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Canon Pixma Mx492 User Guide

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Page 31

Download a Variety of Content MaterialsCREATIVE PARKA "printing materials site" where you can download all the printing materials for free.
Various types of content such as seasonal cards and paper crafts that can be made by assembling paper
parts are provided.
It is easily accessible from Quick Menu.
CREATIVE PARK PREMIUMA service where customers using models that support PREMIUM Contents can download exclusive
printing materials.
PREMIUM Contents can be downloaded easily via My Image Garden....

Page 32

Print Items with Easy-PhotoPrint+ (Web Application)You can easily create and print personalized items such as calendars and collages, anytime and anywhere,
by simply accessing Easy-PhotoPrint+ on the web from a computer or tablet.
By using Easy-PhotoPrint+, you can create items in the latest environment without going through the trouble
of installation.
Moreover, you can use various photos for your item through integration with social networks such as
Facebook, or with online storage, web albums, etc....

Page 33

Connection Methods Available on the MachineThe following connection methods are available on the machine.
Wireless Connection  
With a wireless router
Without a wireless router
USB Connection 
Wireless Connection
There are two methods for connecting the printer to your device (such as a smartphone). One method is
to connect using a wireless router, and the other method is to connect without using a wireless router. The two connection methods cannot be used at the same time.
If you have a wireless router,...

Page 34

Connection without Using a Wireless Router•
Connect the printer and a device without using a wireless router. Connect a device and the printer
directly using the printer's access point mode function.
When establishing a connection in access point mode, Internet connection may become unavailable. In that case, web services for the printer cannot be used.
If you connect a device connected to the Internet via a wireless router to the printer that is in access
point mode, the connection between the...

Page 35

Connection without Using a Wireless Router (Windows XP)
(Appears in a new window)
Press the  Setup button (A) on the printer.
Use the  or  button (B) to select  Device settings, then press the OK button.
Select  LAN settings , then press the  OK button.
Select  Change LAN , then press the  OK button.
Select  Access point mode , then press the OK button.

Page 36

Select SSID, then press the  OK button.
Check  SSID information  in the printer screen, then press the  Back button (C).
You will use the  SSID information  in the subsequent steps.
Select Security protocol , then press the OK button.
Check the  Password (network key), then press the  Back button.
You will use the  Password (network key) in the subsequent steps.
Select Start setup , then press the  OK button.
Right-click the  Wireless Network Connection  icon in the notification area...

Page 37

Select the network name (SSID) you want to use, then click Connect.
Enter the  Password  (Network key ), then click Connect.
When connection is complete, click  Back until the screen below appears.
Proceed with the setup.

Page 38

RestrictionsWhen connecting another device while a device (such as a smartphone) is already connected to the printer,
connect it using the same connection method as the connected device.
If you connect using a different connection method, the connection to the device in use will be disabled.
Connection Using a Wired Network cannot be performed on printers that do not support a wired connection.
Connection Using a Wireless Router•
This printer cannot be used over wireless and wired connections at the same...

Page 39

•In access point mode, you can connect up to five devices at the same time. If you try to connect asixth device while five devices are already connected, an error will appear.
If an error appears, disconnect a device that does not use the printer, then configure settings again.•
Devices connected to the printer in access point mode cannot communicate with each other.
Firmware updates for the printer are not available while using the access point mode.
When a device has been connected to the printer...

Page 40

Notice for Web Service PrintingWhen Using Web Service•
Canon does not guarantee the continuity and reliability of the web services provided, the availability ofsite access, or permission to download the materials.
Canon may at any time update, change, or delete the information provided through the web service,or may suspend or discontinue the service without prior notice. Canon shall not be held responsible
for any damages resulting from such actions.
In no event shall Canon be liable for any damages...
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