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Stihl 85 Manual

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Page 1

Instruction Manual    
Manual de instrucciones
STIHL FS 80, 85
BA_FS80_30_U_K4.book  Seite 0  Freitag, 8. Oktober 2004  10:59 10
Read and follow all safety precautions in 
Instruction Manual – improper use can cause 
serious or fatal injury.
Lea y siga todas las precauciones de 
seguridad dadas en el manual de 
instrucciones – el uso incorrecto puede 
causar lesiones graves o mortales. 

Page 2

FS 80, FS 80 R, FS 85, FS 85 R English / USA
Printed on chlorine-free paper.
Printing inks contain vegetabl e oils; paper can be recycled.
0458 393 8621. M10. D8 . CP. Printed in USA 
Guide to Using this Manual  ..............  2
Safety Precautions and 
Working Techniques  .........................  3
Approved Combinations of 
Cutting Tool, Deflector, 
Handle and Harness  .......................  20
Approved Power 

Page 3

2 English / USAFS 80, FS 80 R, FS 85, FS 85 R
All the pictograms attached to the 
machine are shown and explained in  
this manual.
The operating and handling instructions 
are supported by illustrations.
Symbols in text
The individual steps or procedures 
described in the manual may be marked 
in different ways:
:A bullet marks a step or procedure 
without direct reference to an 
A description of a step or procedure that 
refers directly to an illustration may 
contain item...

Page 4

FS 80, FS 80 R, FS 85, FS 85 R English / USA
Because a trimmer/
brushcutter is a high-
speed, fast-cutting power 
tool sometimes equipped 
with sharp cutting blades, 
special safety precautions 
must be observed to reduce the risk of 
personal injury.
It is important that you 
read, fully understand and 
observe the following 
safety precautions and 
warnings. Read the 
instruction manual and 
the safety precautions periodically. 
Careless or improper use may cause 
serious or fatal injury.

Page 5

4 English / USAFS 80, FS 80 R, FS 85, FS 85 R
To reduce the risk of injury to bystanders 
and damage to property, never let your 
power tool run unattended. When it is 
not in use (e.g. during a work break), 
shut it off and make sure that 
unauthorized persons do not use it.
Most of these safety precautions and 
warnings apply to the use of all STIHL 
trimmer/brushcutters. Different models 
may have different parts and controls. 
See the appropriate section of your 
instruction manual for a...

Page 6

FS 80, FS 80 R, FS 85, FS 85 R English / USA
Keep the AV system well maintained. A 
power tool with loose components or 
with damaged or worn AV buffers will 
tend to have higher vibration levels.
Maintain a firm grip at all times, but do 
not squeeze the handles with constant, 
excessive pressure. Wear gloves and 
keep your hands warm. Take frequent 
All the above-mentioned precautions do 
not guarantee that you will not sustain 
whitefinger disease or carpal tunnel 
syndrome. Therefore,...

Page 7

6 English / USAFS 80, FS 80 R, FS 85, FS 85 R
Avoid loose-fitting jackets, 
scarfs, neckties, jewelry, 
flared or cuffed pants, 
unconfined long hair or 
anything that could 
become caught on 
branches, brush or the moving parts of 
the unit. Secure hair so it is above 
shoulder level.
Good footing is very 
important. Wear sturdy 
boots with nonslip soles. 
Steel-toed safety boots 
are recommended.
Wear an approved safety 
hard hat to reduce the risk 
of injury to your head 
when there is a danger of...

Page 8

FS 80, FS 80 R, FS 85, FS 85 R English / USA
Always shut off the engine and make 
sure the cutting attachment has stopped 
before putting a trimmer/brushcutter 
down. When transporting it in a vehicle, 
properly secure it to prevent turnover, 
fuel spillage and damage to the unit. 
STIHL recommends that you keep metal 
blades covered with the transport guard 
(optional accessory).
Your STIHL power tool uses an oil- 
gasoline mixture for fuel (see the chap-
ter on “Fuel” of your...

Page 9

8 English / USAFS 80, FS 80 R, FS 85, FS 85 R
Screw cap
Unit vibrations can cause 
an improperly tightened 
fuel filler cap to loosen or 
come off and spill 
quantities of fuel. In order 
to reduce the risk of fuel 
spillage and fire, tighten the fuel filler cap 
by hand as securely as possible.
Before Starting
Always check your power tool for proper 
condition and operation before starting, 
particularly the throttle trigger, throttle 
trigger interlock, stop switch, cutting...

Page 10

FS 80, FS 80 R, FS 85, FS 85 R English / USA
Arrows on the deflector 
(A) and limit stop 
(B)  (as seen from the underside)  show 
the correct direction of rotation of the 
cutting attachment. When viewed from 
above, however, the cutting attachment 
rotates  counterclockwise.
Adjust carrying harness and hand grip to 
suit your size before starting work. The 
machine should be properly balanced as 
specified in your instruction manual for 
proper control and less fatigue in 
operation. To be better...
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