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Accusplit Stopwatch AX602M500 User Manual

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    6120 Stoneridge Mall Rd., Suite 210 Pleasanton, CA 94588 USA
    800-965-2008  •  925-226-0888  •  FAX 925-463-0147
    www.ACCUSPLIT.com  •  [email protected]
     2  3
    This stopwatch can store up to 500 split/lap times. 
    However please note when there are 5 free mem-
    ories left, the icon “FULL” will blink to remind you 
    of the nearly full situation. Whenever the storage 
    is full, extra split/lap times will NOT be stored into 
    memory even though you reset your stopwatch 
    and start a new event. Extra split/lap times will 
    only be shown on the display but not recorded.
    In order for the stopwatch to record the lap/split 
    times again, you must delete the data in the DATA 
    memory. Please refer to the “Data Mode” section 
    in the instruction manual for how to delete the 
    You are about to enjoy an advanced Cumula-
    tive and Lap memory professional digital quartz 
    stopwatch with advanced timing features. Models 
    AX602M500 & AX602M500DEC Stopwatches 
    include  Time of day, Daily Alarm, Chronograph 
    stopwatch, 500 memory, Data register, Count-
    down timer, Stroke Measurement timer, and Pacer 
    (from 5 to 240 beats per minute).
    Model AX602M500DEC Decimal Stopwatch 
    includes Decimal timing (1/100 of a sec, 
    1/1000 of a minute, 1/100,000 of an hour).
    Model AX602M500 Speed Stopwatch includes 
    Speed Measurement. 
     4 5
    General Features
    •   ACCUSPLIT X case with ergonomic design and 
      no-fail buttons
    •   4 button operation
    •   Large LCD display with contrast adjustment
    •   12/24 hour display
    •   Time of day and chime
    •   Daily alarm
    •   Full 1/100 second chronograph with working 
      range from 0 to 19 hr. 59 min. 59.99 seconds 
      with 500 memory records of split and lap time.
    •   Recall function for recorded split and lap times
    •   Count-Down timer with working range from 0 to 
      19 hr. 59 min. 59.9 seconds•   Three operating modes (Countdown Repeat, 
      Countdown Stop, Countdown then count up) 
      for countdown timer
    •   Stroke/Stride measurement basing on “3”
    •   Speed measurement (AX602M500 Model only)
    •   Decimal second, minute and hour chronograph 
      (AX602M500DEC Model only)
    •   Beep sound selectable
    •   Uses long life Lithium CR2032 battery for years 
      of use between battery changes
    •   Low battery check
    The operation of the stopwatch is divided into 
    nine modes. As you choose each “mode”, a 
    message will be displayed for a second before 
    you enter the mode:
     6 7
    Button Operation
    •  MODE 
    - used to 
      change the watch’s 
      operating mode
    •   START •  SPLIT - used 
      to start the timer or 
      stopwatch, and for taking 
      split and lap times
    •  RECALL - used to recall recorded split 
      and lap times (memories)
    •   STOP •  RESET - used to stop and reset the 
      stopwatch  or timer
    Speed mode (AX602M500 only)Normal Time  mode 
    Alarm mode 
    Chronograph mode 
    LapTime Recall mode 
    Data mode 
    Timer mode 
    Pacer mode 
    Stroke Measurement 
    Press MODE to cycle through: 
     8 9
    This is only a brief description of these buttons. 
    Detailed uses of the buttons are different in 
    particular functions and will be described later in 
    the instructions.
    Pressing [MODE] button will toggle among the 
    modes above. Note that there is no auto-return 
    function in the stopwatch. Whenever you change 
    modes, the stopwatch will remain in that mode 
    until the [MODE] button is pressed again.Time of Day Mode
    The starting point for operating your stopwatch 
    is  TIME OF DAY. If  TIME OF DAY is not displayed, 
    press [Mode] until it is.
    Year : - 2008
    Date : - January 1
    Day of week : - Monday
    Time : - 12:00 am
    The display format is as below :
        ° year
         ° day, month - date
         ° hr : min second
    During clock display, press [START •  SPLIT] to 
    switch between 12 hr and 24 hr display mode. 
