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Adam Equipment AELP Pallet Beams GCREVC6 User Manual

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    							 P a g e 19                     © Adam Equipment Company 2010 
     Data Format-Normal Output:  
    Data Format- Memory Recall Print:   
    DATE            12/09/2006  
    TIME            14:56  
    GROSS Wt       1.234 Kg     Net Wt. if net weight is displayed 
    Unit Wt.         123 g      Kg or g for metric weights and lb for pounds.  
    Pcs               10 pcs  
                         Includes 2 line feeds with carriage return 
                at beginning and end of  the form 
    DATE            12/09/2006  
    TIME            14:56  
    No.                  5 
    Wt.           1.234 Kg   
    Pcs              10 pcs 
     Includes 1 line feed 
    2 line feeds, carriage return 
    							 P a g e 20                     © Adam Equipment Company 2010 
    Data Format- Continuous Print: 
    In  other  languages  the  format  is  the  same  but  the  t ext  will  be  in  the  language 
    selected. See Section 9.2 
    Print  gross  
    weight  Gross Wt  Pds Brut  Brut-Gew  Pso Brut 
    Net weight 
    Net Wt.  Pds Net  Net-Gew  Pso Net 
    Weight  per  
    unit counted
    Unit Wt.  Pds unit  Gew/Einh  Pso/Unid 
    Number  of  
    counted Pcs  Pcs  Stck.  Piezas 
    Number  of  
    added  to  
    subtotals No.  Nb.  Anzhl  Num. 
    Total  weight  
    and  count 
    Total  Total  Gesamt  Total 
    Print date 
    Date  Date  Datum  Fecha 
    Print time Time  Heure  Zeit  Hora 
    ST,GS,      0.9080 kg  
    U.W.      0.90798 g/pcs 
    PCS          1000 pcs  
               Includes 2 line feeds with carriage return 
                        between sets of data 
    							 P a g e 21                     © Adam Equipment Company 2010 
    The  scale  can  be  controlled  with  the  following  comm ands.  The  commands  must  be 
    sent  in  upper  case  letters,  i.e.  “T”  not  “t”.  Press   the  Enter  key  of  the  PC  after  each 
    T    Tares  the  scale  to  display  the  net  weight.  This  is 
    the  same  as 
    pressing  [Tare] key. 
    Z    Sets the zero point for all subsequent weighing. Th
    e display shows 
    zero. Same as pressing the  [Zero] key. 
    P    Prints  the  weight,  unit  weight  and  totals  same  as  p
    ressing  the 
    [Print]  key.  
    Recall and Print,   Same as if first the  [MR] key and then the  [Print] 
    key  is  pressed.  Will  display  the  current  accumulated   memory  and 
    print the total results. 
    C  Same  as  pressing  [MR]  first  and  then  the  [CE]  key  to  erase  the 
    current memory. 
    							 P a g e 22                     © Adam Equipment Company 2010 
    9.2  RS-232 SETUP  
    The  RS-232  interface  uses  parameters  set  by  the  use r  for  language,  baud  rate  and 
    date format.   
    Press and hold the  [Print] key for 4 seconds to access the parameters.  
    Press   [U.  Wt./Units]  to scroll through the options and  [Tare] to confirm the change 
    and then advance to the next parameter.  
    When a parameter is entered by pressing  [Tare], the displays will guide you through 
    the parameter selected and the options available.   
    The parameters and their functions are:  
    Weight  Unit  
    Weight  Count  Options 
    Port   on   
    oFF Enable  or  disable  the  RS- 
    232 interface.  
    9600  bPS   
    19200 Set baud rate.
    Print   mAn    Cont to PC  
    Print  Auto 
    Print mAn  
     Select  printing  options  for  
    continuous  printing,  print  
    automatically  or  printing  
    AC  mAn    AC Auto  
    AC mAn 
    AC oFF Select  the  operation  of  
    automatically, manually or 
    turned off. 
