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Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920F) User Manual

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    Listen to music sorted by category and customise playback settings.
    Music on the Apps screen.
    , select a category, and then select a song to play.
    Tap the album image at the bottom of the screen to open the music player screen.
    Change the repeat mode.
    Skip to the next song. Tap and 
    hold to fast-forward. Pause and resume playback. Access additional options.
    Adjust the volume.
    Skip to the previous song. Tap  and hold to rewind.Turn on shuffle.
    Set the file as your favourite  song.
    Open the playlist.   
    Watch videos stored in the device and customise playback settings.
    Video on the Apps screen.
    Select a video to play.
    Change screen ratio. Rewind or 
    fast-forward by 
    dragging the bar.
    Skip to the previous  video. Tap and hold  to rewind. Skip to the next 
    video. Tap and hold 
    to fast-forward.
    Access additional 
    Switch to the 
    pop-up video player. Pause and resume 
    Adjust the volume.
    Drag your finger up or down on the left side of the playback screen to adjust the brightness, 
    or drag your finger up or down on the right side of the playback screen to adjust the volume.
    To rewind or fast-forward, swipe to the left or right on the playback screen.   
    Voice Recorder
    Use different recording modes for various situations, such as in an interview. The device can 
    convert your voice to text and distinguish between sound sources.
    Recording voice memos
    1 On the Apps screen, tap Tools → Voice Recorder.
    2 Tap  to start recording. Speak into the microphone.
    Pause to pause recording.
    While recording a voice memo, tap 
    Bookmark to insert a bookmark.
    Change the recording mode.
    Start recording.
    3 Tap  to finish recording.   
    Changing the recording mode
    Tap  to select a mode from the list.
    •	Standard: This is the normal recording mode. Voice memos recorded in this mode appear 
    with the 
     icon next to them.
    •	Interview: The microphone is sensitive to sounds from two directions. In this mode, both 
    the top and the bottom of the device pick up equal amounts of sound. Voice memos 
    recorded in this mode appear with the 
     icon next to them.
    •	Voice memo: The device records your voice and simultaneously converts it to on-screen 
    text. For best results, keep the device near your mouth and speak loudly and clearly in a 
    quiet place. Voice memos recorded in this mode appear with the 
     icon next to them.
    If the voice memo system language does not match the language you are speaking, 
    the device will not recognise your voice. Before using this feature, tap the current 
    language to set the voice memo system language.
    Playing selected voice memos
    When you review interview recordings, you can mute or unmute certain sound sources in the 
    1 On the Apps screen, tap Tools → Voice Recorder.
    2 Tap Recordings and select a voice memo recorded in interview mode.   
    3 To mute certain sound sources, tap  for the corresponding direction that sound is to be 
    The icon will change to 
     and the sound will be muted.
    Unmuted sound source
    Muted sound source
    My Files
    Access and manage various files stored in the device or in other locations, such as cloud 
    storage services.
    On the Apps screen, tap 
    Tools → My Files.
    •	Category: View files by category.
    •	Local storage: View files stored in the device.
    •	Cloud storage: View files stored in the cloud storage service.
    •	STORAGE USAGE: View your device’s memory information.
    To search for files or folder, tap 
    Create memos and organise them by category.
    On the Apps screen, tap 
    Tools → Memo.
    Composing memos
    Tap  on the memos list and enter a memo. While composing a memo, use the following 
    •	Category: Create or set a category.
    •	Image: Insert images.
    •	Voice: Make a voice recording to insert.
    •	Tasks: Add tick boxes at the beginning of each row to create a list of tasks.
    To save the memo, tap 
    To edit a memo, tap a memo, and then tap the content of the memo.
    Searching for memos
    Tap SEARCH on the memos list and enter a keyword to search for memos that include the 
    Set alarms, check the current time in many cities around the world, time an event, or set a 
    specific duration.
    On the Apps screen, tap Clock → Alarm.  
    Setting alarms
    Set an alarm time and tap SAVE.
    To open the keypad to enter an alarm time, tap 
    To set an alarm with various alarm options, tap 
    OPTIONS, set alarm options, and then tap 
    To activate or deactivate alarms, tap the clock icon next to the alarm in the alarms list.
    Stopping alarms
    Tap DISMISS to stop an alarm. If you have previously enabled the snooze option, tap 
    SNOOZE to repeat the alarm after a specified length of time.
    Deleting alarms
    Tap  on an alarm in the list of alarms.
    World clock
    On the Apps screen, tap Clock → World clock.
    Creating clocks
    Enter a city name or select a city from the globe, and then tap .
    Deleting clocks
    Tap  on a clock.
    1 On the Apps screen, tap Clock → Stopwatch.
    2 Tap START to time an event.
    To record lap times while timing an event, tap 
    3 Tap STOP to stop timing.
    To restart the timing, tap 
    To clear lap times, tap 
    1 On the Apps screen, tap Clock → Timer.
    2 Set the duration, and then tap START.
    To open the keypad to enter the duration, tap 
    3 Tap DISMISS when the timer goes off.
    Perform simple or complex calculations.
    Calculator on the Apps screen.
    Rotate the device to landscape orientation to display the scientific calculator. If 
     is disabled, open the notification panel and tap Screen rotation to activate it.
    To see the calculation history, tap 
    HISTORY. To close the calculation history panel, tap 
    To clear the history, tap 
    Google apps
    Google provides entertainment, social network, and business apps. You may require a Google 
    account to access some apps. Refer to Accounts for more information.
    To view more app information, access each app’s help menu.
    Some apps may not be available or may be labelled differently depending on the 
    region or service provider.
    Search for information and browse webpages.
    Send or receive emails via the Google Mail service.
    Share your news and follow updates that your family, friends, and others share. You can also 
    back up your photos and videos, and more.
    Find your location on the map, search for locations, and view location information for various 
    Play Music
    Discover, listen to, and share music on your device.
    Play Movies & TV
    Watch videos stored on your device and download various content to watch from the Play 
    Play Books
    Download various books from Play Store and read them.  
    Play Newsstand
    Read news and magazines that interest you in one convenient location.
    Play Games
    Download games from Play Store and play them with others.
    Store your content on the cloud, access it from anywhere, and share it with others.
    Watch or create videos and share them with others.
    Manage photos, albums, and videos that you have saved on the device and uploaded to 
    Chat with your friends individually or in groups and use images, emoticons, and video calls 
    while you are chatting.
    Search quickly for items on the Internet or your device.
    Voice Search
    Search quickly for items by saying a keyword or phrase.
    Google Settings
    Configure settings for some features provided by Google.  
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