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Stihl 201 Tcm Manual

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STIHL MS 201 TC-MInstruction Manual 

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Original Instruction Manual Printed on chlorine-free paper
Printing inks contain vegetable oils, paper can be recycled. © ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG, 2018
0458-599-0121-A. VA5.B18. 
MS 201 TC-M
{This instruction manual is protected by copyright. All rights reserved, especially the rights to reproduce, translate and process 
with electronic systems.
Dear Customer,
Thank you for choosing a quality 
engineered STIHL product.
It has been built using modern 

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MS 201 TC-M
2 This Instruction Manual refers to a 
STIHL chain saw, also called a machine 
in this Instruction Manual.
Pictograms that appear on the machine 
are explained in this Instruction Manual.
Depending on the machine and 
equipment version, the following 
pictograms may appear on the machine.
Symbols in text
Warning where there is a risk of an 
accident or personal injury or serious 
damage to property.
Caution where there is a risk of 
damaging the machine or...

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MS 201 TC-M
Observe all applicable local safety 
regulations, standards and ordinances.The use of noise emitting power tools 
may be restricted to certain times by 
national or local regulations.
If you have not used this model before: 
Have your dealer or other experienced 
user show you how to operate your 
machine or attend a special course in its 
Minors should never be allowed to use a 
chainsaw. Exceptions to this rule are 
young persons older than 16 who have 

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MS 201 TC-M
4 Avoid clothing that could get caught on 
branches, brush or moving parts of the 
machine. Do not wear a scarf, necktie or 
jewelery. Tie up and confine long hair 
(headscarf, cap, hard hat, etc.).
Wear a face shield and make sure it fits 
Wear "personal" hearing protection – for 
example, ear defenders.
Wear a hard hat with a chin strap 
wherever there is any risk of falling 
objects.STIHL can supply a comprehensive 
range of personal protective clothing...

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MS 201 TC-M
5 Open the fuel filler cap carefully so that 
any excess pressure is relieved 
gradually and fuel does not splash out.
The machine may only be refuelled in a 
well ventilated place. Clean the machine 
immediately if fuel is spilled. Do not spill 
fuel over your clothing – contaminated 
clothing must be changed immediately.
The machines can be equipped with the 
following filler caps as standard:
Cliplock filler cap (bayonet-type)
This helps reduce the risk of unit 
vibrations causing...

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MS 201 TC-M
6 Use the tree surgery chainsaw with one 
hand only:
–if two-handed cutting is not possible 
–if one hand is required for support 
during the cut and–if the saw is held firmly and
–if all parts of your body are clear of 
the cutting attachment.
During one-handed cutting:
–never support yourself on the limb 
being cut
–never cut with the bar nose
–never attempt to hold falling limbs
Make sure you always have good 
balance and secure footing. To avoid 
slipping, take special care...

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MS 201 TC-M
7 Never operate your saw without proper 
chain lubrication – check oil level 
regularly during operation. Stop work 
immediately if the oil level is too low and 
refill the oil tank – see also chapters on 
"Filling Chain Oil Tank" and "Checking 
Chain Lubrication".
If your saw is subjected to unusually 
high loads for which it was not designed 
(e.g. heavy impact or a fall), always 
check that it is in good condition before 
continuing work – see also "Before...

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MS 201 TC-M
8 Always use one of the two rings to fasten 
the chain scabbard to the harness for 
storage while working.
Always use the pull-out ring (4) on the 
back of the chain saw to transport and 
secure the chain saw on a rope.
Never use one of the chain scabbard 
rings (1) to transport or secure the chain 
saw – risk of accident due to falling chain 
Prolonged use of the power tool may 
result in vibration-induced circulation 
problems in the hands (whitefinger 
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