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Lyman Firearms User Manuals

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Lyman Firearms User Manuals
User’s Guide for
Black Powder Products
This booklet contains important how-to information on the use
and maintenance of black powder products and accessories
• Flintlock and Caplock - How They Work
• Black Powder Loads and Specifications
• Shooting Tips–Round Ball and Conicals
• Basics of Bullet Casting
• Disassembly and Cleaning
The User’s Guide also includes detailed product information and
exploded parts diagrams for:
• Great Plains Rifle • Deerstalker Rifle
• Trade Rifle • Plains...
                                                    #4500 BULLET SIZER &
Your new #4500 Bullet Sizer and Lubricator
has been fully assembled at the factory,
However, to facilitate packaging and shipping,
the handle has been dismounted. Installation of
the handle is quick and easy - simply align the
handle with the link (Figure 21) and turn in the
handle until it stops. No other assembly steps
are required.
NOTE: Lyman’s #4500 is intended only for the
sizing and lubrication of bullets cast of lead -
tin - antimony alloy and the...