    To toggle chime ON or OFF, you can press [STOP 
    •  RESET]. The bell icon will be ON or OFF corre-
    Normal Time  Setting
    Press and hold [RECALL] (S1) for 2 seconds to 
    enter setting mode. The normal time setting starts 
    with second. The second digits will be   ashing. 
    You can change the  ashing digit by pressing 
    [START •  SPLIT] (S3) button. To speed up the 
    setting you can press and hold [START •  SPLIT] 
    for longer than 2 seconds to activate fast set-
    ting. To select other digits, press [STOP •  RESET] 
    (S2) button. The setting order is: Second, Minute, 
    Hour, Year, Month, Date, month-date (m-d) or 
    Month and date
    ACCUSPLIT products use a common setting procedure known 
    as S1-S2-S3-S4.
    S1  (2 sec) - Enter set function OR 
    S1  (4 sec) - Enter set function & clear the current settings
    S2 – Select  eld to be set (selected  eld will  ash)
    S3 – Set  eld to desired settings
    S4 – Exit setting function
     12 13
    date-month (d-m), Sound ON or OFF, Contrast 
    (darkness of the digits - default is 9), then back to 
    Second, and recycles again. 
    Note: when the second is to be set, press [START 
    •  SPLIT] to reset the second digits to zero. At the 
    end of setting, press [RECALL] (S4) or [MODE] to 
    exit from the setting mode and back to Time of 
    Day Display.
    Display for Sound ON or 
    OFF setting :
    (Let the current status be “ON”.)
    Press [START •  SPLIT] to toggle 
    Sound ON or OFF.
    Display for contrast adjustment:
    (Let the current contrast be “5”)
    Press [START •  SPLIT] conse-
    cutively to advance the contrast 
    up to 16, then cycle back to 1. 
    The contrast setting will be 
    shown on the display.
    •   The hour digits may be displayed in 12 hr or 
      24 hr format.
    •   The year digits can be set from 2000 to 2099. 
      The date adjusts  automatically for odd and even 
      months including February of leap  
    years. The 
      day of week also adjusts automatically after you 
      set the date.
        S O U n d
       O n
        S O U n d
      O n
        C O n T
       1 6
        C O n T
     14 15
    Alarm Time  Mode
    Press [MODE] until you enter Alarm mode. This 
    mode is used for displaying the daily alarm time 
    and allows you to enable or disable the alarm.
    When you enter the Alarm Time mode, the display 
    shows the alarm time on the upper line while the 
    date is shown in the middle of the display and the 
    normal time is on the lower line.
           °  Alarm Time
           ° day, month - date
           ° hr : min secondTo toggle the alarm ON or OFF, press [STOP •  RESET]. 
    When alarm is ON, the indicator “” will be ON 
    while it will be turned off when alarm is disabled. 
    When alarm time is reached, the alarm signal will 
    sound for 60 seconds. Press any button to stop the 
    alarm sound.
    Setting  Alarm Time
    Press and hold [RECALL] (S1) for 2 seconds to ac-
    tivate the alarm setting. The alarm “minute” digits 
    will  ash as an indication. Adjust the  ashing digit 
    by pressing [START •  SPLIT] (S3). To set the alarm 
    hour digits, press [STOP •  RESET] (S2) to switch to 
    hour digits and then press [START •  SPLIT] (S3) to 
    adjust. Press [RECALL] (S4) or [MODE] to exit from 
    Alarm setting mode.
     16 17
    Chronograph and Recall Mode
    Press [MODE] until you enter the Chrono mode.
    The stopwatch can measure up to 19 hours, 
    59 minutes, 59.99 seconds. When you enter the 
    Chronograph mode, the display format is as 
    below.The upper line shows the split time, the middle 
    line shows the lap time and the accumulated 
    elapsed time is displayed on the lower line.
    Whenever the stopwatch stops running, the 
    “STOP” indicator will be ON. Press the button 
    [START •  SPLIT] to start the stopwatch. As it runs, 
    the current elapsed time is shown on the lower line.
    ° Split  time
           ° Lap time
           ° Cumulative time
     18  19
    To take a current split or lap time, press [START •  
    SPLIT]. The display will look like this:
    The number of split/lap times taken are shown in 
    the upper left corner. The corresponding split and 
    lap times are displayed on the upper and middle 
    line. Press [START •  SPLIT] again, the next split/lap 
    time will be shown and the number of split/lap 
    time is updated. The stopwatch can store up to 500 split/lap times. 
