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Antennacraft Antenna C490 specifications

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    094C:rebmuN ledoM
    Channels2 - 69Electronic Elements50Output Impedance 300 ohms
    Boom Length 150Maximum Width 108.5Vertical Height 38.5Turning Radius 89.25Element Diameter .375Shipping Weight 10.6 lbs.Carton Dimensions 8.0 x 6.5 x 72
    1Gain (dB)VHF Low Band5.0VHF High Band8.8UHF Band9.3
    2Half-Power Beamwidth (deg.)VHF Low Band70.3VHF High Band39.0UHF Band58.0
    3Front-To-Back Ratio (dB)VHF Low Band15.5VHF High Band16.9UHF Band14.3
    deR/neerG .tL/neerG/wolleY :edoC roloC AEC
    1:  Over Half-Wave Tuned Dipole (Ch. 2 - 62)2:  -3 dB Down Points3:  Opposite Hemisphere
    Engineering Specifications
    9002-1-5 .veRslx.094C
         Model C490 UHF Antenna
     Antennacraft, P.O. Box 1005, Burlington, IA  52601 
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