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Blomberg WDT 5431 User Manual

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WDT 5431
Uputstvo za upotrebuPerilica-suailicasa gornjim punjenjem 

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2Full programming (combined with drying or not)Lights and/or displayProgramming Ein / Aus
VorwäscheExtra spülenStart / PauseSchleudernStartzeitTrockenzeitBügelleichtEnergie sparenIntensivˆ/-WaschenTrocknenKnitterschutz                                     ROn/OffCycle progressDisplay
Type of washing and temperatureAB1Selector for the spin speed,
drying anddelay start functionsSpin speed,drying timeand delay start settingStart/Pause: press brieflyCancelled: long pressSleekare, Eco, Intensive wash...

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  Press in the «On/Off» button(Ein/Aus).
  Turn the selector to select a normal (Intensiv Trocknen) or mixed(Schonen Trocknen) drying programme to suit your type of washing
  Select the «Sleekare» option (Bügelleicht), or not, via button . Thisoption finishes your programme with a 2 hour «Resting» period (seeFunction Details)
  Set the desired time via button (only dry washing that has beenspun at least at 800 rpm)
  Select immediate start by pressing the «Start/Pause» button ...
  ... Or select a start...

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5Programming Mixed Drying Only:SYNTHETICS / DELICATE1to 1 1/2%Ï
h%Ï1 1/4to1 3/4h1to 1 1/2h45minto 1hKalt-30°
Rinse holdIntensiveEcoSleekareRinse PlusPrewash%Ï: These functions can be used alone or in combinations: illogical combinations are impossible.To select the most suitable programme for your type of washing, follow the instructions on the labelsattached to most items.Max. load (kg)Drying : Normal 
or Mixed 
Max. load (kg)Temperature 
(°C)Kalt = ColdHAND...

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6Details of the functions(continued)RINSE ONLY
(Spülen)A separate rinse followed by a choice of:-  Either spin and drain-  Or a stop with the drum full of water.SPIN ONLY(Schleudern) This allows a separate spin and drain.In the case of «Rinse only» followed by a spinor of «Spin only», take care to select asuitable spin speed for the type of washingin the machine.PREWASH
(Vorwäsche)Specially designed for heavily soiled washing(mud, blood, etc.).Detergent must be placed in the «»container in the products ...

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7Modifying a washing or drying programme
Programmes for energy labelling tests  - Characteristics
Washing: Cotton - 60°C   5Kg   no options   max. spin.
Drying: Cotton- Very dry-  2,5 kgCharacteristics: 230V     50Hz     10A     2200W.Lid opening safety system:As soon as washing commences, the lid onyour machine is locked.When the cycle is finished or when the machinehas stopped with the drum full of water, the lidunlocks.If you have programmed a «Delay start», thelid is not locked until the...

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8«Filt» message:(only for washing machines)After a certain number of cycles, yourmachine (depending on the model) will warnyou that you should clean the pump filter. At the end of the cycle, the display flashesand then shows:This information disappears as soon as youprogramme a new washing cycle or when the«On/Off» button(Ein/Aus)is released.If you do not clean the pump filterregularly, this will affect your machine sperformance.Cleaning the pump filter
:(for washing machines ANDwasher-dryers)First of...
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