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Blomberg WDT 5431 User Manual

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    							WDT 5431
    Uputstvo za upotrebuPerilica-suailicasa gornjim punjenjem 
    							2Full programming (combined with drying or not)Lights and/or displayProgramming Ein / Aus
    VorwäscheExtra spülenStart / PauseSchleudernStartzeitTrockenzeitBügelleichtEnergie sparenIntensivˆ/-WaschenTrocknenKnitterschutz                                     ROn/OffCycle progressDisplay
    Type of washing and temperatureAB1Selector for the spin speed,
    drying anddelay start functionsSpin speed,drying timeand delay start settingStart/Pause: press brieflyCancelled: long pressSleekare, Eco, Intensive wash optionsPrewash, Rinse Plus options2R345
      Press in the «On/Off» button(Ein/Aus) (1).
      Turn the selectorto select the programme and the washingtemperature. The machine proposes the recommended spin speed forthe type of textile selected.
      Use the setting button :
    - Either to alter the proposed spin speed.
    - Or to select stopping with the drum full of water.The machine will stop with the drum full of water before the final spin.  Select, or not, any of the following options:
    - «Prewash» (Vorwäsche) and/or «Rinse Plus» (Extra Spülen) via button 
    - «Sleekare» (Bügelleicht) and/or «ECO» (Energie sparen) and «Intensive»(Intensiv) via button 
    - Subsequent immediate drying via button then, via button , set the desireddrying time (for the washing load to be dried, see the Programmes table)
      Select immediate start by pressing the «Start/Pause» button...
      ... Or select a start delayed by 1 - 19 hours by using button to select thisoption (Startzeit) and then using button to set the period of the delay.R32R354R1Light
    «Schleudern»+ spin speedrecommended onLight
    «Schleudern»+ e.g.:or  + selected options
    +«Trockenzeit»+ e.g. Light
    «Waschen»+ display of washingtime remainingLight
    «Startzeit»+ display of timeremaining before thecycle starts AAA
    Apart from the «On/Off» button (Ein/Aus), all the buttons are sensitive and therefore do not remaindepressed.During programming, all the buttons except for «Start/Pause» can be kept depressed but, for more preciseadjustment, we recommend that you operate them with a series of brief presses.You should operate the «Start/Pause» by pressing it briefly except when cancelling the programme, inwhich case it should be kept depressed.(*) Details of the function are provided in the following pages.
    If one of the cycle progress lights is lit when you switch on, cancel before carrying out any otheroperation.Warning: the «On/Off» button cannot cancel a programme.B
    							  Press in the «On/Off» button(Ein/Aus).
      Turn the selector to select a normal (Intensiv Trocknen) or mixed(Schonen Trocknen) drying programme to suit your type of washing
      Select the «Sleekare» option (Bügelleicht), or not, via button . Thisoption finishes your programme with a 2 hour «Resting» period (seeFunction Details)
      Set the desired time via button (only dry washing that has beenspun at least at 800 rpm)
      Select immediate start by pressing the «Start/Pause» button ...
      ... Or select a start delayed by 1 - 19 hours by using button to selectthis option and then using button to set the period ofR32R513Light
    «Trockenzeit»and selected option
    + e. g. Light
    «Trocken»+ countdown of the remainingcycle time on or
    display of time remainingbefore the cycle starts AAProgramming a Drying Only cycle:   
    After spinning, the machine positions the drum automaticallywith the opening at the top to help you in removing yourlaundry. This operation takes 3 minutes at most.  Then the message «-0-» appears on the display, indicating theend of the cycle (2).Wait a moment of two for the lid to unlock so that you canremove your laundry. Release the «On/Off» button
    (Ein/Aus)(3).Full programming (continued):Lights and/or display
    For more information, please refer to the section on «DETAILS OF THE FUNCTIONS».
    Important: If you have stopped your machine by pressing the «On/Off» button (Ein/Aus) or after a power failure,when the power is restored the washing cycle automatically returns to the point at which it was interrupted.Maintaining your washing machine s performance:
      At the end of the cycle, you must clean the dryer filter (see the Chapter on  RUNNING MAINTENANCE ).
      Press the «Start/Pause» button to interrupt the cycle.
      Add or remove the items of laundry.
      Press the «Start/Pause» button to restart the cycle.
