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Stihl 45 C Owners Manual

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Page 1

Read Instruction Manual thoroughly 
before use and follow all safety 
precautions – improper use can 
cause serious or fatal injury.
Antes de usar la máquina lea y siga 
todas las precauciones de 
seguridad dadas en el manual de 
instrucciones – el uso incorrecto 
puede causar lesiones graves o 

Page 2

Instruction Manual
1 - 32
Manual de instrucciones
33 - 69 

Page 3

Original Instruction Manual Printed on chlorine-free paper
Printing inks contain vegetable oils, paper can be recycled. © ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG, 2017
0458-253-8621-B. VA1.A17. 
HS 45
{This instruction manual is protected by copyright. All rights reserved, especially the rights to reproduce, translate and process 
with electronic systems.
Allow only persons who fully understand 
this manual to operate your hedge 
To receive maximum performance and...

Page 4

HS 45
The meanings of the pictograms 
attached to or embossed on the 
machine are explained in this manual.
Depending on the model concerned, the 
following pictograms may be on your 
Symbols in Text
Many operating and safety instructions 
are supported by illustrations.
The individual steps or procedures 
described in the manual may be marked 
in different ways:
NA bullet marks a step or procedure.A description of a step or procedure that 
refers directly to an illustration...

Page 5

HS 45
3 Have your STIHL dealer show you how 
to operate your power tool. Observe all 
applicable local safety regulations, 
standards and ordinances.
Do not lend or rent your power tool 
without the instruction manual. Be sure 
that anyone using it understands the 
information contained in this manual.
The use of this machine may be 
hazardous. If the cutting tool comes in 
contact with your body, it will cut you.
Use your hedge trimmer only for cutting 
hedges, shrubs, scrub,...

Page 6

HS 45
4 exposure to vibration are mentioned as 
factors in the development of whitefinger 
disease. In order to reduce the risk of 
whitefinger disease and carpal tunnel 
syndrome, please note the following:
–Most STIHL power tools are 
available with an anti-vibration 
("AV") system designed to reduce 
the transmission of vibrations 
created by the machine to the 
operator's hands. An AV system is 
recommended for those persons 
using power tools on a regular or 
sustained basis....

Page 7

HS 45
5 with the specific STIHL model are 
authorized. Although certain 
unauthorized attachments are useable 
with STIHL power tools, their use may, 
in fact, be extremely dangerous.
If this tool is subjected to unusually high 
loads for which it was not designed (e.g. 
heavy impact or a fall), always check 
that it is in good condition before 
continuing work. Check in particular that 
the fuel system is tight (no leaks) and 
that the controls and safety devices are 
working properly. Do not...

Page 8

HS 45
6 Flip up the lever and slowly turn left (1) 
to the vent position of the cap at about 
1/8 turn where the cap is held in place by 
the thread. Once the fumes have been 
relieved, turn (2) the cap further to the 
1/4 turn position where the tool-less cap 
can be removed from the tank thread.
Never remove the fuel filler cap by 
quickly turning it to the full 1/4 open 
position without letting it vent out any 
vapor/pressure build-up at the 
1/8 position.
Select bare ground for fueling and...

Page 9

HS 45
7 NTo return the cap to the open 
position for installation, turn the cap 
(with the grip up) until it drops fully 
into the tank opening. Next, twist the 
cap counterclockwise as far as it will 
go (approx. 1/4 turn) – this will twist 
the base of the cap into the correct 
position. Then, twist the cap 
clockwise, closing it normally.
NIf your cap still does not tighten 
properly, it may be damaged or 
broken; immediately stop use of the 
unit and take it to your authorized 
STIHL dealer...

Page 10

HS 45
8 Once the engine has started, 
immediately blip the throttle trigger, 
which should release the starting throttle 
and allow the engine to slow down to 
Your power tool is a one-person 
machine. Do not allow other persons in 
the general work area, even when 
To reduce the risk of injury from loss of 
control, do not attempt to "drop start" 
your power tool.
When you pull the starter grip, do not 
wrap the starter rope around your hand. 
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