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Adam Equipment Coin Counting Scale CCSArevC1 User Manual

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    							41 | P a g e              © Adam Equipment Company 2009  
    6.2.1  Restore Factory Calibration
       To  restore  this  calibration  value  it  is  necessary  to  do  a  simple 
    procedure.  Press and hold the  [Zero] key down for 3 seconds to put 
    the scale into a weighing display. 
      Press  the  [Total]  key,  the  scale  will  beeps.    The  Factory  Calibratio n 
    will be restored to the balance. 
    6.2.2  Shortcut to Calibration without using Functions 
      To  calibrate  the  scale  without  entering  the  functio n  menu  press 
    and  hold the   [MC/
    ]  key  while  power  is turned  on.    The scale  will 
    immediately go to the calibration function.   
      The display will show the following: 
    “   CAL   ”    “   0.000  ” “  12345 ” 
     Proceed  with  calibration  as  normal.  See  section  5.4 .4.  When 
    completed  the  scale  will  return  to  normal  operation .    You  cannot 
    proceed to any other functions from this entry poin t.  
    							42 | P a g e              © Adam Equipment Company 2009  
    When  power  is  first  applied  to  the  scale  the  software  does  a  self  check  and 
    then  verifies  the  voltages  from  the  load  cell  are  a cceptable.    The  display  will 
    show  error  messages  if  the  voltage  is  not  within  ce rtain  limits.  If  these  error 
    messages appear contact your supplier for assistanc e.   
    Err 1 
    Error setting a date  Trying  to  set  a  date  that 
    is not realistic.  
    Err 2 Error setting time  Trying  to  set  a  time  that 
    is not realistic. 
    Err  4 Initial  Zero  is  greater  than  
    allowed  (typically  4%  of  the  
    maximum  capacity)  when 
    power  is  turned  on  or  when 
    [Zero]  key is pressed,  Weight  is  on  the  pan  
    when  turning  the  scale  
    Excessive  weight  on  the  
    pan  when  zeroing  the  
    Improper  calibration  of  
    the scale.  
    Damaged load cell.  
    Damaged Electronics. 
    Err 6 
    A/D  count  is  not  correct  when  
    turning the scale on.  Platform is not installed.  
    Load cell is damaged.  
    Electronics is damaged. 
    							43 | P a g e              © Adam Equipment Company 2009  
    Capacity,  Max  
    =  20 kg 
     NOTE:   Weight  is  not  displayed  except 
    in special test program  
    Tare Range  -20 kg 
    Temperature  0ºC to 40ºC 
    225 x 275mm 
    315 x 355 x 110mm 
    Battery Life  50+ hours typical* 
    Power  230 VAC,  50/60 Hz.,  10 watts 
    Net Weight  4.1 kg 
          *Battery Life is less when the optional backligh t is used  
    							44 | P a g e              © Adam Equipment Company 2009   
    							45 | P a g e              © Adam Equipment Company 2009  
    Adam  Equipment  offers  Limited  Warranty  (Parts  and  Labor)  for  the  components  failed  due  to  defects  in  materials  or 
    workmanship.  Warranty starts from the date of deli very. 
    During  the  warranty  period,  should  any  repairs  be  n ecessary,  the  customer  must  inform  the  supplier  or Adam 
    Equipment.  The  company  or  its  authorised  Technician   reserves  the  right  to  repair  or  replace  any  components  at  its 
    own  discretion.  Any  shipping  costs  involved  in  send ing  the  faulty  units  to  a  service  centre  is  the  customers 
    The  warranty  will  cease  to  operate  if  the  equipment   is  not  returned  in  the  original  packaging  and  with  correct 
    documentation for a claim to be processed. All clai ms are at the sole discretion of Adam Equipment. 
    This  warranty  does  not  cover  equipment  where  defect s  or  poor  performance  is  due  to  misuse,  accidental damage, 
    exposure  to  radioactive  or  corrosive  materials,  negl igence,  faulty  installation,  unauthorised  modifications  or 
    attempted repair or failure to observe the requirem ents and recommendations as given in this User Manu al. 
    Repairs  carried  out  under  the  warranty  does  not  exte nd  the  warranty  period.  Components  removed  during  t he 
    warranty repairs become the company property. 
    The  statutory  right  of  the  purchaser  is  not  affecte d  by  this  warranty.  The  terms  of  this  warranty  is  g overned  by  the  
    Laws  of  England  and  Wales.  For  complete  details  on  Warranty  Information,  see  the  terms  and  conditions of  sale 
    available on our web-site.  
    							46 | P a g e © Adam Equipment Company 2009 
    Manufacturer’s Declarat\fon of Confor\b\fty 
    Th\fs  product  has  been  \banufactured  \fn  accordance  w\fth  the 
    har\bon\fzed  European  standards,  follow\fng  the  prov\fs\fons  of  the 
    below stated d\frect\fves: 
    Electro Magnet\fc Co\bpat\fb\fl\fty D\frect\fve 2004/108/EC 
    Low Voltage D\frect\fve 2006/95/EC 
    Adam Equipment Co. Ltd. 
