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OKI C3400N User Manual

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    							C3400n User’s Guide
    Printing on different media
    This section describes how to print on material other than 
    normal Letter/A4 paper.
    Printing on legal paper
    When printing on legal paper you need to change the media 
    settings for the printer software to get the best results.
    You can either set a default driver for each type of media or 
    you can change the print media settings through your 
    Windows printer properties or Mac Print options any time you 
    print on different media.
    Printing on envelopes
    Do not use envelopes with clear windows. Use paper envelopes only.
    1.In the Multi Purpose Tray, adjust the paper guides using the 
    indicators marked on the printer.
    2.Place your envelopes in the tray, face up with the short edge 
    facing into the printer and the flap to the right. Do not load more 
    than 1 envelope at a time.
    3.From your operating system, access the print media menu and 
    select your envelope size.
    4.Print in the usual manner for your operating system software.
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    							C3400n User’s Guide
    Setting other printing options
    This sections briefly describes how to set printing options for 
    your particular print job.
    Fit to page printing
    You can choose to print your document on larger or smaller 
    sized paper depending on the size of print media available to 
    1.Insert paper in the Cassette Tray or Multi Purpose Tray in the 
    usual manner. 
    2.Select File -> Print and click the Properties button. Then click 
    the Paper Feed Options button. Under Fit to Page, select the 
    page size from the Conversion drop down list.
    Printing multiple pages to one sheet
    In Windows, open the Printing Preferences Setup Tab. Under 
    Finishing Mode, select the number of document pages that you 
    want to print per sheet of paper from the drop down list.
    Printing color documents in black and white
    You can save both time and toner by printing color documents 
    in black and white. Access the Color tab in printing properties 
    and select the “Monochrome” option in Windows or the 
    Grayscale option in Mac before printing your document.
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    							C3400n User’s Guide
    Cancelling a print job
    You can cancel a print job from your software application, from 
    the print queue or by using the CANCEL button on your 
    Document has not 
    started printingTry to cancel printing job within software 
    Document is waiting 
    in a print queueDelete print job from Print Queue. You can 
    access the print queue from the System Tray 
    in Windows or the Print Center Queue in Mac.
    Document has 
    started printingPress the CANCEL button on your printer. 
    Any pages that are already moving through 
    the printer will be printed. You will need to 
    press CANCEL for each print job you wish to 
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    							C3400n User’s Guide
    Color Printing
    The printer drivers supplied with your printer provide several 
    controls for changing the color output. For general use the 
    automatic settings will suffice, providing reasonable default 
    settings that will produce good results for most documents.
    Many applications have their own color settings, and these 
    may override the settings in the printer driver. Please refer to 
    the documentation for your software application for details on 
    how that particular program’s color management functions.
    Factors that affect the appearance of prints
    I f  y o u  w i s h  t o  m a n u a l l y  a d j u s t  t h e  c o l o r  s e t t i n g s  i n  y o u r  p r i n t e r  
    driver, please be aware that color reproduction is a complex 
    topic, and there are many factors to take into consideration. 
    Some of the most important factors are listed below.
    Differences between the range of colors a monitor or 
    printer can reproduce
    >Neither a printer nor a monitor is capable of reproducing the full 
    range of colors visible to the human eye. Each device is restricted 
    to a certain range of colors. In addition to this, a printer cannot 
    reproduce all of the colors displayed on a monitor, and vice versa.
    >Both devices use very different technologies to represent color. A 
    monitor uses Red, Green and Blue (RGB) phosphors (or LCDs), a 
    printer uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) toner or 
    >A monitor can display very vivid colors such as intense reds and 
    blues and these cannot be easily produced on any printer using 
    toner or ink. Similarly, there are certain colors, (some yellows for 
    example), that can be printed, but cannot be displayed 
    accurately on a monitor. This disparity between monitors and 
    printers is often the main reason that printed colors do not match 
    the colors displayed on screen.
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    							C3400n User’s Guide
    Viewing conditions 
    A print can look very different under different lighting conditions. For 
    example, the colors in a print may look different when viewed 
    standing next to a sunlit window, compared to how they look under 
    standard office fluorescent lighting.
    Printer driver color settings
    The driver settings for Manual color can change the 
    appearance of a print. There are several options available to 
    help match the printed colors with those displayed on screen.
    Monitor settings
    The brightness and contrast controls on your monitor can 
    change how your document looks on-screen. Additionally, your 
    monitor’s color temperature influences how “warm” or “cool” 
    the colors look.
    There are several settings found on a typical monitor:
    >5000k  Warmest; yellowish lighting, typically used in graphic art 
    >6500k  Cooler; approximates daylight conditions.
    >9300k  Cool; the default setting for many monitors and television 
    (k = degrees Kelvin, a measurement of temperature.)
