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Stihl Hs 81 R Manual

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Page 1

Read and follow all safety 
precautions in Instruction Manual – 
improper use can cause serious or 
fatal injury.
Lea y siga todas las precauciones 
de seguridad dadas en el manual 
de instrucciones – el uso incorrecto 
puede causar lesiones graves o 
Instruction Manual
Manual de instrucciones 

Page 2

Instruction Manual
1 - 33
Manual de 
35 - 70 

Page 3

Original Instruction Manual Printed on chlorine-free paper
Printing inks contain vegetable oils, paper can be recycled. © ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG, 2011
0458-442-8621-B. M2-6.G11.PM. 
HS 81 R, HS 81 RC, HS 81 T, HS 81 TCEnglish
Allow only persons who fully understand 
this manual to operate your hedge 
To receive maximum performance and 
satisfaction from your STIHL hedge 
trimmer, it is important that you read, 
understand and follow the safety 
precautions and...

Page 4

HS 81 R, HS 81 RC, HS 81 T, HS 81 TC English
The meanings of the pictograms 
attached to or embossed on the 
machine are explained in this manual.
Depending on the model concerned, the 
following pictograms may be on your 
Symbols in Text
Many operating and safety instructions 
are supported by illustrations.
The individual steps or procedures 
described in the manual may be marked 
in different ways:
NA bullet marks a step or procedure.A description of a step or procedure that...

Page 5

HS 81 R, HS 81 RC, HS 81 T, HS 81 TCEnglish
3 Have your STIHL dealer show you how 
to operate your power tool. Observe all 
applicable local safety regulations, 
standards and ordinances.
Use your hedge trimmer only for cutting 
hedges, shrubs, scrub, bushes and 
similar material.Most of these safety precautions and 
warnings apply to the use of all STIHL 
hedge trimmers. Different models may 
have different parts and controls. See 
the appropriate section of your 
instruction manual for a description of...

Page 6

HS 81 R, HS 81 RC, HS 81 T, HS 81 TC English
4 disease. In order to reduce the risk of 
whitefinger disease and carpal tunnel 
syndrome, please note the following:
–Most STIHL power tools are 
available with an anti-vibration 
(AV) system designed to reduce 
the transmission of vibrations 
created by the machine to the 
operators hands. An AV system is 
recommended for those persons 
using power tools on a regular or 
sustained basis.
–Wear gloves and keep your hands 
–Keep the AV system well...

Page 7

HS 81 R, HS 81 RC, HS 81 T, HS 81 TCEnglish
5 If this tool is subjected to unusually high 
loads for which it was not designed (e.g. 
heavy impact or a fall), always check 
that it is in good condition before 
continuing work. Check in particular that 
the fuel system is tight (no leaks) and 
that the controls and safety devices are 
working properly. Do not continue 
operating this machine if it is damaged. 
In case of doubt, have it checked by your 
STIHL servicing dealer.

Page 8

HS 81 R, HS 81 RC, HS 81 T, HS 81 TC English
6 Different models may be equipped with 
different fuel caps.
Toolless cap with grip
To do this with this STIHL cap, raise the 
grip on the top of the cap until it is upright 
at a 90° angle. Insert the cap in the fuel 
tank opening with the raised positioning 
marks on the grip of the cap and on the 
fuel tank opening lining up. Using the 
grip, press the cap down firmly while 
turning it clockwise as far as it will go 
(approx. 1/4 turn).Misaligned, damaged...

Page 9

HS 81 R, HS 81 RC, HS 81 T, HS 81 TCEnglish
7 Before Starting
Keep the handles clean and dry at all 
times; it is particularly important to keep 
them free of moisture, pitch, oil, fuel mix, 
grease or resin in order for you to 
maintain a firm grip and properly control 
your power tool.STIHL recommends that you always 
spray the cutter blades with STIHL resin 
solvent before starting work – with the 
engine stopped! You can obtain this 
protective spray from your dealer. Apply 

Page 10

HS 81 R, HS 81 RC, HS 81 T, HS 81 TC English
8 If you cannot set the correct idle speed, 
have your STIHL dealer check your 
power tool and make proper 
adjustments and repairs.
During Operation
Holding and Controlling the Power 
Always hold the unit firmly with both 
hands on the handles while you are 
working. Wrap your fingers and thumbs 
around the handles.
Right-hand Use
Put your right hand on the rear handle, 
left hand on the front handle.
Operate the machine so that the cutting 
blades are...
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