    The split/lap times are stored into the memory as 
    you press [START •  SPLIT] to take each split/lap 
    time. Meanwhile, the lap and split time will be 
    frozen for 5 seconds. After this 5-second period, 
    the lap and split time will return to normal.
    In addition, the fastest lap, the slowest lap, and the 
    averages of all laps will also be recorded. As you 
    press [STOP •  RESET] to stop the chronograph, the 
    last lap/split time will also be stored (provided that 
    the last lap/split time is not the  rst lap/split time). 
     20 21
    When there are 5 free memories left, the icon 
    “FULL” will blink to remind you of the nearly 
    full situation. Whenever the storage is full, extra 
    split/lap times will not be stored into memory but 
    will still be shown on the display. Any fastest and 
    slowest laps will not be stored. The memory coun-
    ter will  ash as the extra split/lap times are being 
    displayed. The  icon  “FULL ” will be steadily ON.
    The maximum memory counter value is 500.
    To stop the chronograph, press [STOP •  RESET]. 
    The indicator “STOP” will come on again to show 
    the status. Press [STOP •  RESET] as the stopwatch 
    stops to reset the stopwatch while the split/lap 
    times will be kept in memory. When the stopwatch 
    starts running from reset state, all the lap memo-
    ries will be cleared.Decimal Timing
    (AX602M500DEC model only)
    1. The DEC Model can operate as a normal 1/100 
      second chronograph as well as decimal minute, 
      decimal second, and decimal hour  chronograph.
    As you press [MODE] to enter the chronograph 
    mode, the normal 1/100 second chronograph 
    display will be shown.
     22  23
    Reset the chronograph to 00, then press [STOP 
    •  RESET] to cycle through the time base modes. 
    (1/100s). Note the change by looking at the bottom 
    of the display.
    Change to the 1/1000 of a minute chronograph 
    mode by pressing [STOP •  RESET] again. 
    Go to the 1/10,000 hour chronograph by pressing 
    [STOP •  RESET] again. (1/10,000H)
    Time base indicator
    Time base indicator
    Time base indicator 
     24 25
    Please note that if the stopwatch is running, no 
    selection for chronograph operating modes can 
    be made until the stopwatch has been stopped 
    and reset.
    Segmented run memory for lap/split time storage.
    A header consisting of the date/time stamp is 
    attached to each segment to indicate the moment 
    when you began recording the particular timing 
    segment. To get to this feature, press [MODE] in 
    chronograph mode to enter DATA mode when 
    the stopwatch has been stopped. Records for dif-
    ferent segments can be recalled, read or deleted. 
    Detailed operation in “DATA” mode is described in 
    Data Mode section later in this manual.Chronograph Data Recall Mode
    Press [RECALL] in Chronograph mode to recall 
    stored split/lap time memories. The mode message 
    will be shown up for one to two seconds as mode 
    message display is enabled.
    The split and lap time will be displayed on the 
    upper and the middle line respectively. The lower 
    line shows the elapsed time between “start” and 
    this split. 
     26 27
    During data recall, the fastest lap time will be 
    View the slowest lap time by pressing [RECALL] 
    again. Press [RECALL] again to view the average lap time.
    Note: Press [RECALL] continually to review all 
    the stored split/lap times. The sequence starts 
    from the last record to the  rst record when the 
    stopwatch is running and vice versa when the 
    stopwatch has been stopped.
    Recall indicator
    Fastest Lap Time indicator
    Slowest Lap Time indicator
    Average Lap Time indicator 
     28 29
    After recalling the  rst record, press [RECALL] 
    once more to exit from Recall mode and go back 
    to chronograph mode. The “RECALL” icon will 
    turn OFF.
    Note: watch is 
    still running 
    so run time 
    continues to 
     30 31
    DATA Mode
    Press [MODE] until you enter DATA mode.  The 
    mode message “DATA” will be shown for one to 
    two seconds before the number of free memories 
    is to be shown.
    You can press [START •  SPLIT] to scroll through all 
    segments. The current segment will come 
    During memory recall, you can press either 
    [START •  SPLIT] or [STOP •  RESET] to exit from 
    chrono recall mode and jump to the chrono 
    start/stop or lap state respectively.
