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OKI C5600N User Manual

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    							Printer settings in Mac> 31
    You can create and edit custom paper sizes. These appear in the 
    paper size menu and can be selected just like any other paper 
    Enter the number of copies to print.
    If Collate is selected, all the pages of the document print before 
    the next copy prints.
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    							Printer settings in Mac> 32
    Choose whether to print all the pages of your document or just a 
    section of it.
    Paper Source
    Selects the paper tray to use for your print job.
    Selects the print resolution.
    The High Quality (Multilevel) setting produces the best graphic 
    images but it can take longer to print.
    Photo Enhance
    Use Photo Enhance to significantly improve quality when printing 
    images. The printer driver analyses any photographic images and 
    processes them to improve the overall appearance. This setting 
    cannot be used together with the High Quality (Multilevel) print 
    quality setting.
    Toner Saving
    Toner saving uses less toner when printing your document. This 
    is best suited to draft text documents as it lightens the print 
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    							Printer settings in Mac> 33
    If you are using the Windows Print Control Server software to 
    manage printers, enter your assigned user name and ID. This 
    information is sent along with your print job and is recorded by 
    the printer.
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    							Printer settings in Mac> 34
    Color Mode
    Auto Color - The driver selects the most appropriate color 
    Advanced Color - Select this to manually adjust settings 
    color and black settings.
    Grayscale - Converts all colors to grays.
    Color Matching
    Monitor (6500K) Perceptual
    Optimised for printing photos. Colors are printed with 
    emphasis on saturation.
    Monitor (6500K) Vivid
    Optimised for printing photos, but with even more 
    saturated colors.
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    							Printer settings in Mac> 35
    Monitor (9300K)
    Optimised for printing graphics from applications such as 
    Microsoft Office. Colors are printed with emphasis on 
    Digital Camera
    Results will vary depending on the subject and conditions 
    the image was taken.
    The printer reproduces the sRGB color space. This might be 
    useful if color matching from an sRGB input device such as 
    a scanner or digital camera.
    Black Finish
    Controls the way black is printed in color documents.
    Composite Black (CMYK): Uses all 4 toner colors to 
    represent black. Recommended for color photos.
    True Black (K): Uses 100% black toner to represent 
    black. Recommended for text and business graphics.
    Brightness / Saturation
    Increase Brightness for a lighter print. Modify saturation to 
    change the strength (or purity) of color.
    If the printed colors are too strong, reduce saturation and 
    increase brightness. As a general rule, the saturation 
    should be stepped down an equal amount to the increased 
    brightness. For example, if you reduce saturation by 10, 
    increase brightness by 10 to compensate.
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    							Printer settings in Mac> 36
    Multiple pages can be shrunk and printed on a single sheet of 
    paper. For example, choosing 4-up will tile four of your 
    documents pages across a single sheet of paper. 
    You can control the order in which the documents are tiled and 
    also choose to surround each document page with a border.
    If you have an optional duplex unit fitted to your printer, you can 
    print on both sides of the paper.
    Long-Edge Binding prints pages that read like a normal book. 
    Short-edge Binding prints pages that read like a notepad.
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    							Printer settings in Mac> 37
    Media Weight
    Select the thickness/type of paper in the printer. 
    Its important to set this correctly as it affects the temperature at 
    which the toner is fused to the paper. For example, if youre 
    printing on regular paper, dont select Labels or Transparency - 
    this may cause toner smearing and paper jams.
    Auto Tray Switch
    If the printer runs out of paper in the current tray, Auto Tray 
    Switch automatically changes to a tray that has the same paper 
    type and continues printing.
    Paper Size Check
    Select Paper Size check if you want the printer to warn you when 
    the document paper size is different from the paper in the printer.
    A warning message is displayed and printing continues when you 
    load the correct paper and press ONLINE.
    When this option is switched off, the printer uses the paper 
    loaded in the selected tray regardless of the document size.
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    							Printer settings in Mac> 38
    Feed Manually from Multipurpose Tray
    Select this if you want the printer to wait until you press the 
    ONLINE button when feeding from the Multipurpose Tray.
    This can be useful if printing on envelopes.
    Always Create 100% Black (K) Toner
    Select this if you want the printer to always use only black (K) 
    toner when printing pure black (RGB = 0,0,0). 
    This is effective even when Composite Black (CMYK) is selected 
    in the color options.
    Run Maintenance Cycle Before Printing
    Depending on printing habits and usage patterns, running the 
    maintenance cycle before printing may ensure the best possible 
    print quality.
    This feature uses the printers image drums and transfer belt; the 
    life of these printer parts may be shortened if the maintenance 
    cycle is run frequently.
    Adjust Character Spacing
    Select this if you are having problems with the spacing between 
    characters when printing text. For example, spacing is too wide 
    or characters appear printed over the top of each other.
    This feature can slow down printing, so only use it if you are 
    having problems.
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    							Printer settings in Mac> 39
    The default language for the printer LCD display is English.
    This feature allows you to change the LCD display to another 
    You will need to switch your printer off and back on again 
    after changing the LCD display language.
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    							Printer settings in Mac> 40
    A watermark is typically faint text that is superimposed on a 
    printed document. This can be used to indicate that the 
    document is Draft or perhaps Confidential.
    You can create watermarks in the printer driver. Select a font and 
    modify the watermark size, position, color, brightness and angle.
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