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Accusplit Stopwatch AX602M500 User Manual

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     40 41
    How to set the timer
    Press and hold [RECALL] (S1) for 2 seconds to 
    activate timer setting. Timer setting starts with 
    second digits, which are shown blinking. You can 
    press [START •  SPLIT] (S3) to advance the 
    digits. Or you can press [STOP •   RESET] (S2) to 
    select other digits. The setting follows the 
    sequence: second, minute, hour and timer 
    operating mode (CR, CS and CU).
    NOTE: You can only set Hour, Minute and Seconds. 
    The 1/10 second cannot be set.
    Press and hold [RECALL] 
    for 2 seconds. Timer 
    setting starts with 
    second digits. Press [STOP •  RESET] (S2) 
    to move to minute digits.
    Press [STOP •  RESET] (S2) 
    further to go to hour digits. 
    Hour digits can be adjusted 
    from 0 to 19.
    Press [STOP •  RESET] (S2)  
    again to adjust the operating 
    mode. Press [START] to switch 
    the operating modes among 
    CR, CS and CU.
    At the end of setting, press 
    [RECALL] (S4) or [MODE] to 
    leave setting mode.
     42 43
    Pacer Mode
    Press [MODE] until you enter the Pacer mode. 
    In the Pacer mode, you can set the standard 
    pacer speed from 5 to 240 beats per minute in 
    the following values:
    5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 
    200, 240
    In Pacer mode, the display will be:
    ° 5 beats per minute
    The digits are  ashing to indicate that the pace 
    count is ready for setting. Press [STOP •  RESET] to 
    select the pace count. Once the desired pace count 
    is selected, press [START •  SPLIT] to con rm the 
    PACER P  -  5
    setting and start the pace count. The display will 
    show the elapsed time on the upper line, the pace 
    count number on the middle and the pace count 
    value on the lower display.
         ° Elapsed time
         ° Pace count number
         ° PACE count
    Press [STOP •  RESET] to stop the pace count; the 
    display will freeze. To restart the 
    pace count, press [START •  SPLIT] 
    again. Or press [STOP •  RESET] 
    to reset the time elapsed and the 
    pace count number . 
     44 45
    Stroke/Stride Measurement
    Press [MODE] until you enter the Stroke Measure-
    ment mode. The display will be as follows.
    In the Stroke or Strides Measurement mode, 
    the duration of 3 strokes is taken and the stroke 
    frequency (counts per minute) is calculated. If the 
    stroke frequency falls out of the range of 10 - 180, 
    “Err” will appear to show the error condition.
    Press [START •  SPLIT] to start the measurement. 
    During the 1st second, 180.0 will be shown and 
     ashing as below.
    At the end of the  rst second, the display will 
    become steady.
    If measurement is stopped in the  rst second 
    (stroke frequency > 180), error signal “ Err “ will 
    be shown. After the  rst second has elapsed, 
    the instantaneous measurement reading will 
    be shown. When you press [STOP •  RESET], the 
    display will show the steady stroke measurement 
    reading. If the measurement lasts for more than 
    18 seconds (stroke frequency < 10), an error signal 
    “Err” will be displayed. When the measurement 
    is stopped, press [STOP •  RESET] to reset the 
    displayed reading to “0.0”.
     46 47
    Speed Mode (AX602M500 Model only)
    Press [MODE] until you enter the Speed mode. 
    The display will be as follows.
         ° Distance
         ° Lap time
         ° Total  time
    (Note that the default setting is KM. Hence “KM” 
    icon will be ON.)
    The upper line shows the distance or speed. The 
    lap time is in the middle line, while the total time 
    is displayed on the lower line. In Speed mode, you can record a number of lap 
    times and speeds for covering the distance you 
    program into the chronograph. Before starting to 
    use the Speed mode, you need to enter the dis-
    tance as explained below. Otherwise, the speed 
    measurement won’t work. Nothing will happen 
    when you press [START •  SPLIT].
    Distance Setting
    Press [RECALL] (S1) for 2 seconds to enter setting 
    mode. The unit icon 
    Distance units
    Distance indicator (only 
    used in speed mode 
     48 49
    Press [START •  SPLIT] (S3) to toggle between 
    KM and MILE. To select the following digits, 
    press [STOP •  RESET] (S2). The far right digit will 
    blink and you can set the distance from the least 
    signi cant digit to the most signi  cant  digit. The 
    distance can be set in the range 0.000 to 1999.999 
    km (or ML) using [START •  SPLIT] (S3). Press 
    [RECALL] (S4) or [MODE] to exit from the setting 
    As an example, the distance is set at 400m.
         ° 0.4 km = 400m
         ° Stop indicator Speed Mode Running
    Press [START •  SPLIT] to start the Speed timer. 
    The “STOP” indicator is OFF.  The maximum time 
    can be up to 19 hr. 59 min. 59.99 sec.
    While the timer is running, press [START •  SPLIT] 
    to record the lap time and the corresponding 
    speed (in km/hr or mph) will be displayed on the 
    upper line. The lap counter (shown on the upper 
    left corner) will advance by one.
    Press [START •  SPLIT] to record more lap times 
    and show different speeds. Note that as the speed 
    exceeds the value 1999.999 km/hr or 1999.999 
    mph, “Err” will be shown and no storage will be 
    made for that record.
    To stop the speed measurement, press [STOP •  
    RESET] to stop the timer.
    Speed in km/hr 
     52 53
    both the speed and elapsed time can be retrieved.
    Lap Time & Speed Recall
    Similar to the Chrono Recall mode, during speed 
    measurement or Stop state, you can press 
    [RECALL] to recall the speed/lap memories. 
    The Mode message will be shown for one to 
    two seconds as the Mode message display is 
    The Speed and Lap time will be displayed on the 
    upper and the middle lines. The lower line shows 
    the current time counting. During Data recall, the 
    fastest speed will be reviewed  rst, then the slow-
    est speed and average speed.
    Before starting again, you can reset the timer by 
    pressing [STOP •  RESET].
    Note: When you reset the Speed timer, the speed 
    measurement starts again from a reset state, and 
    all speed records in memory will be cleared (pro-
    vided that the storage is not under segmented run 
    memory mode).
    The Recall function is similar to chronograph 
    recall. If segmented run memory is selected, the 
    DATA mode can be accessed and records storing 
    Speed Mode
    after reset.
    Further presses of [RECALL] will retrieve the 
    memories in ascending order or reverse order 
    depending on whether the speed measurement is 
    stopped or under operation respectively. During 
    Recall, the “Recall” indicator is ON.
    (Note: Speed mode and Chrono mode will 
    not run simultaneously. When Chrono mode 
    is active, Speed mode should be in reset 
    state and vice versa.)
    Please register your new stopwatch at www.ACCUSPLIT.com/support or 
    send this form to address on the back cover of this instruction booklet 
    Email (preferred)
    See label on back of unit for details, or check  http://support.ACCUSPLIT.com 
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