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Stihl Fs 460 Cm Manual

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Page 1

STIHL FS 460 C-M, 490 C-M
Read Instruction Manual thoroughly 
before use and follow all safety 
precautions – improper use can 
cause serious or fatal injury.
Antes de usar la máquina lea y siga 
todas las precauciones de 
seguridad dadas en el manual de 
instrucciones – el uso incorrecto 
puede causar lesiones graves o 
Instruction Manual
Manual de instrucciones 

Page 2

Instruction Manual
1 - 53
Manual de instrucciones
54 - 111 

Page 3

Original Instruction Manual Printed on chlorine-free paper
Printing inks contain vegetable oils, paper can be recycled. © ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG, 2018
0458-746-8621-C. VA5.A18. 
FS 460 C-M, FS 460 C-M L, FS 490 C-M, FS 490 C-M L
{This instruction manual is protected by copyright. All rights reserved, especially the rights to reproduce, translate and process 
with electronic systems.
Allow only persons who fully understand 
this manual to operate your clearing...

Page 4

FS 460 C-M, FS 460 C-M L, FS 490 C-M, FS 490 C-M L
The meanings of the pictograms 
attached to or embossed on the 
machine are explained in this manual.
Depending on the model concerned, the 
following pictograms may be on your 
Symbols in Text
Many operating and safety instructions 
are supported by illustrations.
The individual steps or procedures 
described in the manual may be marked 
in different ways:
NA bullet marks a step or procedure.
A description of a step or...

Page 5

FS 460 C-M, FS 460 C-M L, FS 490 C-M, FS 490 C-M L
3 The terminology utilized in this manual 
when referring to the power tool reflects 
the fact that different types of cutting 
attachments may be mounted on it. The 
term "trimmer" is used to designate an 
FS unit that is equipped with a nylon line 
head or a head with flexible plastic 
blades (i.e., the PolyCut head). A 
"brushcutter" designates a unit 
equipped with a rigid metal blade. Many 
FS models may be used as either a...

Page 6

FS 460 C-M, FS 460 C-M L, FS 490 C-M, FS 490 C-M L
Physical Condition
You must be in good physical condition 
and mental health and not under the 
influence of any substance (drugs, 
alcohol, etc.) which might impair vision, 
dexterity or judgment. Do not operate 
this machine when you are fatigued.
Be alert – if you get tired, take a break. 
Tiredness may result in loss of control. 
Working with any power tool can be 
strenuous. If you have any condition that 
might be...

Page 7

FS 460 C-M, FS 460 C-M L, FS 490 C-M, FS 490 C-M L
Be particularly alert and cautious when 
wearing hearing protection because 
your ability to hear warnings (shouts, 
alarms, etc.) is restricted.Avoid loose-fitting jackets, scarfs, 
neckties, jewelry, flared or cuffed pants, 
unconfined long hair or anything that 
could become caught on branches, 
brush or the moving parts of the unit. 
Secure hair so it is above shoulder level.
For illustrations and definitions of the...

Page 8

FS 460 C-M, FS 460 C-M L, FS 490 C-M, FS 490 C-M L
6 It may be carried only in a horizontal 
position. Grip the shaft in a manner that 
the machine is balanced horizontally. 
Keep the hot muffler away from your 
To reduce the risk of burn 
injury, do not touch hot 
parts of the machine and 
the gear housing when 
they are hot.
Always shut off the engine and make 
sure the cutting attachment has stopped 
before putting a clearing saw down. 
When transporting it in a vehicle,...

Page 9

FS 460 C-M, FS 460 C-M L, FS 490 C-M, FS 490 C-M L
7 tank opening with the raised positioning 
marks on the grip of the cap and on the 
fuel tank opening lining up. Using the 
grip, press the cap down firmly while 
turning it clockwise as far as it will go 
(approx. 1/4 turn).
Misaligned, damaged or broken cap
NIf the cap does not drop fully into the 
opening when the positioning marks 
line up and/or if the cap does not 
tighten properly when twisted, the 
base of the cap may be prematurely...

Page 10

FS 460 C-M, FS 460 C-M L, FS 490 C-M, FS 490 C-M L
Never operate your power tool if it is 
damaged, improperly adjusted or 
maintained, or not completely or 
securely assembled.
Do not attach any cutting attachment to 
a unit without proper installation of all 
required parts. Failure to use the proper 
parts may cause the blade or head to fly 
off and seriously injure the operator or 
The cutting attachment must be properly 
tightened and in safe operating...
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