    (*) The lid may take 1-2 minutes to unlock
    If you have selected a «Delay Start», you can instantaneously accessthe drum at any time during the phase before the washing cycle starts,without having to interrupt and restart the cycle.22Flashing light 
    + counterstoppedLightpermanently lit
    + counterrestartsABABAdding or removing an item during the cycle(impossible during spin):Cancelling during programming or washing or during a pause:
      Hold down the «Start/Pause» button for at least 1 second.This can be done at any time during the cycle or duringprogramming, or even during a pause.
    If you do this while the machine is waiting to start during a delay start,only the delay start is cancelled.2Return to initial display
    (1) - Before starting your machine, check that the power cable is plugged in and the watertap is open. Also ensure that the drum doors and the lid are firmly closed.(2) - During the «end of cycle» phase, the machine will not recognize your pressing one ofthe , , , or buttons but does allow you to return to «programming» mode.
    (3) - As a safety measure, it is advisable to unplug the power cable and turn off the water tap.R5432
    							5Programming Mixed Drying Only:SYNTHETICS / DELICATE1to 1 1/2%Ï
    h%Ï1 1/4to1 3/4h1to 1 1/2h45minto 1hKalt-30°
    Rinse holdIntensiveEcoSleekareRinse PlusPrewash%Ï: These functions can be used alone or in combinations: illogical combinations are impossible.To select the most suitable programme for your type of washing, follow the instructions on the labelsattached to most items.Max. load (kg)Drying : Normal 
    or Mixed 
    Max. load (kg)Temperature 
    (°C)Kalt = ColdHAND WASH(Handwäsche)%Ï%Ï1,51
    %Ï%ÏKaltProgrammestableType of fabric
    Depending on the textile
    very dryiron drydryCOTTON /WHITES(Koch-/Buntwäsche)40°-95°30°-60°30°-40°40°2.55%Ï%Ï%Ï%Ï%Ï%Ï%Ï%Ï%Ï%Ï%Ï%Ï%Ï%Ï%Ï30min2.522.52.51
    COLOURS/SYNTHETICS(Pflegeleicht)DELICATE (Feinwäsche)WOOL (Wolle)RINSE (Spülen)SPIN (Schleudern)EXPRESS(Schnellwäsche)Normal Drying Only:COTTON / WHITES / COLOURS Special programmes
    Intensiv Trocknen
    Schonen Trocknen
    Scho.Type of drying and drying time  
    See above to select the load,drying time and type of drying foryour type of textiles  Cannot be machine dried Cannot be machine dried Cannot be machine dried 
    Before drying, select the  Maximum  speed the washing canwithstand.Cannot be machine dried 45minto 1h30minto 1h30minto 45min30minto 45min
    VorwäscheExtraspülenBügelleichtEnergiesparenIntensivCOTTON /WHITES (Koch-/ Buntwäsche)If your washing comprises hard-wearing whiteor coloured COTTONSWhen washing coloureds do not exceeda maximum temperature of 60°C.
    During the first few minutes of thisprogramme, your machine automaticallycalculates the best programme to run for aperfect wash.COLOURS /SYNTHETICS (Pflegeleicht)If your washing comprises DELICATECOLOURS, HARD-WEARING SYNTHETICS ofMIXED FIBRESDELICATE (Feinwäsche)If your washing comprises NET CURTAINS,DELICATE FABRICS or FRAGILE TEXTILESWOOL (Wolle)If your washing comprises WOOLLENS orMACHINE-WASHABLE WOOLLENS.HAND WASH (Handwäsche)If your washing comprises SILK orPARTICULARLY DELICATE FABRICSEXPRESS (Schnellwäsche)This programme enables you to refresh asmall load of 2.5 kg of lightly soiled washingcomposed of WHITE or COLOUREDCOTTONS or HARD-WEARING SYNTHETICS.The cycle time is restricted to around 30minutes.In this programme, the washing temperatureis automatically programmed to 40°C.For this programme, the doses ofdetergent should be reduced by half.
