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Canon Canoscan Lide 700f Quick Start Guide

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    							Using the Scanner Buttons
    Using the Scanner Buttons
    Scanner buttons allow you to copy, scan, e-mail, and save scanned images  in PDF format with a press 
    of a button. Simply place your document on t he scanner, and then press the scanner button for the 
    required function. For more information, see the on-screen manual:  Scanning Guide.
    • Before using scanner buttons, make sure that the required software programs for each function are installed on 
    your computer using the supplied CD-ROM. See Setup CD-ROM on page 3.
    If the scanner buttons do not work properly, see Troubleshooting in the on-screen manual: Scanning Guide.
    •For Mac OS X v.10.3.9:  Before using the scanner buttons, you need to set Image Capture (in  Applications folder) 
    to open MP Navigator EX automatically when a scanner button is pressed.
    Start Image Capture, and then click  Options and select MP Navigator EX in  Application to launch when scanner 
    button is pressed: .
     COPY Button
    Prints (copies) the scanned image with a 
    PDF Button
    Saves the scanned image as a PDF file.
     SCAN Button
    Discriminates the document type 
    automatically, then scans and saves it with 
    appropriate settings.
     E-MAIL Button
    Attaches the scanned image to a new 
    e-mail message. 
    							Scanning with MP Navigator EX
    Scanning with MP Navigator EX
    MP Navigator EX enables you to perform various tasks, such as compositing images, scanning with the
    scanner driver (ScanGear), and correcting/editing scanned images, as well as simply scanning.
    Starting MP Navigator EX
    1Click Scan/import photos or documents in the Solution Menu.
    You can also start it by following procedure.
    For Windows: Select Start – (All) Programs – Canon Utilities – MP Navigator EX 2.1, and click 
    MP Navigator EX 2.1.
    For Macintosh: Open Applications – Canon Utilities folders, then double-click the MP Navigator 
    EX 2.1 icon.
    The navigation mode window of MP Navigator EX is displayed.
    Features of MP Navigator EX
    MP Navigator EX is constituted of the following three sheets by the function.
    • For more information on MP Navigator EX, see the on-screen manual: Scanning Guide.
    Scan/Import Documents or Images sheetView & Use Images on your Computer sheet
    Custom Scan with One-click sheet
    							Scanning Film
    Scanning Film
    This scanner can scan 35 mm film strip one frame at a time. Follow the procedure below when scanning
    1Attach the cable for the Film Adapter Unit to the 
    FAU connector on the scanners side panel.
    2Open the document cover and place the Film 
    Guide on the document glass of the scanner.
    Align the Film Guides tab with the FAU symbol on the 
    document glass of the scanner.
    3Remove the cap from the Film Adapter Unit and 
    gently set the Film Adapter Unit over the first 
    frame in the Film Guide.
    Align the tab on the Film Adapter Unit with the Film 
    • Do not connect other than the accompanying Film Adapter Unit to the FAU connector. Use of 
    other units may lead to malfunctions of the connected unit and the scanner.
    • Do not touch the metallic parts of the FAU connector.
    • Clean the document glass before placing the Film Guide on it, otherwise dirt and dust can 
    affect image quality or damage the film.
    Insert the cable plug of the Film Adapter Unit 
    all the way into the FAU connector.
    You need to calibrate the scanner before scanning film for 
    the first time. Do not place a film strip in the Film Guide at 
    this point as it is not required for calibration.
    							Scanning Film
    4Gently close the document cover.
    5Start MP Navigator EX.
    Follow the step 2 in Try Scanning on page 8.
    6Click Film.
    7Click  Scan.
    8Click  OK on the calibration message window.
    9When the scanning message window appears, 
    open the document cover, remove the Film 
    Adapter Unit, and then attach the cap to the unit.
    Do not move the scanner while it is 
    							Scanning Film
    10Place the film in the Film Guide.
    Place the film face up in the Film Guide (images and 
    words should read correctly from above) with the 
    spaces between frames aligned with the guidelines on 
    the guide.
    11Remove the cap from the Film Adapter Unit 
    and gently set the unit over the frame you 
    wish to scan.
    Align the tab on the Film Adapter Unit with the Film 
    12Gently close the document cover.
    13Click OK on the scanning message window.
    The scanned image is displayed in the preview area.
    14Confirm the scanning image, and then click 
    Scan to start scanning.
    15When prompted that the scanning completed, 
    click Exit.
    Do not move the Film Adapter Unit once it 
    has been placed on the Film Guide. Sliding it 
    may scratch the film.
    The document cover does not touch the document glass. Be careful not to force the 
    document cover down.
    Do not move the scanner while it is 
    Do not move the scanner while it is 
    							Scanning Film
    16Click Save to save the image and close MP 
    Navigator EX.
    • After the scanning is finished, remove the 
    Film Adapter Unit, and then attach the cap to 
    the unit. Remove the film and the Film Guide 
    from the document glass.
