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Lyman Firearms accessories User Manuals
                                                    LYMAN ACCUTRIMMER  INSTRUCTIONS
A metallic cartridge case will stretch after a number of firings and it then becomes neces-
sary to trim it back to its proper length so it will chamber properly. The Lyman AccuTrimmer
will accept most popular cases. 
To convert to another caliber, you need only change to the proper size shellholder and pilot.
Lyman offers a complete line of shellholders and pilots.
The base of your trimmer is drilled with offset holes for mounting directly to the top of
                                                    SETTING UP YOUR LYMAN
The Lyman Scale sets up quickly and easily. First remove the base casting from the carton.
Now grasp the scale beam and move the large poise (or balance weight) to the right to the
zero setting. Rotate the scale beam until the magnetic damper plate (copper colored) is in the
straight-up position. Align the beam bearings on the base casting and rotate the beam 90
degrees into position so that the knife edge is resting on the vee block bearing.
Next, remove...
                                                    #55 CLASSIC BLACK POWDER MEASURE
The #55 Classic Black Powder Measure has been designed to safely throw charges of
either black powder, Pyrodex, or smokeless powder. The measure is equipped with an alu-
minum powder reservoir and a metering cylinder enclosed in a brass housing. This eliminates
the possibility of sparks and static electricity. The #55 Classic is equipped with a powder baf-
fle for accurate, consistent charges. Certain models include an additional 24 long drop tube,
which provides up to 7%...
                                                    LYMAN’S ORANGE CRUSHER/ 
Setting up the Crusher
Remove the Crusher from its carton and position it against the edge of the bench top in the
most convenient location (usually near the center of the bench, leaving a work area on each
side). Mark the position of the mounting holes, drill them and use three 3/8 bolts, with wash-
ers and nuts, to securely anchor the Crusher.
The toggle link mechanism and ram have been factory installed.
Decide which mode of operation you prefer - right or...
1200 DPS  
Digital Powder System 
                                                    1000XP Compact 
Electronic Reloading Scale
Precision Elite Series
Brands that Perform
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Electronic Reloading Scale
Precision Elite Series
Brands that Perform 
                                                    Mag 20 Furnace Assembly, Operation and Parts
The main body of your furnace is fully assembled and factory-tested. To facilitate packag-
ing, the valve rod and operating lever have not been factory-installed and you must do so,
prior to using the furnace as follows: Attach the operating lever spring to the operating lever.
Slide the valve rod on the operating lever as shown in Figure 19. Next, place the valve rod
and operating lever, into position as shown in Figure 20. Fasten the operating lever...
                                                    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS FOR MINI MAG FURNACE
(2800200)-Furnace Only, (110V),
(2800220)-Furnace Only (220V)
• Never allow moisture near molten lead as when introduced to lead, a volatile steam
explosion occurs and molten lead is sprayed not only out over immediate area but also
all over the bullet caster. This moisture could be introduced by a wet ladle or dipper, wet
lead added to the pot, condensation from overhead pipes or many other ways.
• In no case attempt to touch the furnace while in...
                                                    THE #55
Clean the Measure
After unpacking the #55 measure the entire unit
should be thoroughly cleaned with a solvent (such as
alcohol) to remove any oil or preservative that might
lead to charging errors.
Setting the Measure
Always make sure the #55 measure is clean and
free from any loose powder grains before attempting to
use it. If the slides cannot be pushed in to register zero
when the unit is empty, the slides and cavity should be
cleaned. The zero line should be even with the...
                                                    THE T-MAG II PRESS
The Lyman T-Mag Press features a powerful
compound leverage with a unique position index-
able turret and quick disconnect release system.
This allows you to mount several die sets, pre-
cisely locked in and ready to reload at all times.
You may also mount your powder measure in
one of the die stations if it is compatible with the
7⁄8 x 14 threads (as many are).
The Lyman #55 Powder Measure can be
mounted to the turret using the Lyman 
7⁄8 x 14
A long steel handle adapted...
                                                    Turbo Tumbler Pop Top, 600, 1200 and 2500 Pro Magnum
By purchasing one of Lyman’s Turbo Tumblers you have invested in the finest and fastest
cartridge case polishing system available.  The Turbo Pop Top, 600, Turbo 1200 or the 2500
Pro Magnum will let you reload with a “factory finish” when you use Lyman Turbo Tumbler
Media.  Our Turbo Tumblers are easy to use and make reloading and shooting more enjoy-
General Instructions – Turbo Pop Top, 600, Turbo 1200 and 2500 Pro Magnum
Your new Turbo Tumbler...
                                                    UNIVERSAL POWER TRIMMER
Because a metallic cartridge case stretches after a number of firings, it becomes necessary
to trim it to proper length so it will chamber properly. Your Lyman Universal Power Trimmer
is designed to do that chore with ease and precision. Its patented Universal chuckhead accepts
all U.S. metallic cartridge cases except .50/70 Government and cartridges of similar rim
Conversion to another caliber is quick and easy, since you need change only the pilot. Be
                                                    THE UNIVERSAL CASE TRIMMER
A metallic cartridge case will stretch after a number of firings and it then becomes neces-
sary to trim it back to its proper length so it will chamber properly. The Lyman Universal
Case Trimmer accepts all U.S. metallic cases. To convert to another caliber you need only
change the pilot. Also included is an Allen wrench, which fits the lock screws in the adjust-
ment rings and cutter head.. 
The base casting is drilled so the trimmer may be fastened directly to the...