    Details of the functions
    							6Details of the functions(continued)RINSE ONLY
    (Spülen)A separate rinse followed by a choice of:-  Either spin and drain-  Or a stop with the drum full of water.SPIN ONLY(Schleudern) This allows a separate spin and drain.In the case of «Rinse only» followed by a spinor of «Spin only», take care to select asuitable spin speed for the type of washingin the machine.PREWASH
    (Vorwäsche)Specially designed for heavily soiled washing(mud, blood, etc.).Detergent must be placed in the «»container in the products  box.RINSE PLUS 
    (Extra spülen)«Especially for sensitive and allergic skin»:adds a Rinse Plus to the washing cycle.SLEEKARE 
    (Bügelleicht)Makes your washing easier to iron.This option allows you to wash and spin yourwashing more gently without any loss ofperformance.ECO 
    (Energie sparen)The «Eco» function provides you with perfectwashing results while saving on energy. Itreduces the washing temperature andincreases the agitation period.INTENSIVE WASH 
    (Intensiv)This function improves washing performanceand handles reputedly stubborn stains byautomatically increasing the temperature inthe drum and the agitation time.
    Resting period at the end of the drying cycleTo use this function, you must firstprogramme the  Sleekare  option.Your laundry will rest for 2 hours after thedrying cycle is complete. The 
    «Knitterschutz»light remains lit throughout the resting period.
    To access your laundry during this period,cancel the option by pressing the «Start/Pause»button for at least one second.Delay start 
    (Startzeit)You can delay the start of your programme by1 to 19 hours to take advantage of off-peakrates or finish the cycle at a particular time.To do this, press buttonand selectfunction «Delay start» (
    Startzeit). Then pressbuttonand select the cycle starting time.
    While the machine is waiting to start,displayshows the time remaining beforethe cycle effectively starts.Remaining time 
    (Restzeit)During programming, pressing buttonuntil the 3 lights go out lets you know thelength of the selected cycle*.
    If you select the «time remaining» functionwhile the machine is waiting to start in «DelayStart» mode, it is the selected programme stime that is permanently displayed.(*) The time indicated by the machine at thestart of the programme may vary during thecourse of the cycle:- If you change the washing temperature(even during a spin) or if you add or canceloptions, the time will be recalculated andupdated on the display.- Certain operating variables (for instance:detection of imbalance or foam, etc.) canalso alter the cycle s duration.- If there is a power failure during washing,when the power is restored, the timedisplayed may be less than the actualremaining time. This time will be updated atthe start of the rinsing phase.Rinse holdThis is used for textiles that you do not wishto spin or if you envisage being absent for along time after the washing is finished.When this function is selected, the cycleinterrupts before the final spin, enabling yourwashing to soak in the water to avoidcreasing.
    When the machine stops with the drum full ofwater, display does not count off the timeremaining but remains fixed (including thepoint).Then:- You either wish to drain and spin.In which case, select the Spin function(
    Schleudern)using button then use buttonto set a suitable spin speed for your typeof washing. The programme will shut downautomatically.- Or you just wish to drain.In which case, select the Spin function(
    Schleudern)and then use buttontodisplay.RR3A3AR32
    Details of the options
    							7Modifying a washing or drying programme
    Programmes for energy labelling tests  - Characteristics
    Washing: Cotton - 60°C   5Kg   no options   max. spin.
    Drying: Cotton- Very dry-  2,5 kgCharacteristics: 230V     50Hz     10A     2200W.Lid opening safety system:As soon as washing commences, the lid onyour machine is locked.When the cycle is finished or when the machinehas stopped with the drum full of water, the lidunlocks.If you have programmed a «Delay start», thelid is not locked until the waiting period is overand the cycle starts.If you wish to open the lid during the cycle,press buttonbriefly and wait 1-2 minutes forthe safety system to unlock the lid.Water safety system:The water is constantly controlled when themachine is operating to prevent any possibleoverflow.Spin safety system:Your washing machine is fitted with a safetysystem that restricts the spin when poor loaddistribution is detected.In this case, your washing may beinsufficiently spun. Redistribute your washingin the drum and programme a new spin.Anti-foam system:You machine can detect when too much foamis being produced during spinning.At such times, spinning stops and themachine drains.The cycle then restarts, adapting the spinrates and possibly adding an extra rinse.2During programming:You can alter anything before you press the«Start / Pause» button .After the cycle starts:
      You cannot alter the type of textile (for example,change from «COTTON» to «SYNTHETICS» orfrom «SYNTHETICS» to «DELICATES», etc.).