    • Do not leave the film strip in the Film Guide 
    for an extended period of time as heat from 
    the unit may damage the film.
    • For more information on scanning film, see 
    Scanning Film in the on-screen manual: 
    Scanning Guide.
    							Positioning the Scanner
    Positioning the Scanner
    Horizontal Position
    The document cover fully opens to allow easy scanning of
    large or bound documents. An oversized document can be
    scanned section by section into a single image using the
    stitch-assist function of MP Navigator EX. For details, see the
    on-screen manual: Scanning Guide.
    Hold the document cover with one hand, and press and hold
     at the base hinge as you carefully lower the cover
    all the way down.
    Upright Position
    If you are scanning thin documents (i.e., a single sheet or
    double-folded sheet), this position saves the most space.
    Thick documents or films cannot be scanned in this position.
    Pull out the stand on the bottom of the scanner until it clicks,
    and set the scanner upright on a flat stable surface. Gently
    open the document cover as far as it goes (stops at
    approximately 40°) and slide down the document along the
    document cover.
    Do not place items that weigh 2.0 kg (4.4 
    lbs.) or more on the scanner. The scanner 
    may not work or you may break the 
    document glass if you press down the 
    document glass firmly.
    Cover the scanner with a black cloth if external light enters 
    around the scanned item.
    • Do not force the document cover open; it 
    does not fully open when the scanner is in 
    the upright position.
    • Always close and secure the document 
    cover first when lifting the scanner in the 
    upright position.
    To p
    Alignment Mark
    Approximately 40°
    Thin Item
    *1Optical Resolution represents the maximum sampling rate based on ISO 14473.*2For the document types other than films, the resolution is up to 4800 x 4800 dpi.*3For film scanning only.*4The fastest speed in Hi-Speed USB mode on Windows PC. Transfer time is not included. Scanning 
    speed varies according to the document types, scan settings, or specifications of the computer.
    *535 mm slides are not supported.*6USB connection to PC.*7Film adapter unit weight is included.
    • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
    Model Name: K10337 (CanoScan LiDE 700F)CanoScan LiDE 700F
    Scanner TypeFlatbed
    Sensor TypeCIS (Color Contact Image Sensor)
    Light Source3-color (RGB) LED
    Optical Resolution 
    *19600 x 9600 dpi *2
    Selectable Resolution25-19200 dpi (ScanGear)
    Scanning Bit DepthColor
    48 bit input (16 bit input for each color (RGB))
    48 bit or 24 bit output (16 bit or 8 bit output for each color (RGB))
    16 bit input / 16 bit *3 or 8 bit output 
    Scanning Speed 
    (Photo or Document)Color33.5 msec./line (4800 dpi), 33.8 msec./line (2400 dpi),
    8.6 msec./line (1200 dpi), 4.5 msec./line (600 dpi),
    2.4 msec./line (300 dpi)
    Grayscale, B&W11.3 msec./line (4800 dpi), 5.9 msec./line (2400 dpi),
    2.9 msec./line (1200 dpi), 1.8 msec./line (600 dpi),
    2.3 msec./line (300 dpi)
    Scanning Speed 
    *4 (Film)2.8-223.9 msec./line
    Hi-Speed USB
    Maximum Document SizeA4/Letter: 216 x 297 mm
    Film Type/Number of Frames
    35 mm strip (negative/positive)
    *5 / 1 frame
    Scanner Buttons4 buttons (COPY, SCAN, PDF, E-MAIL)
    Operating RangeTemperature
    °C to 35 °C (41 °F to 95 °F)
    Humidity10 % to 90 % RH, 20 % to 80 % RH for film scanning 
    without condensation formation
    Power RequirementsSupplied via USB port (No external adapter required)
    Power ConsumptionIn operation: 2.5 W maximum, Stand-by: 1.5 W
    Suspend: 11 mwatts*6
    Exterior Dimensions (W) x (D) x (H)292 x 409 x 44 mm (11.5 x 16.1 x 1.8 in.)
    Approximately 2.1 kg (4.6 lbs.)
    							Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide
    Please read this guide before operating this scanner. After you finish reading this guide, 
    store it in a safe place for future reference.
    Table of Contents
    Safety Precautions.............................. 1 Using the Scanner Buttons ................. 9
    Package Contents............................... 3 Scanning with MP Navigator EX ......... 10
    Installing the Software......................... 4 Scanning Film ..................................... 11
    Preparing the Scanner ........................ 7 Positioning the Scanner ...................... 15
    Try Scanning ....................................... 8 Specifications ...................................... 16
    One Canon Plaza, Lake Success, NY 11042 U.S.A.
    1 Thomas Holt Drive, North Ryde, Sydney N.S.W. 2113, Australia
    Akoranga Business Park, Akoranga Drive, Northcote, Auckland, New Zealand
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