Approx.	515g/18.2	 oz
    Hood EW-73D	(Sold	Separately)
    Lens Cap E-67	II
    Case LP1116	(Sold	Separately)
    POWER ZOOM ADAPTER PZ-E1	(Sold	Separately)
    *	 Applies	 to	1/3-stop	 increments.	 With	1/2-stop	 increments,	 it	will	 be	f/22-38.
    ● Equivalent 	to 	29-216 	mm 	in 	the 	35 	mm 	film 	format.
    ● The 	lens 	length 	is 	measured 	from 	the 	mount 	surface 	to 	the 	front 	end 	of 	the 	lens. 	Add 	24.2 	mm 	when	
    including 	the 	lens 	cap 	and 	dust 	cap.
    ● The 	size 	and 	weight 	listed 	are 	for 	the 	lens 	only, 	except 	as 	indicated.
    ● E
    xtenders 	cannot 	be 	used 	with 	this 	lens. 	In 	addition, 	there 	are 	no 	close-up 	lenses 	designed 	for 	use 	with 	this 	lens.●
    ● Aperture 	settings 	are 	specified 	on 	the 	camera. 	The 	camera 	automatically 	compensates 	for 	variations	
    in 	the 	aperture 	setting 	when 	the 	camera 	is 	zoomed 	in 	or 	out.
    ● All	data 	listed 	is 	measured 	according 	to 	Canon 	standards.
    ● Product 	specifications 	and 	appearance 	are 	subject 	to 	change 	without 	notice.
    Only for European Union and EEA (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein)
    This	symbol	indicates	that	this	product	is	not	to	be	disposed	of	with	your	household	waste,	according	to	the	
    WEEE	Directive	(2012/19/EU)	and	national	legislation.	This	product	should	be	handed	over	to	a	designated	
    collection	point,	e.g.,	on	an	authorized	one-for-one	basis	when	you	buy	a	new	similar	product	or	to	an	
    authorized	collection	site	for	recycling	waste	electrical	and	electronic	equipment	(EEE).	Improper	handling	of	
    this	type	of	waste	could	have	a	possible	negative	impact	on	the	environment	and	human	health	due	to	
    potentially	hazardous	substances	that	are	generally	associated	with	EEE.	 At	the	same	time,	your	
    cooperation	in	the	correct	disposal	of	this	product	will	contribute	to	the	effective	usage	of	natural	resources.	For	more	
    information	about	where	you	can	drop	off	your	waste	equipment	for	recycling,	please	contact	your	local	city	office,	waste	
    authority,	approved	WEEE	scheme	or	your	household	waste	disposal	service.	For	more	information	regarding	return	and	
    recycling	of	WEEE	products,	please	visit	
    www.canon-europe.com/weee . 
    							CT1-8610-000	 1215Ni	 ©	CANON	INC.	2015	  
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