    If you turn the programme selector to adifferent textile, the progress cycle light  which is lit at the time, and the display flashfor a few seconds to indicate that such analteration is prohibited and will not be effected.
    To change the type of fabric during the cycle,you must cancelthe current programme andthen programme a new cycle.
      However, you can change the washingtemperature at the start of the washing phase forthe same type of textile.
    The time remaining will then be adjustedaccordingly.
      You can also change the spin speed throughoutthe cycle.
      You can select «Rinse hold» up to the end ofrinsing.
      You can change the period for a «delay start»period throughout the whole of the waitingperiod, right up to the effective cycle starting time.
    If you wish to cancel «Delay start» during thisperiod, set display to «0» and then brieflypress button .  The cycle will then start immediately.
      You can only activate option «Prewash»(Vorwäsche) during the waiting period for a«Delay start».
      You can activate option «Rinse Plus» (Extraspülen) up to the point that rinsing commences.
      You can only modify the options «Sleekare»(Bügelleicht), «Eco» (Energie sparen) and«Intensive» (Intensiv) during the waiting periodfor a  «Delay start».
      You can deactivate all the options at any timeduring the cycle provided that the particularaction has not already been completed.
      You cannot programme or modify a drying afterthe start of a washing or drying cycle.At the end of the cycle:When your display shows «-0-», you canprogramme a new cycle without releasing the«On/Off» button
    (Ein/Aus).All you need to do is press any of the buttons,,,or.The machine is then ready for programmingagain.R54322AAB12
    Automatic safety systems
    							8«Filt» message:(only for washing machines)After a certain number of cycles, yourmachine (depending on the model) will warnyou that you should clean the pump filter. At the end of the cycle, the display flashesand then shows:This information disappears as soon as youprogramme a new washing cycle or when the«On/Off» button(Ein/Aus)is released.If you do not clean the pump filterregularly, this will affect your machine sperformance.Cleaning the pump filter
    :(for washing machines ANDwasher-dryers)First of all drain the machine and thendisconnect the plug (FIG. 8)- Remove the plinth and place a floor clothand a flat container under the access to thepump.- If your machine is fitted with one, removethe purge hose.- Open the stopper at the end of the hose andlet the water flow into the container.- Close the stopper, ensuring that it is pushedin well and reclip it in place.- Unscrew the stopper for the drain pump sfilter.- Clean the filter. To re-insert it, snap it in byorienting the small lug on the cylindricalsurface upwards and screwing the stopperin fully. - Re-install the plinth in its original position.When you next wash, check that there areno leaks during filling.A
    Running maintenance Cleaning the machine  Only use a sponge, liquid soap and water toclean the casing, the entry to the drum, thecontrol panel and the products  box, etc.  Never use: abrasive powders, metal orplastic sponges, alcohol-based products,thinners, etc. Cleaning the detergent dispensers- Pull the knob forward(
    FIG. 7 €), and lift thedispensers out (FIG. 7),- Clean everything with warm water, notforgetting to wash the removable siphon(blue). Check that you have replaced itcorrectly.- Then re-insert the whole dispensers,checking that they are positioned correctly.Replacing the power cable:For the sake ofyour safety, this must necessarily be done bythe manufacturer s After-Sales service or aqualified electrician.Regularly check:The condition of the watersupply and drain hoses. If you notice theslightest cracking, do not hesitate to replacethem.Replacing the water supply hose(FIG. 9):When changing, check that the hose is tightand that there is a seal on both ends.When there is a risk of frost:Drain the draincircuit as shown above.Removing the drum s paddle:If an item of washing falls between the drumand the side of the tub, empty the drum andclose it.- Turn the drum until the paddle locks.- Unscrew the screw between the twoopenings (stamped TORX. T20) and removeit. The paddle will fall into the drum (use aterry towelling towel to cushion its fall as aprecaution). - Turn the drum back and open it.- Recover the fallen item through the holesrevealed by removing the paddle.- To refit the paddle, slip it from front to backover its support.- Close the drum and turn it. Hold the paddlewhile you re-insert the screw.Cleaning the drying filter:(only for washer-dryers)Clean this after every drying operation:- Remove the filter from its housing (on theright, near to the opening for the drum) andpull it towards you(FIG. 4).- Clean it dry, removing any fluff it may havecaught.- Replace it in its housing, pushing it in fully.
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