    LAnG    EnGLiS EnGLiS  
      Select  Language  for  
    							 P a g e 23                     © Adam Equipment Company 2010 
    The  scale  will  perform  the  following  functions  depending  on  the  Accumulation  and  Print 
     AC Auto  AC mAn  AC oFF 
    Print Auto  Accumulate  and  
    print automatically  
    Print automatically ;  
    Accumulate  and  print  
     [M+]  is pressed 
      Print  automatically,  
      key  has  no 
    Print mAn  Automatically  
    Accumulate  but  not 
    print,  Print  only 
    [Print] key 
    Accumulate  and  print  
    when  [M+]  or  [Print]   is 
    pressed   Print  when 
    [Print] key 
    is  pressed,  [M+]  key 
    has no function 
    Cont to PC  Print  continuously  
    and  accumulate 
    automatically  when 
    stable  , 
    [Print]  key 
    no function  Print  continuously  and 
    accumulate  when
      [M+]  is 
    pressed,  [Print]  key  no 
    function  Print continuously ,  
    and [Print]   key 
    have no function 
    							 P a g e 24                     © Adam Equipment Company 2010 
    The  Real  Time  Clock  (RTC)  is  used  only  for  the  RS-2 32  output.    The  Date  and  Time 
    can be set  as  required.    The  scale  will  keep  the cl ock  running even  when  the power 
    is off. 
    Setting up the clock  
      Press  and  hold  the   [CE]  key  for  4  seconds,  release  when  the  date  and  time  is 
    displayed.  The initial displays show the current d ate and time set.   
    “ rtC       “  “11,14,06”   “16,41,35” 
       Press the  [CE] key to change the date and time.  The display will  show the 
    current time in the format, “H-m-S”. 
    “timE”  “H-m-S”   “142929”   or if no time has been set show  “000000”   
       Enter the time using the numeric keys using a 24 ho ur clock format, 3:41PM is 
    “timE”  “H-m-S”   “154100”   new time overwrites the old 
       Press  the   [Tare]  key  to  accept  the  time.    The  display  will  show  the   current 
    date format.   
    “dAtE”  “y-m-d” 
       Press the [ U.Wt./Unit]  key to change the date format. Available formats ar e: 
    “Y-m-d”    year, month, day 
    “m-d-Y”    month, day, year 
    “d-m-Y”    day, month, year 
       Press  the  [Tare]  key  to  accept  the  chosen  format  and  then  enter  the   date  in 
    this format.   
    “dAtE”    “m-d-y”  “051209”    note  current  date  is  in  current  format,  will 
    show 000000 if no date has been set. 
       Press the  [Tare] key to accept the date. 
    An  error  code  will  be  shown  if  the  time  (Err  1)  or  the  date  (Err  2)  is  not  the 
    permissible values.   For example, 34th day of a mo nth is an invalid entry. 
    							 P a g e 25                     © Adam Equipment Company 2010 
    This  function  may  be  enabled  or  disabled  by  the  use r.  If  enabled,  when  the  scale  is 
    not  used  for  some  time  (as  pre-set  by  the  user  unde r  this  function)  it  automatically 
    switches off. To set this parameter- 
      Press  and  hold  the   [Zero]  key  for  4  seconds,  release  when  the  display 
    shows  “SLEEP nodE” . 
       Press  [U/Wt/Unit]  key to scroll through the auto sleep values. 
    “0”    Auto sleep mode disabled 
    “1”      Auto sleep after 1 minute 
    “5”    Auto sleep after 5 minutes  
    “10”    Auto sleep after 10 minutes 
       Press  [Tare]  to set the value. The scale returns to zero. 
    10.1  BATTERY 
      The scales can be operated from the battery, if des ired. The battery life 
    is approximately 70 hours. 
       When  the  battery  needs  charging  the  battery  symbol  will  appear  to  be 
    empty.    The  battery  should  be  charged  as  possible.  Once  the  “LO  bAT” 
    message is shown the scale will still operate for a bout 10 minutes after 
    which it will automatically switch off to protect t he battery. 
       To  charge  the  battery,  simply  apply  power  to  the  sc ale.  The  scale  does 
    not need to be turned on.  
       The battery should be charged for at least 12 hours  for full capacity. 