    How your software application displays color 
    Some graphics applications such as Corel Draw or Adobe 
    Photoshop may display color differently from “Office” 
    applications such as Microsoft Word. Please see your 
    application’s on-line help or user manual for more information.
    Paper type 
    The type of paper used can also significantly affect the printed 
    color. For example, a printout on recycled paper can look duller 
    than one on specially formulated high-quality paper.
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    							C3400n User’s Guide
    Tips for printing in color
    The following guidelines may help you to achieve good color 
    output from your printer.
    Printing photographic images
    Use the Monitor (6500k) Perceptual setting. 
    If the colors look too dull, try the Monitor (6500k) Vivid or 
    Digital Camera settings.
    Printing from Microsoft Office applications
    Use the Monitor (9300k) setting. This may help if you are 
    having problems with specific colors from applications such as 
    Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Powerpoint.
    Printing specific colors (e.g. a company logo)
    There are 2 utilities on your printer driver CD-ROM that can 
    help match specific colors:
    Color Correct Utility 
    Color Swatch Utility 
    Adjusting the brightness or intensity of a print
    If the print is too light/dark, you can use the Brightness control 
    to adjust it. 
    If the colors are too intense/not intense enough, use the 
    Saturation control.
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    							C3400n User’s Guide
    Accessing the color matching options
    The Color Matching options in the printer driver can be used to 
    help match your printed colors to the ones displayed on your 
    monitor or from some other source, such as a digital camera.
    To open color matching options from the Windows Control 
    1.Open the Printers window (called “Printers and Faxes” in 
    Windows XP).
    2.Right-click the printer name and choose Properties.
    3.Click the Printing Preferences button (1).
    To open color matching options from within a Windows application:
    1.Choose File—Print… from the application’s menu bar.
    2.Click the Properties button next to the printer name.
    Setting the color matching options
    1.On the Color tab select Advanced Color  for Color Matching.   
    2.Choose the Manual color setting and select from the following 
    (a)Monitor (6500k) Perceptual
    optimized for printing photographs. Colors are printed with 
    emphasis on saturation.
    (b)Monitor (6500k) Vivid
    optimized for printing photographs, but with even more 
    saturated colors than the Monitor (6500k) Perceptual 
    (c)Monitor (9300k)
    optimized for printing graphics from applications such as 
    Microsoft Office. Colors are printed with emphasis on 
    (d)Digital Camera
    optimized for printing photographs taken with a digital 
    Your results will vary depending on the subject and the 
    conditions under which the photograph was taken. 
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    							C3400n User’s Guide
    58 The printer will try to reproduce the sRGB color space. This 
    may be useful if color matching from an sRGB input device 
    such as a scanner or digital camera.
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    							C3400n User’s Guide
    Using the Color Swatch feature
    To use the Color Swatch feature, you must install the Color 
    Swatch Utility. This is supplied on the CD-ROM that was 
    supplied with your printer.
    The Color Swatch function prints charts which contain a range 
    of sample colors. Note that this is not the full range of colors 
    that the printer can produce. Listed on each sample color are 
    the corresponding RGB (Red, Green, Blue) values. This can be 
    used to pick specific colors in applications that allow you to 
    choose your own RGB values. Simply click the Color Swatch 
    button (1) and choose from the options available.    
    An example of using the Color Swatch function:
    You wish to print a logo in a particular shade of red. The steps 
    you would follow are:
    1.Print a color swatch, then select the shade of red that best suits 
    your needs. 
    2.Take a note of the RGB value for the particular shade that you 
    3.Using your program’s color picker, enter these same RGB values, 
    and change the logo to that color.
    The RGB color displayed on your monitor may not necessarily 
    match what was printed on the color swatch. If this is the case, 
    it is probably due to the difference between how your monitor 
    and printer reproduce color. Here, it is unimportant since your 
    primary objective is to print the required color.
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    							C3400n User’s Guide
    Using the Color Correct Utility
    The Oki Color Correct Utility is provided on your printer driver 
    CD-ROM. You must install it separately since it is not installed 
    along with the printer driver.
    The Color Correct utility has the following features:
    >Microsoft Office palette colors can be individually adjusted. This is 
    useful if you want to change how a specific color is printed.
    >Colors can be adjusted by changing Hue, Saturation and Gamma. 
    This is useful if you wish to change the overall color output. 
    Once these color adjustments have been made, the new 
    settings can be selected from the printer driver Color tab.
    To select adjustments made with the Color Correct 
    1.From your application program, click File and point to Print.
    2.Click Properties. This displays the printer driver options.
    3.Click the Color tab.
    4.Click Advanced Color.
    5.Click User Defined.
    Select the color adjustment you made with the Color Correct 
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