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Lucent Technologies Software User Manuals
                                                    Create Custom-Designed User Documents
      For AUDIX® Systems
What is Guide Builder™ Software for 
AUDIX® Systems?
Guide Builder software lets you prepare 
documentation, including graphics, for 
your AUDIX users. You control the 
amount and the format of documentation 
that messaging users receive. This 
software is anchored by a database of 
Intuity AUDIX documentation from 
which Guide Builder software retrieves 
You can quickly design documentation 
that best suits your users’ needs....
Comcode 107307365
Issue 1
August 1994
Voice Messaging Outcalling 
Quick Reference 
Comcode 108356130
Issue 1
May 1999
Planning for the 
Release 4.0 
                                                    DEFINITY® AUDIX® System
Re lease 4.0
System Description Pocket Reference
Comcode 108356106
Issue 1
May 1999