       Just  above the  “Unit  Weight” display is an  LED to indicate the status of 
    battery  charging.   When  the scale  is plugged into  t he  mains power,  the 
    internal  battery  will  be  charged.    If  the  LED  is  gr een  the  battery  is  fully 
    charged.    If  it  is  red,  the  battery  is  nearly  disch arged  and  yellow 
    indicates the battery should be charged longer, pre ferably overnight. 
       If  the  battery  has  not  been  used  properly  or  it  is  used  for  a  number  of 
    years  it  may  eventually  fail  to  hold  a  full  charge.   If  the  battery  life 
    becomes unacceptable then contact your supplier.  
    							 P a g e 26                     © Adam Equipment Company 2010 
       The backlight of the LCD can be set to be- 
    “1” : ON at all the time,  
    “2” : ON only when a weight is placed on the scale or  
    “3” : Turned off.    
       To set the backlight press and hold  [Pst] key for 4 seconds.   
       The  weight  display  will  show  “EL xx”  where  xx  is  the  current  setting  for 
    the backlight.    
    Press  [U. Wt./Units]  to scroll through the options. 
    “EL on”  Sets the backlight to be on at all times. 
    “EL Au” Sets  the  backlight  to  operate  automatically  when  a  
    weight is placed on the scale or a key is pressed. 
    “EL OFF” Sets the backlight to be off. 
    Press  the  [Tare]  key  to  store  the  value  or  press  the   [Zero]  key  to  escape  from  this 
    setting and return to weighing.  
    							 P a g e 27                     © Adam Equipment Company 2010 
    11.0  ERROR CODES 
    During the initial power-on testing or during operation, the scale may show an error 
    message.  The meaning of the error messages is desc ribed below. 
    If  an  error  message  is  shown,  repeat  the  step  that  caused  the  message,  turning  the 
    balance  on,  carry  out  the  calibration  or  other  func tions.  If  the  error  message  is  still 
    shown contact your dealer for further support.     
    Err  1  Time input error.  Tried  to  set  an  illegal  time,  i.e
    Err  2  Date input error 
    Tried  to  set  an  illegal  date,  i.e.  36th  
    Err  4 Initial  Zero  is  greater  
    than  allowed  (typically  
    4%  of  the  maximum  
    capacity) when power is  
    turned  on  or  when  the  
     key is pressed,  Weight  is  on  the  pan  when  turning 
    the scale on.  
    Excessive  weight  on  the  pan  when  
    zeroing the scale.  
    Improper calibration of the scale.  
    Damaged load cell.  
    Damaged Electronics. 
    Err 6 
    A/D count is not correct  
    when  turning  the  scale  
    on.  Platform is not installed.  
    Damaged Load cell.  
    Damaged Electronics.   
    Shows  when  a  number  
    is  too  large  tot  fit  the 
    display  The  accumulated  totals  for  weight 
    or  count  exceed  999999.    The  data 
    on RS232 is still shown accurately 
    							 P a g e 28                     © Adam Equipment Company 2010 
       Press  the   [Tare]  key  during  the  display  counting  when  turned  on.  Th e 
    display will ask for a code number,  “Pin    “ on the Weight Display.  
       Enter  the  number  0000 when  “Pin    “  is  displayed  and    then  press  
    [Tare] .  If  another  PIN  number  has  been  previously  stored  enter  that 
    number instead.  
       The displays will show the first parameters, called  “F1”  “CAL” .   
       To  select  another  parameter  press  the  [U.Wt./Units]  key  to  advance 
    through the parameters.   
       Press the  [Tare] key to enter a parameter.   
       To exit a parameter, press the  [Zero] key.   
       The  Weight  window  will  show  the  parameter  number  an d  the  Unit 
    Price and Count windows will show the word describi ng the function.   
       When  a  parameter  is  entered  by  pressing  the   [Tare] key,  the  displays 
    will  guide  you  through  the  parameter  selected  and  t he  options 
    The parameters available are:  
    “F1”   “CAL”
          To enter the Calibration 
    “F2”  “Pin”        To set a new Pin number for access 
    “F3”  “Unit”       Enable Weighing Units 
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