    Maidstone Road, Kingston, 
    Milton Keynes, MK10 0BD 
    United Kingdom 
    Th\fs  equ\fp\bent  has  been  tested  and  found  to  co\bply  w\fth  the  l\f\b\fts  for  a  Class  A  d\fg\ftal  dev\fce, 
    pursuant  to  Part  15  of  the  FCC  Rules.    These  l\f\b\fts  are  des\fgned  to  prov\fde  reasonable  protect\fon 
    aga\fnst  har\bful  \fnterference  when  the  equ\fp\bent  \fs  operated  \fn  a  co\b\berc\fal  env\fron\bent.    The 
    equ\fp\bent  generates,  uses,  and  can  rad\fate  rad\fo  frequency  energy  and,  \ff  not  \fnstalled  and  used  \fn 
    accordance  w\fth  the  \fnstruct\fon  \banual,  \bay  cause  har\bful  \fnterference  to  rad\fo  co\b\bun\fcat\fons. 
    Operat\fon of th\fs equ\fp\bent \fn a res\fdent\fal area \fs l\fkely to cause har\bful \fnterference \fn wh\fch case 
    the user w\fll be requ\fred to correct the \fnterference at h\fs own expense. 
    Sh\felded  \fnterconnect  cables  \bust  be  e\bployed  w\fth  th\fs  equ\fp\bent  to  \fnsure  co\bpl\fance  w\fth  the 
    pert\fnent RF e\b\fss\fon l\f\b\fts govern\fng th\fs dev\fce. 
    Changes or \bod\ff\fcat\fons not expressly approved by Ada\b Equ\fp\bent could vo\fd the user's 
    to operate the equ\fp\bent. 
    Any  Electr\fcal  or  Electron\fc  Equ\fp\bent  (EEE)  co\bponent  or  asse\bbly  of  parts  \fntended  to  be 
    \fncorporated  \fnto  EEE  dev\fces  as  def\fned  by  European  D\frect\fve  2002/95/EEC  \bust  be  recycled  or 
    d\fsposed  us\fng  techn\fques  that  do  not  \fntroduce  hazardous  substances  har\bful  to  our  health  or  the 
    env\fron\bent  as  l\fsted  \fn  D\frect\fve  2002/95/EC  or  a\bend\fng  leg\fslat\fon.    Battery  d\fsposal  \fn  Landf\fll 
    S\ftes \fs \bore regulated s\fnce July 2002 by regulat\fon 9 of the Landf\fll (England and Wales) Regulat\fons 
    2002  and  Hazardous  Waste  Regulat\fons  2005. Battery  recycl\fng  has  beco\be  top\fcal  and  the  Waste 
    Electr\fcal and Electron\fc Equ\fp\bent (WEEE) Regulat\fons are set to \f\bpose targets for recycl\fng.     
    							47 | P a g e © Adam Equipment Company 2009  
    							48 | P a g e © Adam Equipment Company 2009 
    DAM  EQUIPMENT   \fs  an  I
    SO  9001:2000  cert\ff\fed  global  co\bpany  w\fth  \bore  than  35  years 
    exper\fence \fn the product\fon and sale of electron\fc we\fgh\fng equ\fp\bent.  
    For a co\bplete l\fst\fng of all Ada\b scales and balances v\fs\ft our webs\fte at: 
    ©  Copyr\fght  by  Ada\b  Equ\fp\bent  Co.  Ltd.    All  r\fghts  reserved.    No  part  of  th\fs 
    publ\fcat\fon \bay be repr\fnted or translated \fn any for\b or by any \beans w\fthout the 
    pr\for per\b\fss\fon of Ada\b Equ\fp\bent. 
    Ada\b  Equ\fp\bent  reserves  the  r\fght  to  \bake  changes  to  the  technology,  features, 
    spec\ff\fcat\fons and des\fgn of the equ\fp\bent w\fthout not\fce. 
    All  \fnfor\bat\fon  conta\fned  w\fth\fn  th\fs  publ\fcat\fon  \fs  to  the  best  of  our  knowledge 
    t\f\bely,  co\bplete  and  accurate  when  \fssued.    However,  we  are  not  respons\fble  for 
    \b\fs\fnterpretat\fons wh\fch \bay result fro\b the read\fng of th\fs \bater\fal. 
    The latest vers\fon of th\fs publ\fcat\fon can be found on our Webs\fte. 
    Head Off\fce:  
    Adam Equipment Co. Ltd. 
    Maidstone Road, Kingston, 
    Milton Keynes, MK10 0BD 
    United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 (0)1908 274545 Fax: +44 
    (0)1908 641339 
    [email protected]\bequ\fp\bent.co\p.uk 
    For reg\fonal off\fce worldw\fde v\fs\ft www.ada\bequ\fp\bent.co\b  
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