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Pocket Radio Sangean PT 10 Operating Instruction

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Operating instruction
Mode d’emploi
Instruccions de manejoGB
E ProTravelPT 10 

Page 2

CARE AND SAFETY________________________________________________
This device is designed for the playback of audio signals.
Any other use is expressly prohibited.
Protect the device from moisture (water drops or splashes). 
When deciding where to place the device, please note that furniture surfaces are covered
by various types of varnish and plastic, most of which contain chemical additives. These
additives can corrode the device supports, leaving residues on the furniture surfaces which
can be...

Page 3

•LED. Lights up when a stereo station is recei-
ved and when earphones are connected
SW 1 ... 9 Tuning scale for SW, 
LW  MW  FM LW, MW and FM wavebands
Right side of device
ON/OFFSwitches the device on and off
 Adjusts the volume
TUNING Control dial for tuning to radio stations
Left side of device
STEREO MONOSwitches between stereo and mono reception
in earphone mode
0Socket for earphones (3.5 mm stereo jack)

Page 4

DC 3-6VConnection socket for mains adapter (not Ósupplied), input voltage 3-6 V (200 mA)
Top of device
SW 1 ... 9  Switches between the wavebands SW 
LW MW  FM (short wave, frequency bands 1 to 9), LW
(long wave), MW (medium wave) and FM
ANTENNA Telescopic antenna for SW and FM reception.
The radio has a built-in rod antenna for LW
and MW reception.
Bottom of device
Battery compartment
On the back of the device there are four buttons for fastening the
leather case supplied....

Page 5

Battery operation
1Open the battery compartment by pressing the marking and opening the lid.
2 Take out the used batteries by pulling the first one out with your index \
finger. Then take
out the second battery.
3 When inserting the new batteries (2 x 1.5 V, type Mignon LR6/AM6/AA), observe the
correct polarity (see the illustration).
Take out the batteries when you know that the device will not be used for\
 a long period
of time. The manufacturer accepts no liability for damage...

Page 6

Mains operation (with 3-6 V/200 mA mains adapter – 
available in any shop)
Check if the mains voltage on the mains adapter type plate corresponds t\
o your local mains
supply. The only way to disconnect the device from the mains supply is to unpl\
ug the adapter.
1Plug the mains adapter cable into the » DC 3-6V
Ó« socket on the left of the 
2 Insert the mains adapter plug in the socket.
– The batteries in the compartment are switched off.

Page 7

Switching on and off
1Press » ON/OFF « to switch on the device.
– The device switches on in the wave band last selected.
2 Press » ON/OFF « to switch off the device.
Radio operation
1Press » SW 1 ... 9 LW MW FM « (on the top of the device) to select the wave band.
2 Tune in a radio station using » TUNING« (on the right side of the device).
For FM reception pull out the telescopic antenna and tilt it until you r\
eceive the best 
signal. For short wave reception (SW), the antenna should...

Page 8

Stereo/mono reception (with earphones only)
However, if the signal from the FM stereo station is weak, you can improve the \
quality by switching to mono reception.
1Press » STEREO MONO « (on the left of the device) to switch to mono.
– The stereo LED goes out.
2 Press » STEREO MONO « (on the left of the device) to switch to stereo.
– The stereo LED lights up when a stereo channel is received.
Short wave reception
Your radio can receive signals in a number of frequency bands. It does no\
t take...

Page 9

If you want to listen to a particular SW station, you need to know the precise frequency and
wavelength. Many short wave stations will send you broadcasting schedules which give you
the information you need. You can also download the information from the Internet.
02 Yacht Boy 10, GB  19.08.2003  13:45 Uhr  Seite 21 

Page 10

Technical data
Power supply
Battery operation 2 x 1.5 V (type Mignon LR 6/AM 3/AA)
Mains operation 3-6 V (200 mA)- mains adapter, DC
Output100 mW
Frequency bands
FM (VHF) 87.5 ... 108 MHz
MW (medium wave) 526.5 ... 1710 kHz
LW (long wave) 148.5 ... 283.5 kHz
SW 1 ... 9 (short wave) 3.90 ... 4 MHz (75 m); 5.90 ... 6.20 MHz (49 m) 7.10 ... 7.5 MHz (41 m); 9.5 ... 9.9 MHz (31 m)
11.6 ... 12.05 MHz (25 m); 13.6 ... 13.8 MHz (22 m)
15.1 ... 15.6 MHz (19 m); 17.5 ... 17.9 MHz (16 m)
21.4 ... 21.85 MHz (13...
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