    95 LAP
    Recall indicator turns off 
    when watch returns to 
    regular Chronograph mode.
    Segment indicator
    shows watch is in  DATA mode
    Segment indicator
    shows watch is in  DATA mode Date/Time 
    Stamp for 
    this split 
     32 33
    The header consisting of the date/time stamp will 
    be shown. The number of laps in the segment will 
    appear in the upper left while the segment num-
    ber is displayed in the middle left. If the segment 
    shown is not your desired segment, press [START 
    •  SPLIT] to reach the desired segment. The current 
    segment will be accessed  rst, then it will cycle 
    back to the 1st, then 2nd and so on.
    When you have found the segment you want, you 
    can press [RECALL] button consecutively to read 
    the lap records from the  rst to the last lap.As you continue to press [RECALL] during the dis-
    play of the last lap, you can advance to the next 
    segment by pressing [START •  SPLIT].  The front 
    page of the segment will be shown. Say the next 
    segment is SEG 1.
    How to delete individual memory segments:
    Search the desired segment  rst as described 
    above. During the display of the segment front 
    page, press and hold [STOP •  RESET] for 2 sec-
    Number of laps in 
    this segment
    Segment number
     34  35
    onds to activate Delete One function. “DELETE 
    ONE” will be shown in blinking and beep sound 
    will be generated.
    A “ready” period of 2 seconds will be counted. At 
    the end of the ready period, all the lap records of 
    the corresponding segment will be erased, and a 
    long beep sound will be heard. Then the display 
    will show the next segment. If you don’t want 
    to delete the records, you can press any key to 
    exit from delete ready state before the end of the 
    ready period. The watch will go back to displaying 
    the segment front page.How to delete all memory segments:
    Instead of deleting one segment, you can also 
    delete all memory segments. When you enter the 
    Data mode, you see the screen “FREE XXX LAP”. 
    Press and hold the [STOP •  RESET] for 3 seconds. 
    You will hear “Beep, beep, beep” for 3 seconds, 
    then a long “Beep”. At this point all data in the 
    memory will be deleted and “DELETE ALL“ will 
    show on the display.
    If you don’t want to delete the records, you can 
    press any key to exit “DELETE ALL“ state before 
    the end of the ready period to return to the seg-
    ment front page display.
     36 37
    Note: You cannot delete all segments while the 
    stopwatch is running. If nothing happens when 
    you push and hold [STOP •  RESET] check to 
    make sure the stopwatch is stopped.Timer Mode
    Press [MODE] until you enter the Timer mode. 
    3 count-down operation modes are available on 
    this stopwatch:
      •  Count down repeat (CR)
      •  Count down stop (CS)
      •  Count down, then count up (CU)
    The timer is set at the factory to the count-down 
    repeat (CR) mode. At entering timer mode, the 
    mode message “TIMER” will be shown for a sec-
    ond before timer count mode is displayed.
     38 39
    The upper line shows the programmable timer 
    value (initially set at 0:00:00:0) while the middle 
    line displays the current timer counting. Time of 
    Day clock display is at the lower line of the dis-
    play. “CR” indicates the current timer operating 
    mode while the timer cycle counter is located at 
    the upper left of the display.
    Before starting the timer, enter a countdown time 
     rst. Then press [START •  SPLIT] to start timer 
    running. When the timer counts down to zero, a 3 second “beep…beep” sound will be generated 
    for a timer setting within one minute; 15 second 
    “beep…beep” sound for 1 minute to 10 minutes 
    setting and 30 second “beep…beep” sound for 
    over 10 minutes. Pressing any key will stop the 
    beep sound.
    Under CR operating mode, the timer value will 
    be reloaded and count down will start again. The 
    timer cycle counter will be increased by one and 
    updated on the display.
    Under CS operating mode, the timer, after count-
    ing down to 0:00’00”, will stay at 0:00’00”0 until you 
    press [STOP •  RESET] to reload the timer value.
    Under CU operating mode, the timer, after 
    counting down to 0:00’00”0, will count up and 
    stop at 19:59’59”9.
    Time in Countdown 
    Repeat mode
    Time of day
    Number of cyclesTimer setting
    Elapsed time 
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